Sunday, August 26, 2018

Just Because...Janelle Monae

Express Yourself
Janelle Monae
Just Because this image gives me life, Just Because she's an amazing talent & Just Because she Janelle Monae Bitches. Janelle belting out her hits during a performance on NBC's Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC is all you need for any given Sunday.

While Janelle is primarily known as a powerhouse vocalist, it was her performance as Teresa in the film Moonlight that really got my attention. She was truly amazing!

Janelle is one of the rare talents who can, and does do it all and nails everything she commits to. She is so alive when she expresses herself through her art, her passion for what she does is joyous. 

So, it's Sunday and you have a choice (there's always a choice) - play it safe or bend it like Janelle.

Which will you choose, I bet you know what I chose...

Mic Drop!

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