Monday, August 20, 2018

Monday Motivation

Weight For It...I've Lost 50 lbs!
Michael Shinafelt
Happy Monday! Today I choose myself, "Yes" I am my own Monday Motivation. This weekend I attended a photo exhibit that I was in. By in, I mean a there was a photo of me nude at 180 lbs. 

I chose to do this because I had ballooned to a whooping 213 lbs whilst I am only 5'7".  I was proud that I had gotten back to the 180 I was, yet I still knew there was further to go. 

Sometimes life deals you a different hand than others. I have been quite candid on here about my 3 years of clinical depression & anxiety issues, and a life that could have been lived differently had said issues that affected me been recognized earlier. 

This post is because I am proud! Proud of the person I have become, proud of the fact that I took myself off the anti-depressant I was on and have taken back my life.

Oh and let us never forget - toxic individuals beware, you have been, and will be dismissed. 

This is a journey. While everyday is a challenge, it is worth all the effort! I wish you all the strength to make that effort. Trust me it's a tough nut to crack, one of which I have firsthand knowledge. 

My weight loss was recently chronicled on Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things via a series of nude photos. 

Yep, you get me at 180, in my 170's and at 163 for that 50 lb total loss I bragged about  - I'm  planning on losing some more, but for now... This is my journey - what's yours? Know you are not alone, there are so many who are going through whatever you are, reach out. It's the best, not to mention nicest thing you can do for yourself : )

Click on the NSFW link of my journey below, if you like. As stated in my post I am 100% nude and I feel mighty real. Monday Motivation indeed!  

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