Sunday, August 12, 2018

Put A Bandanna On It!

Inspiring Dr. Seuss Realness
Megan Fox
What do you do when you're dressed all in blue with nothing better to do? Well if you are Megan Fox you add another hue and that hue is a red bandanna.

"Yes" I am feeling my inner Dr. Seuss today, to bad it isn't the month of May. What's that you say? "Yes" the sky is sunny because she is in LA and not gray.

Megan is walking in LA, nobody walks in LA, they are not that cray. Or perhaps they are, walking is much more fun than riding in a car, or drinking in a bar.

See what you did Ms. Fox? now I am craving a bagel and some lox. But first I must put on my socks.

My socks are on I'm gotta run, it's time for me to take a walk in the sun.

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