Tuesday, September 18, 2018

About Last Night...

What's Under The Dress???
Tiffany Haddish
While I can't say I actually watched The Enemas, I mean Emmy's. Especially since the small portion I did see was unwatchable. Seriously who wrote that awful patter betwixt presenters?! There was one thing that was more fun and entertaining than the sum of the whole show's parts....Tiffany Haddish's rainbow gown was giving people life at an otherwise dreary affair.

Of course being a gay man my mind immediately went to the Rainbow Flag, which I suppose is a valid interpretation. Only I came to find out that Haddish explained that her dress was inspired by the Eritrean Flag which is a tribute to her late Father's home country. Thus I was in the zone going to the flag place when I saw it. 

Then there was the Social Media take, peeps comparing it to the giant parachutes they used to play with in grade school

Whatever your interpretation for my money Tiffany was the belle of the award show. Makes me wish I had seen her red carpet arrival, but as stated, well you know....

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