Friday, September 28, 2018

Freaky Friday

Cheers to Beer!
Lady Gaga
This ayem I received an E-mail that informed me today is National Drink Beer Day - really, I'm not joking. Seeing as how there seems to be a day for everything, why not drinking beer? I ask you? I'm waiting for an answer...

What is odd about the whole situation is how and why I received this correspondence via a site called, a place I have never dared to go on the WWW. Also, why when I try to reach it, it does not come up, yet it sends E-mail?!

Freaky Friday indeed minions. 

To celebrate I chose my own poster person for said day, the woman of the hour Lady Gaga imbibing in the refreshing golden liquid at a Mets game.

So join Moi & Gaga and raise a mug in honor of beer's special day and toast to websites that do not exist sending "Ghost E-mails" about days that do exist.


Beer on Wikipedia -  

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