Sunday, September 30, 2018

Just Because...Tom Hardy & Michelle Williams

Us, The Duo
Tom Hardy & Michelle Williams
Just Because I really like her as an actress, Just Because he's hotter than Georgia asphalt and Just Because they have a movie, Venom arriving this Friday - Here are Tom Hardy & Michelle Williams pimping said film in Beverly Hills this past Thursday.

While I have no intention of seeing Venom, I like this photo op with the two leads. Not to mention I have a "thing" for Tom Hardy. That's correct peeps, even though I have lost 50 lbs, my ideal weight would be Tom on top of me!

TMI? Well I'm a giver, and we like to share...

So here's the thing that befuddles me, who the F#ck is Venom anyway and are there really minions clamoring for an epic about him?

I suppose there must be, right? Why else would a studio, in this case, Sony fork over millions for such an endeavor? 

Venom opens Friday, so does A Star Is Born - I'll be seeing the latter. 

Mic Drop!

Venom on IMDB -

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