Thursday, October 4, 2018

Michael's Musings

Sometimes We All Go A Little Mad...
Michael Shinafelt
OMG! WTF?! Oh, you anagrams stop it! "Yes" it's October and time for my favorite time/month/My Sister/My Daughter of the year Halloween - being it is the 4th of the hallowed month I may be a tad late on the draw. So what I'm still a rock star!

Who else can't wait until October 19th for the new Halloween film, like me? Break out that Michael Myers party mask bitches! 

Repeat after moi, I am a manifestation of wild energy 

As a Witch I command you...

Weird byline of the day - "Meghan Markle Gets Hugged So Hard She Nearly Falls" 

And then there's Analingus

I almost peed myself

For those of you clamoring for The Hills reboot Mischa Barton has now joined the cast

On Thursday's we wear Fuchsia 

Let's have a Molotov Cocktail party
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper, Bradley Cooper, Bradley Cooper 

Tis a pity


Something wicked this way comes..."yes" really

Be a dandelion 

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