Saturday, March 23, 2019

Crack That Whip!

Michaelle Pfeiffer
Woke-up to the Internet buzzing over Michelle Pfeiffer's latest post on Instagram a video where she coyly holds up a whip saying "look what I found, needs a little TLC" to her followers. That's correct minions it's the whip she brandished as Catwoman in Batman Returns twenty-seven years ago!!!

Although I found Tim Burton's sequel to Batman better than his original outing the movie was mainly villain centric. With Pfeiffer taking center stage with her tour de force as the feline femme fatale.
Michelle Pfeiffer
IMHO nobody has ever done it better, Catwoman that is than her. She to me is the definitive CW. Her performance skirted the edge of over the top, loony, sexy, insane and flat out outrageous while still being real and grounded. Her Catwoman was in short a one of a kind creation.

Gushing much? Why "yes" I am. 

Have a bootylicious Saturday, I know I plan to. On that naughty note I leave you with these immortal words...

"I am Catwoman, hear me roar!"

Michelle on Instagram:   

Friday, March 22, 2019

Just Because....Pat The Puss

Eye Of The Tiger
Zachary Levi
Just Because he's so damned cute, Just Because he has a movie coming out based on a Saturday morning TV Show I used to watch & Just Because he gives a whole new meaning to Erika Jayne's signature move "pat the puss" - Ladies & Gentlemen I bring you Zachary Levi!

See Zachary giving his own spin on "pat the puss" at a photo call for his new movie Shazam in London."Yes" it's Mr. Levi patting a different sort of puss than Erika Jayne, a stuffed tiger to be exact. 

Whilst I watched Shazam as kid, I have no desire to see the movie. Honestly it looks lame. The only way I would go see it is if Zachary were going to appear fully naked in it and pat something other than the puss. If you get my drift and I know you do... 

So that's what's new today pussycat - minus the whoa oh on this Friday March 22, 2019.

Michael just sayin'.

Zachary on Twitter -

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Michael's Musings

Take On Me
Michael Shinafelt
"We're talking away, I don't know what, I'm to say I'll say it anyway, Today's another day to find you shying away, I'll be coming for your love, okay?" Take On Me, A-ha

That's correct minions I'm coming for you, perhaps not necessarily your love, but something along those lines. Maybe your attention, or your soul, ya know the same old, same old. Wanna get the 411? What's new pussycat? You'll find out, trust moi.

Join me in the Ritual of the Spooge Nuns, won't you?

"My vagina is a fashionista too" - Stassi Schroeder, Vanderpump Rules

FYI I just took and ovulation test and didn't pass

They're watching you, I'm not...

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists premiered last night - Beacon Heights is where I will be every Wednesday for it's initial 10 episode run. "Yes" that means I loved it.

FML $2 Filet-O-Fish Friday is back at McDonald's 

And now a word from my nether region

Never trust anyone who spells Gonorrhea right on the first try

Fact of the Day: Serial Killers never cooperate unless they have no other options

A shout out to Denise Richards for her classic TMI moment on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, fabulous!!!

Every time you see a rainbow...

False Alarm hey, hey, hey, hey!

I wanna be your dog, I also wanna be adored


Now's the time to sign language off, join me on Social Media won't you?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hump Day & Chill

Adam Sans Eve
"Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses" - Dorothy Parker 

That may hold true, but what about Men making passes at guys who wear glasses? I know glasses on a guy can be quite swoon worthy in my book. Take this weeks object of my affection Adam.

Adam is one of the Hump Day & Chill men who do it for me. Sure he has a nice body and a nice ______ fill in the blank, I am sure you know what word belongs there. This being stated it's the glasses that really put Adam a cut above other guys for me. Especially since the sight enablers are basically all he is wearing in most of the images from his photo shoot.

What's that? Gimme, I want to see those pics you say? Chill it's Hump Day after all, of course you can see the pics by clicking on the link below and heading over to Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things.

So, what are you waiting for? You've got some Hump Day & Chill to engage in...that's what I am going to do, right here, right now -

Adam is waiting and ready, get to clicking!!!  

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

At The Drive-In

I remember Drive-Ins...

From sleeping in the concession stand to working entirely for free, the quirky film fanatics at the struggling Mahoning Drive-in face uncertainty when Hollywood announces it will switch to digital projection for all new movies. Unable to purchase an expensive digital projector, the Mahoning gang pin their hopes of survival on showing only vintage 35mm film prints on their original 1949 projectors. Relive their underdog story to save film, the Mahoning Drive-in, and drive-in theaters everywhere. 

"Technology moves so fast today, faster than ever before. As technology distracts us from one another and segments us further into smaller audiences, it was just magical to see a bunch of people gather together in rural Pennsylvania to watch film flicker through a projector from 1948," Alexander Monelli, director. "That's ultimately what this documentary is about."

At The Drive-in won "Best Local Feature" at the 26th annual Philadelphia Film Festival. It has also screened at multiple Alamo Drafthouses and at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood as an official selection of Dances With Films.

Bonus Materials
  • Over 17 Minutes of Deleted Scenes
  • Three Separate Feature Length Commentary Tracks (two with cast and one with director)
  • 30-minute Q&A from Alamo Drafthouse Screening
  • Trailer

Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday Motivation

Money, Money, Money
Robert Downey, Jr.
"Bitch better have my money!, Please don't call me on my bluff" - Rihanna, Bitch Better Have My Money
Today's Monday Motivation is pure unadulterated greed. That's right minions, money, it makes the world go round and puts a smile on your face when you can spend it freely and give unto others as they maybe would to you. 
So I am meditating about bringing mass quantities of it into my realm. You know master of my domain type of stuff.
Don't judge my pursuit of the material today, if you see it this way, keep it to yourself and move on. Money is my Monday Motivation jam at present. Carry on, as you were...
Money on Wikipedia -  

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Immersive - Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Big Screen Perfection
Once upon a time in Hollywood, well OK, yesterday in Hollywood Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Immersive Experience happened at The Hollywood Athletic Club.

Being a HUGE PLL fan you know I just had to go, and go I did! Upon entry I was surrounded with the atmosphere of the town of Beacon Heights and a big screen that eventually was cued up to show the first ten minutes of the pilot which premieres this Wednesday March 20th @ 8pm on Freeform.

All I have to say is I can not wait to see the whole thing. They did not waste anytime in diving right in and getting things going. The explanation as to how Mona and Allison end up in the same rural town is, well, dare I say it? Perfection, yep, I said it.

The rest? Well I've got a secret and I'm gonna keep it...enjoy some of the PLL experience with me, won't you? Shhhhhhhhh....

Fan Boy Alert!
Michael Shinafelt  
They're Watching You...
Michael Shinafelt
Beacon Heights University

Become a "Perfectionist" at:

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Concrete Heart

Kiss My Vassy
Yesterday I received an E-mail from an artist who I interviewed seven years ago, "yes" seven years ago, about her album Beautiful Day for Chorus & Verse. Her name is Vassy - the correspondence was regarding her latest single Concrete Heart.

In case you would like to give the interview a read, even though dated, it's still fun! Here is the link:

Vassy is a sassy (Yeah, I made a rhyme on purpose) Aussie with talent to burn. Here is what she has to say about Concrete Heart...

"I'm so excited & proud to present to you my new song "CONCRETE HEART" Dedicated to my Father who passed away 16 years ago....... This is a song about Wanting to Love without Getting Hurt... We can all relate to being vulnerable ... I hope you Enjoy :)"

Spin the single right round here -

Get More Vassy at:  

Friday, March 15, 2019

"Songs Of Inspiration"

Get, Get, Get inspired! 

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix "Songs Of Inspiration"
to be released via Woodstock Records on April 5th

Americana Legends Take on Folk and Gospel Classics

Professor Louie has emerged in the music industry as the torchbearer of the true spirit of American Roots music. As a seasoned live performer, prolific recording artist, and versatile multi-instrumentalist Louie also wears the hat of award-winning recording producer and engineer, capturing the talents of some of the world's most highly acclaimed musicians, most notably, The Band. 

In 2018, Professor Louie and The Crowmatix joined the Empire State Orchestra & Choir to perform their song Melody Of Peace at The NY Capital Region's premiere holiday extravaganza CBS 6 TV Special "Melodies Of Christmas". The four night sold out performances at The Proctors Theater in Schenectady, NY was filmed in front of 15,000 people and viewed by three million on CBS 6. The show since its inception has raised over $8,000,000 for The Melodies Children's Ward at Albany Med and the impetus for the album "Songs Of Inspiration." Award winning song Melody Of Peace was recorded by Professor Louie & The Crowmatix in Prague with The Prague Symphony and Kuhn Radio Choir. This version is on "Songs Of Inspiration".

Professor Louie traveled, performed and recorded with The Mighty Gospel Giants of Brooklyn, and on this album with his dynamic group The Crowmatix, recorded some of his favorite gospel tunes including I'm On My Way, Up Above My Head, I Shall Not Be Moved, Motherless Child, plus other songs that influenced his career. Louie and his writing partner Miss Marie penned the international award winning composition Melody Of Peace and Open Hand Open Heart, which has become a theme song for many international organizations.

The Crowmatix are:
  • Professor Louie (Keys, Accordion, Vocals) collaborated with The Band for 17 years.
  • John Platania (Guitar, Vocals) known for his performances with Van Morrison. 
  • Gary Burke (Drums) performed with Bob Dylan's The Rolling Thunder Review. 
  • Miss Marie (Vocals, Percussionist, Keys) preformed, recorded with Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson. 
  • Frank Campbell (Bass, Vocals) Levon Helm's Music Director with the Woodstock All-stars.
  • Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Shop 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Michael's Musings

What's On My Mind?
Michael Shinafelt
I am on "Real Housewife" overload this morning. "Yes" minions I have a standing date with my friend Naama every Wednesday eve she comes over to my pad and we watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that I DVR'd from the night before, then we watch The Real Housewives of New York in real time.

Always one of the highlights of my week as we have a total blast commenting, reacting not to mention interacting with the shows. For the record we both prefer NY over BH, yet enjoy them both, in case you cared.

"I used to love Bethenny (of RHONY) before I went to therapy" - Naama Kates

Project Runway with Karlie Kloss and Christian Siriano - No thanks, I'll pass. Anyone know why Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn are out?

Today's Secret Word is:  Clambake 

Hey Girl, Hey!

Get your waffle, we gotta go...

Who the F#ck quotes Tyler Perry?!?!

Tell me about your bizarro 8-track tape obsession

Need help attending college? Contact thew firm of Huffman & Loughlin

Teddi confesses her wrong doing in Erika's home chapel on RHOBH - nothing staged about that, Ha!

You are a saint, yes you are

Just Because...Oink!

Whore, that is all 

My bottom hurts just thinking about it

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hump Day & Chill

"You see, we never ever do nothing nice and easy, We always do it nice and rough" Proud Mary, Tina Turner 

Just kick right back and get a little rough, trade that is with today's Hump Day & Chill

Wham Bam Dan is the man who will set your nether regions on fire for your mighty "hump" & "chill" - OK I will actually acquiesce "Yeah" he does it for moi. 

There I said it. I know how random and unpredictable I can be and now you do too.

Dan has that extra something, something. Perhaps it is his pierced lip, maybe it's the shaggy mane most likely it's because he looks like he would swing from the chandelier. Yeah, that's the ticket...

Whatever the case may be, go check out all of Dan via Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things by clicking on the link below. Let your fingers do the walking...Hump Day & Chill!!!

Digital Dan after the jump - 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Dog Duty

Doggy Style
Dylan McDermott
It's time to let the dogs out, that's correct minions tis the day for Dog Duty, surrender the leash!

Oh, and what better way to report for such a task than with stud Dylan McDermott walking his pooch (not a euphemism) in NYC.

Dylan is so hunky, how hunky is he you ask? Well he actually attended a play I was in many moons ago, where I bared my backside to the audience and my front side to my fellow cast members.

I believe he was there because one of my co-stars was his waiter at a restaurant and told him about it. Anyway...he has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen and so handsome to boot.

What does this have to do with Dog Duty you may ask? Nothing really, I simply used the dog walking pic as an excuse to swoon over Dylan. "Yes" I am feeling naughty - so there!

Now get out there and crack that whip (this is a euphemism) 


Dylan on Twitter -

Monday, March 11, 2019

Monday Motivation

Michael Shinafelt
Slay Kings & Queens it's Monday Motivation time! Today I am in a quandary as to what it is that will jump start me, myself and I. Any input is welcome, really any, I am open and ready.

I guess I'm going have to look at the man in the mirror and go deep on my quest. Evolving is the best option this week, now I need a plan of action, or perhaps I should simply do what I usually do...wing it!

Thus my motivation for this Monday March 11, 2019 is self care. Check in with myself and figure out what's going on internally, since clearly I have the external nailed. The Monday Motivation word is: Reflection

Not that I am in a bad place mind you, I simply need some fine tuning. We all need to be mindful of ourselves 

So, if you'll excuse me I've got some maintenance to do...Ciao! 

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

It's Sunday, Time For Some Law & Order

Baby It's Cold Outside
Mariska Hargitay
Now in it's 20th Season Law &Order: SVU is one of those shows that has endured many changes, most notably the moving on of series lead and all around stud Christopher Meloni and other rotating cast members.

The one thing that has always remained is Mariska Hargitay who portrays Detective Olivia Benson. She is the shows heart and soul. It has been a treat to watch Hargitay grow and evolve into the role she was clearly meant to play.

"Yes" that's correct minions, over the years the character of Benson has evolved as she has experienced more and gotten older. Thus Harigtay's portrayal of her has too, she has really grown into the character and inhabits her with a completeness few actors ever achieve. Here she is above freezing her tooshie off in NYC this past Thursday shooting more episodes for the current twentieth season.

Which brings me to Sunday, lazy Sunday. Since I am home writing on most Sundays there is always an SVU marathon on USA, "Yep" you guessed it, not only am I tuned in to the current season I watch the repeats with relish, no mustard (LOL).

All kidding aside it does not matter how many times I have seen an SVU episode it never gets old to me, and that's the honest truth peeps.

Mic Drop!

Law & Order: SVU on Rotten Tomatoes -

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Just Because...Show Some Love

Kissing Strangers?
America Ferrera & Judith Light
Just Because it's what the world needs now, why don't we all show some love to each other. "Yes" that's correct reach out and touch somebody's _____ fill in the blank, Just Because...

Bear witness to America Ferrera showing love to Judith Light at Superstore For Your Consideration Press Line in Hollywood.

What brought on this random act of affection? No one knows but when America crossed paths with Judith she decided to show some love to her. It doesn't really matter why. It's the act and thought that counts.

So get out there and show some love today to someone. "No" you don't have to kiss them like America there are plenty of other ways to do so. 

Jut do it! I know you have it in you!!!

America on IG -

Judith on Twitter -  

Friday, March 8, 2019

Film Buff Friday: Teen Movie Hell

Go Teen, Or Go Home!!!

Born in the drive-in theater backseats of the 1970s, the demonic visions of Teen Movie Hell  fueled the VCR, cable TV, and shopping mall multiplex booms of the 1980s before collapsing in the 1990s in a pixelated pile of cable dissipation and Internet indulgences. Between George Lucas's American Graffiti in 1973 and Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused twenty years later, lust-driven laugh riots on the order of Animal House, Porky's, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Revenge of the Nerds boomed at the box office and conquered pop culture by celebrating adolescent misbehavior run amok.

Puberty-powered comedy classics including Meatballs, Caddyshack, Valley Girl, and The Last American Virgin fused hormonal overloads with anti-authority abandon and below-the-belt slapstick to create a genre that also unleashed the anarchic, sex-mad likes of The Swinging Cheerleaders, H.O.T.S., Hardbodies, Private School, Joysticks, Spring Break, and Zapped! as well as the mainstream variations Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Pretty in Pink.

In more than 350 reviews, all-seeing author Mike "McBeardo" McPadden (Heavy Metal Movies) passes righteous judgment over the entire genre, one boobs-and-boner opus at a time. The book also features contributions by Eddie Deezen (Grease, Midnight Madness, Zapped!), Kat Ellinger (Diabolique), Wendy McClure (The Wilder Life), Katie Rife (The Onion AV Club), Samm Deighan (Diabolique), and Kier-La Janisse (House of Psychotic Women), plus guest reviews by Lisa Carver (Rollerderby), Heather Drain (Video Watchdog), Christina Ward (Feral House), Rachel McPadden, and Liz Mason (Quimby's).

Tap the keg, tailor your toga, and belly flop hard into the exploitation inferno of bikinis beaches, locker rooms, summer camps, study halls, wayward teachers, cool camp counselors, wet-T-shirts, custom vans, sexy ESP, shower peepholes, and other overlooked penal code violations!

For more photos and info, and to pre-order, go  

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Michael's Musings

Totally Different Head
Michael Shinafelt
Happy March minions! You know what, I sort of kind of dig the month of March, for one thing it's the return of Daylight Savings Time. But mainly because of it's name - March.

March into the future, March with confidence and of course March to the beat of your own drummer.

So let's March on shall we and kick off the month by Marching to the beat of our own drummer with this quote as our mantra:

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

R.I.P. Luke Perry aka Dylan McKay

Happy Thursday from Satan's Laughing Camel

BTW I make fresh goat cheese and help people find love

Yeah, whatever, I am prepared for that eventuality 

Does your cat vomit?

Team Vanderpump!

I can convince small children that I am a witch 

Nothing like a good ______ you know you want one....

My favorite Bitches are back! The Real Housewives of New York City 

Today is National Cereal Day - do what your Rice Krispies tell you to

Wake up and smell the drill bits!

Sorry to hear the news about Alex Trebek

"Somewhere beyond right and wrong there is a garden. I will meet you there." - Rumi

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Hump Day & Chill

The Favourite
Joe Alwyn
In this weeks edition of Hump Day & Chill we are going to take a gander into Taylor Swift's love life. Yeah, OK, she gives good gander all on her own I know, I get it. 

Well we all know her latest squeeze comes in the form of one Joe Alwyn. This has been one of Swift's more low key liaisons oddly enough given his high profile acting career thanks to having appeared in The Favourite.

Thus I have chosen him for today's Hump Day & Chill. Is Joe my thing? Not really, but he is a lot of your's thing I am sure my minions.

So get your Hump Day on and Chill by following the link below to Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things.

Also for all you Swift fans there are pics of them strolling on the beach. 


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Cruel Tuesday

Cruel Intention
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Kathryn Merteuil: Unfortunately, our Don Juan is moving with the speed of a Special Olympics hurdler.

One of my favorite movies of the 90's is Cruel Intentions. It is based on Les Liaisons dangereuses. It captured mean teens unlike anything around at the time and it became a hit and an enduring classic.

Whilst hitting the WWW this ayem I came across a piece featuring factoids about the movie, ya know, behind the scenes stuff.

Today's Cruel Tuesday fact is about the film's star Sarah Michelle Gellar - source E!Online.

One of Hollywood's hottest blondes thanks to her star-making turn as Buffy Summers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gellar wanted to separate herself from the popular WB series when it came to the seductive and devious Kathryn. 

"That was Sarah's thing: 'I don't want to look like Buffy'" Kumble recalled. 
But it was more than just the hair change that helped Gellar, who grew up on the Upper East Side herself, deliver such a stellar performance, as she really was able to embrace the debauchery of the character without wanting to make her sympathetic. 
"We had long talks about her history. Roger used to always say, ‘Don't you think that she was abused?'" she told Premiere magazine in 1999. "And I'd say, 'No, I think she had a perfect upbringing. I think her mother adored her and her father sent her amazing gifts. She just wanted more."

Looking back on the experience, Gellar revealed to The Huffington Post that Cruel Intentions was one of her two "best film experiences," explaining, "We just knew we were making something that was so different and we were all so passionate and so excited. And we were all friends! It was just such a great time making that and letting it go as far as it did."

There was one aspect of playing the "Marcia f--king Brady of the Upper East Side" that Gellar did not love: "Although, the ground-up chamomile, the substitute I used for coke was not fun. I have allergies and since chamomile is kind of pollen-like, my nose and throat had it rough for a while."

Get "Cruel" on IMDB -

Monday, March 4, 2019

Monday Motivation

Jennifer Aniston

Sometimes we all need some help to get going - so why don't you join myself and another Fab @ 50 celebrity Jennifer Aniston in a cup of Green Tea???

"Yes" do it all the popular people are. Peer pressure, peer pressure...well if you are 50 and over that is.

Green Tea is where it's at where it's at I got two turntables and a microphone - for the over 5-0 set.

Better you start now if you aren't, trust the benefits are fifty shades of realness. 

That's correct do it and do it now!

Yeah, I am that Monday Motivation that happens when Hell freezes over minions!!!

Green Tea on Wikipedia -

Sunday, March 3, 2019


Alright as many of you may, or perhaps not know I am a HUGE Pretty Little Liars fan! Thus you can only imagine my anticipation for the March 20th premiere of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform

So rather than gush today I thought I would fan out and post some of the 411 we have on the spin off so far...Hey, it's my blog and I'll do what I want to.

Here are some deets about the show:

"The town of Beacon Heights seems perfect, from its top-tier college to its overachieving residents, but nothing is as it appears to be; when the high-stakes environment pushes the residents to a breaking point, someone snaps and a murder occurs."

They're Baaack!
Sasha Pieterse & Janel Parrish
Claire Hotchkiss
Kelly Rutherford

The Perfectionists

"Nobody's Perfect"

PPL: The Perfectionists on the WWW -