Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Hey Pig, Happy New Year!

When Pigs Talk
Today marks the Chinese New Year and guess what? It is the year of the pig...oink! I am the year of the snake, make of that what you will. But today it's time to get piggy with it!

Of course my horse there is always a pig that makes me nostalgic Babe. I remember being extremely reluctant to view a movie about a talking pig despite it's critical acclaim. But eventually I caved and did it. As in watched it.

With a mighty "baa ram ewe" I loved it! "Yes" the talking pig made me eat trough.

Thus in honor of this piggy year I wanted to tip my _____ the blank is yours to fill in and fantasize as you wish. To the ultimate pig...I've got you Babe

Babe on IMDB

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