Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday Motivation

I "Heart" Bananas!
Michael Shinafelt
"For I'm going bananas, Yes, I'm going bananas, Si, I'm going bananas" Madonna "I'm Going Bananas"
It's Monday and as you can clearly see I'm going bananas! As an insomniac I actually got an amazing night's sleep, finally! I feel energized and ready to take on anything, bring it!
Thus today's Monday Motivation is bananas - of the literal kind that I just put into my delicious raspberry smoothie I just made before hitting the computer, and the crazy kind, in a good metaphorical way. 
"Yes" I am bonkerz for the new week and ready to go fruity and well, bananas with it as it is mine, and yours to shape anyway we want. That's correct minions, your mission this week is to change it up do things a little, or a lot differently than you normally would. Your directive is to wake up every morning and set the tone for the day with any mantra, or mantras of your choosing. Go bananas and just do it! Your focus will be rewarded, trust me. Now it's time for me to get out there an get to it!
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