Monday, February 18, 2019

Monday Motivation

Going To The Dogs
KJ Apa
Happy Presidents Day! I know some of you will take this as an opportunity to Trump bash. Please don't, this is a celebration of the others that came before him. On that note let's dive into today's Monday Motivation...Today's MM is brought to you by volunteering.

"Yep" volunteer work is something we are all capable of and should do. I have in the past and really need to get off my booty and do it again. Thus I am using this post to give myself, as well as you all a push in the right direction.

What better way to motivate you than this photo of two adorable things Riverdale's KJ Apa volunteering with the ASPCA at Wallis Annenberg PetSpace in Los Angeles

Too cute, and so is the dog. Normally I am not into younger guys but there is something about KJ that "pops" to me. There is also a cute dog, see how good I am at motivating you minions? I got this too sweet photo and two cuties to make you rise to the occasion. Damn, I'm good!

Take whatever it is you feel passionate about, whether it be animals, or??? Go out find someplace that you can be of service to your passion. Volunteering, it's that simple and doesn't cost you a thing.

Now get out there and Monday

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