Sunday, February 10, 2019

Today's WTF Moment...

Kendall Jenner & Kate Moss

The Grammy's air today in case you give a F#ck. However this is the image that caught the apple of my eye. "Yes" it's two iconic models, Hey it always takes two. Give your wafer up for Kate Moss & Kendall Jenner!

WTF are they doing? I'm so glad you asked. They are sitting in the front row at the Longchamp runway show during New York Fashion Week. (say that three times fast, I dare you MotherF#ckers) -

Since I am no fashionista - really F#ck that Sh!t - I liked the surprise element of this image and the passing of the torch sort of thang.

Oh, and let me state something. Even though Kendall Jenner has had it easy in the lucky break department. Honestly she is what the modeling industry looks for. So shut the F#ck up and quit your bitching assh#les.

Who knows why I am using such profanity today??? Also you shouldn't give a F#ck!!!

biss mich dumm hund aka bite me dumb dog.

NY Fashion Week on the WWW:

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