Thursday, June 6, 2019

Michael's Musings

Giving Cattitude
Michael Shinafelt  
"So-so, so don't fuck with my freedom, I came back to get me some, I'm nasty, I'm evil" - Mother's Daughter, Miley Cyrus 

It's Pride Weekend in Los Angeles, CA, really not sure if I will be attending or not. But I still believe we need it more than ever. This week's edition is going to be a hybrid by Queer ally and amazing artist Miley Cyrus and Myself. I am currently obsessed with her latest EP She Is Coming, which is first and foremost pro everything I stand for. 

You are in for the most "extra" musings of your ass. "Yes" I have Pride & Cattitude...meow to the mix!!! 

This F#g is in heat, let me ride that beat! Beat it, just beat it! 

Who gives a F#ck if they call you a slut? Yeah, do you really care? Well you shouldn't

Going electric leads to way cleaner ______ fill in that Pride blank

One of my most fond Pride memories? Marching with Ken Phillips alongside Margaret Cho in the Los Angeles parade tossing off swag.

Hallelujah We're all freaks, yes! 

Lisa Vanderpump

Once I met the indomitable Lisa Vanderpump  backstage @ Gay Pride, she is as cool as they come.

Do I suck D!ck? You ain't seen sh!t

I love my pussy that means I've got Cattitude 

Why do you gotta be so MotherF#cking extra? Asking for a friend...

Miley Cyrus
Don't let anyone keep you down Miley Cyrus

Back-up, back-up, back-up boy. "Yeah" U know who you are -

I'm not obscene, your hypocrisy is 

OMG, what would happen if SHE got the power??? The world would be a better place.

You all are the moon, the stars & special 

It's time for a revolution, join me -  

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