Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday Sinema: Hellraiser

I remember when I first saw this...
Stephen King was once famously quoted as saying, "I have seen the future of horror... his name is Clive Barker." That future was realized in 1987 with the release of Barker's directorial debut Hellraiser. Based on his own novella The Hellbound Heart, Barker's Hellraiser sees Larry (Andrew Robinson) and his wife Julia (Clare Higgins) move into their new home, unaware that something evil lurks beneath the floorboards of the dilapidated house - something that wants human blood... Introducing the world to the iconic Pinhead and his sadistic band of Cenobites, Hellraiser became an instant genre classic upon release and remains one of the most frighteningly original visions in horror.

Bonus Materials

  • Brand new 2K restoration approved by director of photography Robin Vidgeon
  • High Definition Blu-rayTM (1080p) presentation
  • Uncompressed PCM Stereo 2.0 and Lossless DTS-HD MA 5.1 sound
  • English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Audio commentary with writer-director Clive Barker
  • Audio commentary with Barker and actress Ashley Laurence
  • Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser – brand new version of the definitive documentary on the making of Hellraiser, featuring interviews with key cast and crew members
  • Being Frank: Sean Chapman on Hellraiser – actor Sean Chapman talks candidly about playing the character of Frank Cotton in Barker’s original
  • Soundtrack Hell: The Story of the Abandoned Coil Score – ex-Coil member Stephen Thrower on the Hellraiser score that almost was
  • Hellraiser: Resurrection – vintage featurette including interviews with Barker, actors Doug Bradley and Ashley Laurence, special make-up effects artist Bob Keen and others
  • Under the Skin: Doug Bradley on Hellraiser
  • Original EPK featuring on-set interviews with cast and crew
  • Draft Screenplays [BD-ROM content]
  • Trailers and TV Spots
  • Image Gallery
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Gilles Vranckx

Friday, August 30, 2019

Flipping David Archuleta


David Archuleta premiered his brand new pop single “Paralyzed”today which has reached the #1 spot on Amazon’s “Movers & Shakers” chart.  Listen here:
Amazon’s Movers & Shakers chart.
 Amazon Mover & Shakers chart.jpeg
To celebrate the release, David challenged himself to conquer a long-time fear he has by doing his first-ever backflip off the cliffs at Cummins Falls State Park in Tennessee. See video here:
“Paralyzed was a bit of a venting song. I get frustrated watching myself hesitate so much, and not let go of things from the past that I know I should. A lot of those past things are fears, anger, resentment, and I see how they all form excuses in my mind of why I can’t move forward. I watch as missed opportunities fly by and I just do nothing, because I freeze. It gets me so frustrated! This song is the battle with those paralyzing thoughts and I intend to be the victor.” Says David
The video for “Paralyzed,” directed by Brian Petchers (Meghan Trainor, Sena, Wiz Khalifa) was shot in Brooklyn, NY at a historic home from the 1700’s called The Lott House which also premiered today on David’s official YouTube channel: and 

Follow David Here:

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Michael's Musings

I'll Simply Leave This Here...
Michael Shinafelt
"I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch, Even when I'm crying crazy" - Lizzo, Truth Hurts 

Well Lizzo you have me beat on the bitch DNA test by 26% - that's fine by me I happily conceded the crown to you Queen. It means I still have room for improvement and a role model to provide me with much needed inspiration 😜

Seriously with the world the way it is and such there are worse things I could do or be. It's time to S-M-I-L-E everyone, smile!

On my list of things to do? To frame anyone who finds the Big Bang Theory entertaining as taking part in a college admissions scam

Three Weeks left then my cast is gone, finished, done, R.I.P...etc. 

Stop making sense, it's annoying AF 

Former Teen Idol Mike Clifford & his singing partner in crime Sandy Zacky are back in the studio whipping up something new, something borrowed, something blue

Your mission today? Tell someone they look hydrated

Only two episodes left of the BH90210 reboot, this has me riding on a bummer

Currently trending on Twitter #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies -to be fair he hates everyone and everything. He's an equal opportunist hater

Now I know why follow-up Dr. appointments are referred to as F/U's

Woman Crush of the Week - Jennie Garth 

I'm fixing a hole. I'll just leave this here...

Ryan Serhant of Million Dollar Listing New York, what man, what a man, what a man

Pop goes the weasel, "yes" that's a euphemism 

Why didn't the Spice Girls have a group member named "Pumpkin?" (sorry hardcore fans I can not refer to them as a band)

Interrupt my binge watching, I dare you at -   

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Hump Day & Chill

Sentimental Journey
Mike Clark
This weeks edition of Hump Day & Chill is a little different. "Yes" of course it still features a hunky male model in the buff. But this one also includes a story of transformation and becoming the person you want to become, a metamorphosis.

Thus I present to you change in the form of one Mike Clark via, where else? Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things. Tye's profile on Mike and his journey is really well done. What I am saying is come for the photos but stay for the text. It is inspiring and having been through my own personal metamorphosis I can tell you it ain't easy, but the hard work is worth it and to accomplish the goal really boosts one's self esteem.

"Yes" Mike's story resonates with me, which is why he is this weeks Hump Day & Chill poster boy. 

Hey, I can't think of anything better to Hump Day & Chill to other than a stud with a great back story about how he arrived at his destination, can you? I thought not 💪

Time get spend your Hump Day with Mike by clicking on the link below, now Chill minions, Chill...

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Halloween Kills

Revenge of the Nerd
Anthony Michael Hall
You knew it was inevitable after Halloween 2018 made $159,342,015 million at the domestic BO on a $10 million budget, coming at ya October 16, 2020 the f/u Halloween Kills...Yikes!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE fan of the original Halloween and of the 2018 reboot. So what could make the news of this sequel even better? Well I was also a fan of John Hughes films as well and guess what? Perennial Hughes nerd Anthony Michael Hall is joining the cast as, wait for it...Tommy Doyle

For the uninitiated Tommy Doyle is the boy that Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode (who, duh, is of course returning) was babysitting in the 1978 original. 

The scene in Halloween 1978 where she tells Tommy Doyle to run across the street to the neighbor’s house is one of my favorites - it has an authentic urgency to it that still resonates with me to this day.

OK, my excitement meter for this follow up just rose to an insane level of anticipation!

Halloween Kills on IMDb -  

Monday, August 26, 2019

Monday Motivation

"Hi There"
Peter Gabriel
"The place where I come from is a small town, They think so small, They use small words" Big Time, Peter Gabriel

Lately Imagination has been on my mind. Why you may ask? Well since I have been laid up post bunion surgery I have a lot of down time (can't wait until that is over) thus I have been doing more writing.

"Yes" I am writing things hither and yawn, meaning today's Monday Motivation is Imagination. Imagination is something you use to create anything pretty much. Yep Imagination, it's not just for writing. It can be something you use to get you through a day at the office, it can be used to solve problems and it can propel you into alternative universes.

While there are many fanciful things I can think of to illustrate this I chose the video for the song Big Time off of Peter Gabriel's great album So. It came out in 1986, I was two years out of High School (insert old guy comment here,) the visuals in the video are so cool and full of Imagination that even if you didn't like the song you stayed for the visuals.

Not to mention I had a crush on Gabriel back when I used to find musicians hot (still do on occasion, but from a distance) I actually even dated one at a point and juncture, but I'm saving that for the book

So let's get this Monday Motivation started Big Time! Check out the video after the jump - 👀

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Don't Be Cruel(la)

That's So Punk!
Emma Stone
So one of the buzz's of the week was an image of Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil from the upcoming Disney origin story "Cruella" from the classic "101 Dalmatians."

Of course the Twitter-verse went into overdrive Tweeting like an angry bird frenzy about Stone's look in the upcoming dog tail.

"Uh is tim Burton directing this," asked Andy Signore on Twitter, referencing her "Edward Scissorhands" look.


"She doesn't really fit the right class for her decade in this outfit. She looks more like a middle class thug in New Orleans than Upper Crust London,"

"More like this," said another person, comparing Stone's look to Frank N. Furter from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

The new look was revealed during Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim, California.

Stone made a video appearance during the expo, revealing that the film will be set in London's punk rock era of the 1970s.

Phew that explains it all. Although I took to the look right off the bat myself...I guess I'm not a hardcore stickler when it comes to historically accurate details in a film about a mad woman who wants a coat made of Dalmatians.

Mic Drop!

Cruella on IMDb -

Saturday, August 24, 2019


Makin' News
I'm breezing into Saturday like...

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, Don't say it, 'cause I know I'm cute (ooh, baby)" Juice, Lizzo

"Yes" Lizzo and Myself have this in common, I'm feeling her today, thus she is my spirit animal of this moment, right here, right now.

Bear witness to bad ass Lizzo arriving not in a convertible, but on one for her performance on the Today Show in NYC.

"I'm like chardonnay, get better over time (so you know), Heard you say I'm not the baddest, bitch, you lied"

Preach Lizzo! If anyone tells you that your aren't worthy of being the baddest bitch today give them a smackdown!


Lizzo on the "Gram"

Friday, August 23, 2019

Film Buff Friday: Two Evil Eyes

3-Disc Limited Edition / 4K Restoration coming October 29th

A double dose of terror from the directors of DAWN OF THE DEAD and SUSPIRIA

Pre-order HERE

Two Horror Legends, One Film!

The Masters of Modern Horror - George Romero and Dario Argento - bring you an unprecedented pair of shockers inspired by the tales of Edgar Allan Poe. In Romero's The Facts In The Case Of Mr. Valdemar, a conniving wife (Adrienne Barbeau of THE FOG) and her lover use a hypnotic trance to embezzle a fortune from her dying husband, only to receive some chilling surprises from beyond the grave. Then in Argento's The Black Cat, a deranged crime scene photographer (Harvey Keitel of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN) is driven to brutal acts of madness and murder by his girlfriend's new pet. But will this cunning feline deliver a final sickening twist of its own?
Martin Balsam (PSYCHO), E.G. Marshall (CREEPSHOW), John Amos (THE BEASTMASTER) and Tom Atkins (NIGHT OF THE CREEPS) co-star in this wild horror hit that also features grisly makeup effects by Tom Savini (MANIAC). In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, Blue Underground is proud to present TWO EVIL EYES in a new 4K restoration from its original camera negative, packed with exclusive new and archival Extras!

Disc 1 (Blu-ray) Feature Film + Extras:
  • NEW! Audio Commentary with Troy Howarth, Author of Murder By Design: The Unsane Cinema of Dario Argento
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Poster & Still Gallery
Disc 2 (Blu-ray) Extras:
  • Two Masters' Eyes - Interviews with Directors Dario Argento & George Romero, Special Make-Up Effects Supervisor Tom Savini, Executive Producer Claudio Argento, and Asia Argento
  • Savini's EFX - A Behind-the-Scenes look at the film's Special Make-Up Effects
  • At Home With Tom Savini - A personal tour of Tom Savini's home
  • Adrienne Barbeau on George Romero
  • NEW! Before I Wake - Interview with Star Ramy Zada
  • NEW! Behind The Wall - Interview with Star Madeleine Potter
  • NEW! One Maestro And Two Masters - Interview with Composer Pino Donaggio
  • NEW! Rewriting Poe - Interview with Co-Writer Franco Ferrini
  • NEW! The Cat Who Wouldn't Die - Interview with Assistant Director Luigi Cozzi
  • NEW! Two Evil Brothers - Interview with Special Make-Up Assistant Everett Burrell
  • NEW! Working With George - Interview with Costume Designer Barbara Anderson
Disc 3 (CD):
  • TWO EVIL EYES Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Pino Donaggio
BONUS! Collectable Booklet with new essay by Michael Gingold     

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Michael's Musings

Michael Shinafelt
"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" -Peter Finch, Network 1976

Never has a quote from a brilliant film seemed more relevant than now. Sidney Lumet Directed what was then considered a satire. Oh how times have changed prophetic would be more exact. Faye Dunaway was brilliant in this as well. This is my current mood, and I own it.

I'm sorry the old Michael can't interact with you now. Why? Because he's dead. Yep, here we go minions

Your Mom likes to be tied up...the more you know

I don't like your little games (or your big ones)

Can I just say the BH 90210 reboot is wildly entertaining? I just said it, so there!

Bitches, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time

Shelby is a debutante, don't be Shelby she is boring AF

Thinking about karma not drama (seriously drama is for losers)

If you haven't yet take a trip "Over The Rainbow" you know that place where happy little blue birds fly...

Hallelujah I'm a Witch - I'm going to do you like I want to

The Amazon Rain Forest is in flames if you can please help by donating online 

"As per usual, super awesome time to be a Jewish person! Also HARD PASS on non-Jews telling Jewish people how to behave/think also fuck this human vomit who is currently infecting the white house #shalom" - Leslie Grossman

Woman Crush of the Week - Christina Hendricks

The one word that sums up most things? Whatever!

I dream of Electric Taco Trucks with Rice Krispie treats

Bethenny Frankel exits the Real Housewives of New York the immortal word of Nancy Kerrigan: Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy?!

You have questions? I have answers. Follow me and find them out.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Hump Day & Chill

Chill Indeed
John Barrowman
Today we will Hump Day & Chill to Scottish-American Actor John Barrowman who also happens to be Out and Proud. I do recall a time he was linked to Police Woman Actress Angie Dickinson back in the day when actors had to hide this fact. It also didn't hurt either of them in the publicity department, she being beautiful and more famous than he and he be hot and younger than her.

Cut to today. Right here, right now. We are going to feast our eyes on some "Barrowman Booty" courtesy of Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things via John's Instagram page. At 52 his booty is indeed one of the eighth wonders of the world.

Well OK maybe that's taking it a little too far in the praise department, or perhaps not. Why don't you decided by clicking on the link below and saying: "There's nothing like a Hump Day & Chill" three times whilst letting your fingers do the walking.

Yeah, that's the ticket to ride...  

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Lisa Paquette



 David Archuleta has announced he will release his brand new pop single “Paralyzed”on August 27, 2019.  “Paralyzed” is the first new music from David since 2017’s “Postcards In The Sky” release.  Fans that sign up for David’s newsletter here: will receive a link to stream the song before the August 27 release date. 
The video for “Paralyzed,” directed by Brian Petchers (Meghan Trainor, Sena, Wiz Khalifa) was shot in Brooklyn, NY at a historic home from the 1700’s called The Lott House and will also premiere August 27 on David’s official YouTube channel: Fans will be able to watch the premiere of the video live that day with David. 
“Paralyzed was a bit of a venting song. I get frustrated watching myself hesitate so much, and not let go of things from the past that I know I should. A lot of those past things are fears, anger, resentment, and I see how they all form excuses in my mind of why I can’t move forward. I watch as missed opportunities fly by and I just do nothing, because I freeze. It gets me so frustrated! This song is the battle with those paralyzing thoughts and I intend to be the victor.” Says David
Cyrus Panganiban
As previously announced, David will hit the road this fall with a 2019 Christmas tour which is sure to feature songs from his 2018 hit holiday album Winter In The Air.  The album featured such hits as “Christmas Every Day” - (which went Top 10 on the Billboard Holiday chart) as well as title track “Winter In The Air” -  with the video featuring World of Dance dancer Cassidy Forsyth and So You Think You Can Dance & World of Dance dancer Ezra Sosa.  David has also been working on new Christmas music and is expected to announce info about that in the coming weeks.
The 2019 tour will kick off November 23 in Utah and weave through such cities as Atlanta, Nashville & Portland among others before winding down on December 23.  Tickets on sale now:
“I’m so excited to announce my 2019 Christmas tour. I had such a blast last year singing so many Christmas classics as well as songs from my two holiday albums.  It’s such a special time of year and I hope you’ll come out and make some new memories with us this year ” Says David
2019 Tour Dates
Richfield, UT
Fairgrounds Hall
Grand Junction, CO
Avalon Theatre
Moab, UT
Star Hall
Flagstaff, AZ
Orpheum Theater
Queen Creek, AZ
Queen Creek Performing Arts Center
Salt Lake City, UT
Snowflake/Show Low, AZ
Show Low High School Auditorium
Albuquerque, NM
John Lewis Performing Arts Theater
San Antonio, TX
Tobin Center for The Performing Arts
Austin, TX
One World Theatre (Early Show)
Austin, TX
One World Theatre (Late Show)
The Woodlands, TX
Dosey Doe
Atlanta, GA
City Winery
Franklin, TN
Franklin Theatre
Franklin, TN
Franklin Theatre
Minneapolis, MN
Portland, OR
Alberta Rose
Pasco, WA
Faith Assembly
Tacoma, WA
Alma Mater
Pocatello, ID
Stephens Performing Arts Center
Logan, UT
Logan High School Auditorium

Follow David Here: