Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Schwing! Jamie "Naked Attraction"

Hi, I'm Jamie.
 Want To See Me Naked?
Here is another find from one of my favorite go to sites Favorite Hunks & Other Things - The UK reality dating show that airs on Channel 4, Naked Attraction.

The premise? Well the person choosing their date picks them by viewing them naked. Unconventional? For sure! Impractical, maybe not so much.

Leave your inhibitions at the door for this one. There was some pretty sweet coverage, more like un-coverage of a schwingable male specimen named Jamie on FH recently which prompted me to watch the show online.

Yeah, I am now hooked. The concept has drawn criticism and praise, OK, mostly the former. The host of the show Anna Richardson is a self professed dipper in the lady pond as well as a lover of man meat. Juicy, either way!

Want to see hunky monkey Jamie in all his full naked glory? Then hit the link below for Tye Briggs SFW coverage and NSFW images and video of him and others on FH and enjoy your Sunday Schwing!

NSFW of Jamie and others exposed at:  

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