Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Schwing! Christian Bale

Lick It Up!
Christian Bale 
For the most part I do not lust after actors I haven't met, or actually have done. I'm more of a realist, however there is one exception that makes my temperature rise. Perfection thy name is Christian Bale.

Christian is not only a top notch actor, but he has this edge to him and looks to kill, literally, well at least on celluloid. Although I love him in many things, including the Batman movies (yes, duh, he was my favorite Batman) he was never more of a sex object to me than he was in one of my all time favorite films American Psycho.

Damn! Bale was smoking as Patrick Bateman. He made killing seem sexy, especially when he went full frontal wielding a chainsaw while covered in blood. Cinematic and arousing.

Thus, of course I sauntered over to my favorite go to site, Favorite Hunks & Other Things and found what I was seeking. My celebrity crush in all his naked glory uncovered by Tye Briggs from one of the most awesome films of all time American Psycho!

Who says murderers aren't hot?

Check out the NSFW link below, schwing a ling a ding dong! 

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