Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sex In Cinema, The Year In Review

The Hunger Games
Nick Jonas
Here I am with one last farewell to 2016, you know I just had to talk about sex didn't you? Well of course you did! 

Tye Briggs over at Favorite Hunks & Other Things always does a thorough job of un-covering the best in male sexuality every year for his Sex In Cinema article. This is about his favorite celebrity skin of the male variety from the past year and I must say Tye has delectable taste and I am sure most of the hunks he un-covers taste that way too.

Normally I am not a fan of the younger set, but I do make an exception for one of Tye's honorable mentions for 2016, Nick Jonas, that's why I ran an oh so hot image of him above. There is something about Nick that makes me want to....never mind.

The piece contains so much hotness it will make your toes curl. I thought today being Hump Day and such, that something juicy would be a terrific way to spend it.

Click on the NSFW link below and enjoy yourself! If you get my drift... 

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