Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Stupid Questions With: "Ponyboy"

Alt-rockers “Ponyboy", Charles McVey & David Zey, are in the house to promote their “Little Dick Demo” by answering my 10 Stupid Questions…are you ready Pony’s? Let’s rock-n-ride!
1. Do you guys know how to pony, like Boney Moroney?

Charles: I don't know what you mean. Is that a George Clooney movie?

David: Yes. I do it all the time with my uncles and step-brothers.

2. What about twist? Do you do it like this?

Charles: Well I like water with a lemon twist, but I think that most people do.

David: Well I’ve certainly played naked Crisco Twister a few times in the woods with my friends, if that’s what you mean.

3. Daddy Issue’s or an issue of Playboy?

Charles: I think it was a daddy's issue of Playboy that revealed the wonders of the female body to me. However, I soon saw a clip from a porno called "Fat Chicks" and it totally turned me queer.

David: My daddy had issues with Playboy. He was always smearing the pictures and getting the pages all stuck together somehow.

4. Ever been too drunk to f#$k?

Charles: I'm too drunk to f#$k right now.

David: I’m too f#$ked to drink.

5. What about kiss?

Charles: Does anyone really kiss anymore? I hear that H.J.s at The Replay are all the rage.

David: I have a strict “no kissing” policy. Put that mouth to better use –

6. Are you always the outsider?

Charles: I would have to say that most of the time I feel like an outsider, but especially when I am outside my house. I am not fond of nature and look forward to a life lived in domes.

David: I love playing outside. I’m kind of a hippie. I drink outside, dance outside, smoke outside, f#$k outside, etc…

7. Do you guys think Adam Levine (of Maroon 5) is hot?

Charles: Yes, who doesn't?

David: What the hell is Maroon 5? If it’s not bear porn I don’t care.

8. How about his “Move Like Jagger” singing partner Christina Aguilera?

Charles: No, I don't like her. What happened to Jenny from the block?

David: She’s a mostly failed attempt at risqué. She could try harder and be much more offensive and in the face about it.

9. What color is God’s skin?

Charles: Crimson and Blue

David: This is a trick question. God does not exist. But if she did, her skin would be candy colored sequins and it would taste like cocaine.

10. Does God really hate your feelings?

Charles: People confuse that song as being a statement against the whole, or something like "God hates everyone's feelings" but that is not what I meant. The song is targeted at a specific individual, not the world. So, I don't think that God hates my feelings, but I know he hates someone's feelings and that person is David Zey.

David: No. But I certainly hate God’s feelings. He’s a great big winey baby and is really self-absorbed and needs all this attention but is really particular about how he gets attention and he always manages to find a way to ruin EVERYONE’S good time. Seriously, f#$k that dude and quit inviting him to our parties.

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  1. So, do you guys play birthday parties or Sunday school sessions?

  2. Which of you is the top or bottom?