Sunday, May 24, 2020

Poolside With Lizzo

A Whole Mood
Summertime and the living is Lizzo! OK, while it's not quite Summer, but it is Memorial Day Weekend, and Lizzo is giving us Pandemic Poolside Fashion.

"Yes" the new normal is here and Lizzo is leading the way with her teeny weeny floral bikini, along with matching gloves and face mask.

Safety and health will is what's in fashion for the sunshine seasons, get used to it and keep yourself and others from harms way.

Welcome to Summer 2020 Minions! Don't let the sun block hit you in the booty on your way out...

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Flamin' Groovies

"Now" and "Jumpin' In the Night" This Summer

The band that played a major role in the evolution of power pop and are considered a forerunner of punk rock readies two of their most popular albums
 This summer they will reissue two classic albums: "Now" on July 10th and "Jumpin' In the Night" on August 7th.

NOW (CD, July 10th)

While it took a long and torturous five years for the Flamin' Groovies to find their way back to an American record deal with Shake Some Action, a year and a half later the band had a follow-up ready, and while 1978's Flamin' Groovies Now isn't quite as cohesive as the album that preceded it, in many respects the band sounds at once tighter and more relaxed, with some time on the road firming up the rhythm section while giving the songs a bit more room to swing (which wasn't one of the strong suits of the British Invasion bands that provided their aural template). The band lost guitarist James Ferrell during the post-Shake Some Action tour, but former Charlatans picker Mike Wilhelm proved to be a more than simpatico replacement on these sessions, and while leader Cyril Jordan didn't come up with another new song as transcendent as "Shake Some Action," "All I Wanted" comes pretty close. But it's significant that most of the songs on Flamin' Groovies Now are covers, and while all of them are played with love, enthusiasm, and the right period flair (especially the Beatles' "There's a Place," Paul Revere & the Raiders' "Ups and Downs," and "Move It," an early U.K. hit for Cliff Richard), they give the album a feeling of being padded, and just because covering the Rolling Stones rarity "Blue Turns to Grey" was a good idea didn't mean the Flamin' Groovies had any business tackling "Paint It Black." All in all, Flamin' Groovies Now is a terrific-sounding record that captures a fine band when it was in great form, but it also makes clear that the gremlins that often dogged the Groovies in the studio (namely their inability to make a 100 percent satisfying album) hadn't gone away.


The third and last of the Flamin' Groovies late-'70s albums for Sire, Jumpin' in the Night storms out of the gate with the title song, a top-shelf rocker that brings the muscle of the Flamingo-era lineup of the Groovies to the more style-conscious British Invasion sonics of Cyril Jordan's version. Though Jumpin' in the Night never rocks that hard or that well again, it does sound decidedly tighter and tougher than 1978's Flamin' Groovies Now, and guitarist Mike Wilhelm, a new addition to the Now lineup, is much better integrated into their wall of guitars, with the Groovies sounding more solid than they did a year before. But while Jumpin' in the Night finds the Flamin' Groovies sounding better than ever, the material unfortunately lets them down. It's no wonder why the Flamin' Groovies loved the Byrds -- both were American bands who fell in love with the sounds of British rock and crafted their own variation on the style -- but three Byrds covers on this album is about two too many (especially given how clunky David Wright's drumming sounds on "5D"), and though having the Groovies tackle "Absolutely Sweet Marie" and "Please Please Me" sounds good on paper, the audible results are a bit underwhelming. (On the other hand, their cover of "Werewolves of London" is better than anyone had a right to expect.) The production and engineering by Roger Bechirian is crisp and flattering to the guitars, but lacks the resonance of Dave Edmunds' more layered approach on Shake Some Action and Now. A great band, the Flamin' Groovies often seemed to have a hard time reconciling their best qualities with the record-making process, and Jumpin' in the Night is probably the best example of this dilemma, though it has more than enough worthwhile moments to compensate. 

Friday, May 22, 2020

Nothing Stays The Same

The Story Of the Saxon Pub
coming to VOD, EST, and DVD on July 14TH
Winner! Best Music Doc - 2019 SXSW

For songwriters, Nashville has The Bluebird Cafe, Los Angeles has the Troubadour, and Austin has The Saxon Pub... A home for the likes of Wille Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Jeff Walker, Rodney Crowell, 
Ray Wylie Hubbard, Stephen Bruton and many more.
Nothing Stays the Same celebrates the last 30 years of live music in Austin, Texas, while also examining the challenges faced by musicians and music venues in one of the fastest-growing and most popular cities in the country, all through the lens of the legendary Saxon Pub.

With iconic venues closing each year due to rising rents and property taxes in the Live Music Capital of the World, the writing is on the wall for the Saxon Pub, a mainstay in live music since 1990. Soon being forced to a new space - akin to closure for most clubs - its owner, its regulars and staff and its beloved musicians such as local luminaries Joe Ely, Bobby Whitlock, Bob Schneider, Patrice Pike, Guy Forsyth, Hector Ward, Carolyn Wonderland, The Resentments, Johnny Nicholas, W.C. Clark, Robynn Shayne and others, turn to face the music until they learn their fate might not be sealed after all.

Call it divine intervention or a stroke of good luck, the Saxon could live to see another day if it plays its cards right...

"...a really beautifully done outstanding film" - Louis Black, SXSW Co-Founder

Universal in its noted in the Austin Chronicle, "There is still something universal about the challenges facing (Saxon) owner/manager Joe Ables and all the regulars - onstage and in the audience", mirroring a  situation found in cities across America (Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Brooklyn, etc) rising rents, property taxes and gentrification of arts districts and the downtown result in clubs closing and artists and musicians being forced to move out of town.

In 2019, Nothing Stays the Same made its world premiere at SXSW and was the "Audience Award Winner" in the 24 Beats Per Second categories. It also won "Best Texas Film" at the 2019 Hill Country Film Festival. That same year the film was nominated for "Best Texas Independent Film" by the Houston Film Critics Society and was an official selection of the Dallas International Film Festival and the Lost River Film Festival.

"...both an exceptional document of a unique Austin venue, anchored by remarkable live footage and artist interviews, and a treatise on maintaining a city's values and priorities amid rapid growth." - Doug Freeman, Austin Chronicle

"Jeff Sandmann's SXSW 2019 Audience Award-winning documentary is just as much a tribute to Austin's musicians as it is to the legendary live music venue established almost 30 years ago in the state capital of Texas." - Joe Friar, Houston Film Critics Society

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Michael's Musings

TBT: Nerdy Boys Need Love Too!
Michael Shinafelt
So let's get something straight on this week's episode of As The Quarantine Turns. Things are never going back to "normal" thus it's time to get to work on your new "normal" - that's correct Minions now is the time to focus, not tune out. On that note, It's time!

All zoom and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

When all else fails ask yourself: What would Olivia Benson do? 

It's all in the flow of the hips

Superheroes wear masks, and so do you

Dorinda Medley on RHONY: I almost became an alcoholic! Me watching: Almost?!

I know what you did last summer...f#cking nothing!!!

Finally saw Joker, I was sure I wasn't going to like it. I was wrong, it wasn't at all what I thought it would be. "Yes" that's a good thing 😉 Joaquin Phoenix deserved that Oscar!

In an ideal scenario the President of the United States and the worst human being in the world would be two different people.

Woman Crush of the Week - Lisa Rinna, because her Pandemic Tik Tok videos are off the hook!

This week's go to catch phrase: Morbidly Obese

I can't wait to be able to start licking things again!

Are you fancy now?
Spill, what's your current mood? Mine is pizza!!!

Tell me your secrets, don't be scared

Here's where you can tell me them:   

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hump Day & Chill

Bottoms Up!
The Queen
This week's Hump Day & Chill is fit for, well, a Queen, or King of your own personal domain, it's yours to choose. That's correct minions you have a choice. Choose wisely and you shall be rewarded...

I hereby present to you the Queen of England toasting to you and yours with a glass of  Windsor Vineyard English Quality Sparkling Wine Chardonnay. Say that three time fast, I double dog dare you.

Did you know the Queen had this wine brand? "Yes" the Queen pimps out her above mentioned wine brand, and quell surprise it regularly sells out

So give a cheer, and give a yell and Hump Day & Chill with the Queen because everyone wants a taste of Royalty, don't they?

Wine like a Queen, here -

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Just Because...Good Vibrations

Feeling Groovy
Patrick Scwarzenegger
Just Because life is tough at present, Just Because an escape is a good thing & Just Because we really need some Good Vibrations at present: Here is Patrick Schwarzenegger hitting the beach in his bathing suit (wished it was his Birthday Suit but I guess one can't have everything can one???)

I know beaches in Southern California are open currently, although I'm not sure what the restrictions are. Lucky for us Patrick decided to cut loose and hit one, whatever the scenario is.

During these times a little eye candy is just what the Dr. ordered, thus low and behold, it shall be...

Now peel that banana and reach for that peach and get to work!

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Monday, May 18, 2020

I Love A Parade!

Today's Your Birthday?
Bella Thorne & Ruby Rose
Even though there will be no Gay Pride Parades come June there will be plenty of  other parades in the form of drive by Birthday Celebrations

"Yes" It's the pandemic thing to do, keep your Social Distance and such. Check out Bella Thorne and Ruby Rose partaking in a drive by celebration.

For who I do not know, they are keeping it on the DL, down low in the age of Covid 19. Someone needs to write a novel with that title and subject matter, Hmmmmmm...

Anyway if you happen to have a Birthday today, be like Bella and Ruby keep it real, and DL.

It's Monday, correct???

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

A Different War


§  Most Politically Charged Album of Heralded Career Due May 29
§  2nd Single, Cheap High, Now Active at Triple A
§  ‘Live from Home’ Streaming Concert to Premiere SUNDAY

“Ms. Cotton testifies to pain, need, revelation and redemption in a voice that’s as raw as it is indomitable.” – The New York Times 

Hailed by The New York Times for music that’s “soulful enough to fill a revival tent,” DANIELIA COTTON has risen again into the light, fiercely and defiantly, with A Different War, her most politically charged album in a widely heralded career.

Set for release May 29 on all major digital platforms through Cottontown Music, the six-song opus finds the “fiery rock vocalist” (American Songwriter), whose voice gives her songs “stunning power” (No Depression), speaking to these extraordinary times by unloading her sin while the world around her is gripped in a turbulent spin. Cotton frames A Different War by confronting race, gender, and wealth − deeply personal and pervasive issues that have plagued folks like her for an eternity.

As the first single, “Forgive Me,” moves up the Triple A charts, the second single“Cheap High,” is now active at radio. The music video will premiere next week. The “Live from Home” Streaming Concert will premiere Sunday (May 17) at 7:30 p.m. EST on Facebook Live.

Additionally praised by Billboard, the Los Angeles Times, NPR, and USA Today, among others throughout her career, Cotton continues to inhabit a song, turning it inside and out to create transcendent music and lyrics, and carry us higher and higher with her in her musical flights. 
It's Danielia!
Chia Messina
A Different War finds the gutsy New Yorker swimming through the tumultuous social issues of racism and greed, and the tempestuous waters of love and relationships. These are songs deeply rooted in the protest anthems of yesterday but built for the current state of our world. A multi-racial, gospel-fueled, Jewish blues-rocker who believes in the power of womanhood, Cotton grew up in a predominantly white New Jersey community as one of just seven black kids in her high school. She has survived cancer and the tragic loss of twins at birth, only to bounce back and finally welcome a daughter in 2018. Cotton’s consistent ability to overcome pain and express it through music shines a light on the issues of the day and shows the world what it's like to fight “A Different War.”

“This is the first album I’ve made that includes songs that are both social and personal,” says Cotton. “On several of these songs I tried to get out of my own head and talk about the world outside. I think about the experiences of my listeners. I like when the listener can jump into a song.”

The title track examines how the reality of people of color getting called into battle as a result of being marginalized informs their entire existence. Featuring a guest appearance by prominent Bronx hip-hop artist Mickey Factz, the song also urges us to press ahead because of the ongoing need for substantive change. “Cheap High” is a stomping rocker that finds Cotton probing our precarious economic situation, speaking to both a personal unhappiness arising from greed, and the dangers of a society mired in economic disparity and despair. The evocative and transporting music of “Forgive Me” mimics the lyrics, which Cotton wrote with her sister, Catherine Fulmer-Hogan, stressing the necessity of forgiveness in any relationship in order for its survival. The fierce feminist anthem “She Too” is a propulsive rocker that rides along a screaming lead solo. Cotton’s bluesy vocals on this track defiantly proclaim not only equality but righteous anger at anyone who wants to silence women for raising their voices in unity against abuse, ill and unequal treatment.

A Different War is a true collaboration with some of the most talented musicians and technicians in the business. From Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors, Joan Osborne, Edie Brickell) on drums, Ben Butler (Sting, George Michael, Chris Botti) on guitar, and Andy Hess (Gov’t Mule, Black Crowes) on bass, to young gun guitarist Emmanuel Rossillo working his first major studio project, the record resonates with innovation and flare. The finishing touches of the brilliant mix provided by Dave O’Donnell (James Taylor, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer) and the mastering of Greg Calbi (numerous hits over the past 20 years) make this record a true meeting of the best of the best.

The evidence is clear on A Different War that DANIELIA COTTON continues to evolve and challenge herself as a musician. Fifteen years since her breakout as an Artist to Watch by influential Philadelphia public radio outlet WXPN, Cotton remains a true indie artist fighting for independence – the space to create her own sound and an audience that would journey with her.

Available May 29 at Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and where music is consumed on-line.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Dreaming Of Smashing Pumpkins On The Blvd...

It's Cherie Currie!
Robert Sebree
Cherie Currie is back with a new solo album produced by Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver).  Blvds of Splendor via Blackheart Records is available here: - 

CLICK HERE to  listen & watch the lyric video to title track, "Blvds of Splendor" which was written by Billy Corgan and features Billy & Cherie sharing vocals.  "Blvds of Splendor" is one of the few tracks on the album to feature a live string section and reckons back to the sounds of Smashing Pumpkins "1979" era. 

Blvds of Splendor  features guest collaborations with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Slash and Duff from Guns N’ Roses, as well as Juliette Lewis, Brody Dalle, The Veronicas and drummer Matt Sorum,  

The special digital only release features three bonus tracks (including a remake of The Runaways classic “Queens of Noise” featuring Brody Dalle, The Veronicas, Juliette Lewis and Matt Sorum paying homage to late Runaways drummer Sandy West).  

View the Queens of Noise Recording Session  

Follow Cherie Currie:
Cherie Currie Official Website: 
Learn more about Cherie and her chainsaw carving here: