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R.I.P. - My Personal Encounter With Susan Tyrrell

Oscar nominated for John Huston's "Fat City" Susan Tyrrell should have won...that being stated the cult actress who was never a household name, career was best described by her Mother to the LA Weekly where Susan recounted her statement: 

“The last thing my mother said to me was, ‘SuSu, your life is a celebration of everything that is cheap and tawdry,’” the actress recalled to writer Paul Cullum, who penned a 2000 profile of Tyrrell for the LA Weekly“I’ve always liked that, and I’ve always tried to live up to it.”

And live up to it she did! With roles in John Water's "Crybaby" as Johnny Depp's Mother and my personal favorite as "Queen Doris of the Sixth Dimension/Ruth Henderson" in Oingo Boingo's "Forbidden Zone". 

SuSu was one of a kind. Oh, and "yes" I did have a personal encounter with this unique and passionate human being. SuSu was friends with Brian Grillo lead singer of the late great homo hardcore Los Angeles based punk/rock band, "Extra Fancy". 
One night my friend Brittney and myself strutted out to a now defunct club, "Temple" in Silverlake, CA to see our "Fancy" guys when what to our wandering eyes did appear standing next to us..."yeppers" Ms. Susan Tyrrell!

We were both bouncing around and loving on the music, when out of the blue, SuSu grabbed me by the collar and said, quite sincerely I might add: "I'm going to chain you down puppy" !

Susan was a lover of life and that will always be my memory of her, hey SuSu, I know you are somewhere amazing ..! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 Seconds With: Bonded By Blood

Bonded By Blood
Southern California has become a hotbed of talented thrash metal acts in recent years, however only one band has the chops to stand out above all others. Only one band has successfully taken the risks necessary to rise above the rest. From Pomona, CA, that band is “Bonded By Blood“.

Here to crack that thrash metal whip is “Bonded By Blood” bassist, Jessie Sanchez!

MS: Growing up did you like metal music a lot?

JS: Yeah, I grew up listening to a lot of punk and thrash metal. A lot of industrial music, I used to be really big into industrial.

MS: Oh really? I really like industrial too, what are some of the bands you are into?

JS: I’m a product of the MTV Generation, I like “Ministry” and “Rammstein” a lot. “Marilyn Manson” was probably what actually was my introduction to industrial.

MS: Musically I like a lot of “Marilyn Manson” but I can’t stand them live. They toured with “Hole” one time was the reason I even saw them.

JS: Oh really?

MS: Courtney Love would just stand on stage with her guitar and be magnetic, and Marilyn Manson did all these theatrics and I was bored out of my mind. It’s funny when I saw you on stage you were great, you are so kick back normally, but on stage!

JS: It’s like an on and off switch. (laughs)

MS: Yeah, it’s called performing, the way you whipped your hair around I kept thinking about that awful Willow Smith song about “whipping your hair back and forth”. (laughs)

JS: (laughs) Well it’s part of the work uniform that’s for sure!

MS: You guys are a good balance on stage. Talk about the “thrash metal revival”.

JS: The first album was a lot more “thrash” then the albums started to get more technical. And now with “Aftermath” which is our third album we are starting to sound more mature. The album coming out is pretty much the debut of the re-vamp of the band, it’s my first time on a “Bonded By Blood” record.

MS: Congrats!

JS: Thanks. The writing process was a different one this time around than the band was used to. It was a lot more laid back, this time, we were really honest with each other if we did not like something. We jammed out riffs and tossed ideas back and forth until we came up with something that we were all satisfied with. I don’t think the group has had that kind of honesty before, people weren’t as comfortable as far as communicating with each other. With the new line-up changes everyone is more comfortable, as we are all approachable people, and not afraid to be honest with each other. As a result of this we have a new record that there is nothing on I would go back and change. I think the whole band is satisfied.

Get "Bonded" at:
"Aftermath" drops July 3rd...!

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Interview: Margaret Cho is a "Lying Pervert"

Margaret on "Drop Dead Diva"
Photo: Kevin Lynch 

It’s a Cho, Cho World - with season four of “Drop Dead Diva” already in full swing & her upcoming comedy tour “Mother” not to mention her too cool for school guest spot as Kim Jong Il on “30 Rock” Margaret Cho is in your face B!tches!

She even caught the attention of the Fred Phelps comedy troupe known as The Westboro Baptist Church, who called her a “Lying Pervert” uh, ok, we Cho fans already knew that, duh!

MS:  Hi “Lying Pervert“.

MC: It’s true, when I read that I was kind of like, well, yes! I think that’s fine.

MS: The Westboro Baptist Church is so over the top, I find the the sh!t they say oddly funny.

MC: It’s really kind of flattering. Once they had a big picture of Elizabeth Taylor with the words “Fag Hag” underneath it. I thought it was just so flattering, some sort of signage for people who support gay rights, it’s really kind of amazing.

MS: BTW I watched the season four premiere of “Drop Dead Diva” you look like you are having a blast on that show!

MC: Yes, I have a really good time and I really love the cast. They are all really talented actors and we have really amazing guest stars all the time, which is a lot of fun. My favorite this year have been, Patty Duke…and I didn’t even get to meet Kim Kardashian, but I guess she is coming back soon, so hopefully I will get to see her. We’re always having all sorts of fun people drop in. It’s a great place to be for shooting “Drop Dead Diva“, Atlanta, GA, people are here everyday. Kathy Griffin just came through this past weekend and that was a lot of fun. It’s a cool place to be and being part of cast for four years and playing a character for four years is really great.

MS: The chemistry between the actors on the show rocks. I did watch the season four premiere before we spoke, Kim Kardashian wasn’t bad actually.

MC: She was good.

MS: Let's talk about your upcoming tour “Mother”.
Photo: Austin Young

MC: I have to put my tour schedule together for six months out of the year, because the other six months I am working on “Drop Dead Diva”. Every once in a while I’ll be able to get out and do a gig, but that’s pretty rare, finally I’m actually getting to go back out on the road. People have talked about my “Mother” impression all throughout my career, I wanted to do a show that was just, full on about her (laughs). It’s also about how I have become a “Mother” for the Queer community, I became a maternal figure within that context. This show is about my Mom, dedicated to Mom’s and about a Mom, which would be me I guess. (laughs)

MS: Do you ever want kids for real?

MC: No, no, I mean it is a possibility, it’s important to think, that even if I am not an actual “Mother” I still have to be there for Queer/LGBT young kids. You have to be there as an adult figure within the Queer community. We all have to do that it’s an important thing. In my generation I lost a lot of people that I looked up to in the Queer community. People that are “Generation X’ers” have to have much more of a parental influence to bridge that gap.

MS: There are plenty of people that I do that with. Since we were on the subject of  Mom’s I had never really asked you if you wanted to become one, so I had to go there.

MC: You sort of become one by default, in the sense that when you age and get older you just become a kind of a “Mother” even if you don’t literally have child, you have one, we all do.

MS: I caught your guest stint on “30 Rock” as North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il, you played a guy, but it really worked.

MC: Oh yeah, it was insane because I looked just like him. When I went outside, I was standing there in the bald cap and the wig…I got cruised by this hot older Bear. He thought I was a hot young Asian Bear, I’m like: “ I just got “Bear Cruised” - but I could not follow through on it exactly because I am sure he did not know I was a woman. (laughs)

MS: Yeah, I did not recognize it was you right off.

MC: It’s so crazy how much I look like him, it’s really scary.

MS: Tina Fey said it was one of her proudest moments on the show, having you on as Kim Jong Il, how cool is that?

MC: I really love her and am so proud to have been on the show and have played that character, I am actually North Korean. To be from there and to be isolated from my family because of this dictator, and to be able to make fun of him is a great thing, but it is also pretty sad too, it’s a weird situation.

MS: When he died what were your thoughts?

MC: I was hoping there would be some sort of a change, that it would be time for that country to open up, but that hasn’t happened obviously it has gotten a bit worse. There is less contact, less communication and less scrutiny.

MS: How’s your music going?

MC: I will be doing some music on “Drop Dead Diva” this year.

MS: Very cool!

MC: Also I am so excited to go out on tour as well!

MS: Out of everything you do is touring your favorite?

MC: Touring is and will always be my favorite job! I really love stand-up.

Margaret Cho is not a “Lying Pervert” keep up with her at:

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Chris Rene Loves "Trouble"

"X-Factor" winner Chris Rene is finally dropping his new single  this coming Tuesday June 26, 2012.

The song titled "Trouble" is from his forthcoming CD release this September.

Check it out on this lyric video below - T.G.I.F!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Colton Rudloff of "Midnight Red" Gets Random

Boys will be boys, and “Midnight Red” is here to prove it. In the boy band tradition of The “Back Street Boys” & “New Kids On The Block“, who they opened for on tour. This group of exciting and talented young men are carrying on this pop tradition torch.

Hot on the heels of their EP “One Club At A Time” and their own tour as well “Midnight Red” is dropping, what is sure to be the pop anthem of the summer “Hell Yeah”.

So, let's get random with band member, Colton Rudloff.

MS: OK, I am going to throw out 10 random things for you and you saw the first thing that pops into your mind.

CR: Oh, OK, so like a word association?

MS: Yeah.

CR: Let’s do it!

MS: YouTube

CR:  YouTube covers

MS: Midnight Red

CR: Amazing Boy Band

MS: Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah

CR: Dancing naked on Hollywood & Highland

MS: Pure Singing

CR: You got that from me!

MS: Yes I did
Colton Rudloff

CR: Pure singing: Adele

MS: Buffalo, NY

CR: Great People
MS: Kelly Clarkson

CR: The perfect pop idol

MS: Boy Bands

CR: Never gone and never going to

MS: Hard Rock Café

CR: Stepping stone

MS: Lip synching

CR: Some people are too good at it

MS: Hell Yeah

CR: The 2012 Summer Anthem

MS: Got it, thank you.

CR: No, thank you man, thanks for the support

"Hell Yeah" the anthem of the summer drops tomorrow June 19th 2012!

Get Red at:
Twitter: @itsMidnightRed

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Hey Durbinators: James Durbin Tour Updates

James at The Viper Room
James Durbin Announces New Summer Tour Dates with Buckcherry, Drowning Pool and more
“Higher Than Heaven” scores 600% sales increase
June  2012- Los Angeles, CA – American Idol finalist James Durbin, who hit the road earlier this Spring on his first-ever national tour in support of hisWind-Up Records debut album  Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster, has just announced new Summer dates to run through August with bothBuckcherry and Drowning Pool.

Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster has sold over 100,000 units, while his latest single,  “Love Me Bad,” hit the Top 30 on the Hot AC chart. Over 15 million people tuned in to watch James’ recent performance of fan favorite “Higher Than Heaven” on  American Idol  which resulted in sales of the single jump
ing over 600% and catapulting the song into the top 5 on iTunes. Click here to watch the incredible live performance: <> 

James and his band have now shared the stage with everyone from Evanescence to Steel Panther to Judas Priest. Durbin's new dates with Buckcherry and Drowning Pool in
clude stops in Canada, several dates across America (including a free outdoor show in Kansas City and a stop at the Ridge Festival in Chicago) and an outdoor show in Los Angeles on August 10th at Universal City Walk. 

Tour dates

6-29-  TACOMA , WA – Hell’s Kitchen- Headline
 7-03 - BRANDON, MANITOBA - Houston’s with Buck Cherry
 7-04 - PRINCE ALBERT, SASK  - Art Hauer Center with Buck Cherry
 7-05 - SASKATOON, SASK  Odeon with Buck Cherry
 7/10 - SOUTH BEND, IN  - Club Fever with Drowning Pool
7-12- LANSING, MI -  The Loft - Headline
  - KC Live Power and Light Dist.  with Buck Cherry
 7-14 - CHESANING, MI – Showboat Rockfest- festival
 7-15 – NEWPORT, KY – Thompson House with Drowning Pool
  - George’s Majestic – with Drowning Pool
 7/18 - TEXARCANA, AR  - Shooter’s – With Drowning Pool
 7-19 - MIAMI, OK  - Buffalo Run – With Drowning Pool
 08/10 - UNIVERSAL WALK – headline

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Boys Will Be Boys: "Hell Yeah" Midnight Red

Description: Copy of MidnightRed_white
Description: Hell Yeah Final
The boys are dropping their new single "Hell Yeah" this coming Tuesday be on the lookout for my exclusive interview with band member, Colton Rudloff for the music site and of course an "Entertain Me" exclusive as well...It must be summertime...! 

 As the massive popularity of acts such as The Jackson 5New Kids on the BlockBoyz II MenBackstreet Boys and *NSYNC can attest, people can’t resist the simple pleasure of talented young guys singing together – and it doesn’t hurt if they’re not bad to look at either. Enter Midnight Red, a new group of exciting performers from across the country who are carrying on that legacy by bringing outstanding harmonies and electrifying dance moves to the pop landscape.

The buzz on Midnight Red was so strong that they were selected as the opening act for the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys co-headlining tour last Summer based on the strength of their digital EP One Club At A Time on 2101 Records/Kings of L.A. Entertainment/Interscope Records.  After wowing audiences across America while on tour with NKOTBSB, as well as their own club dates, the guys are now gearing up for the national launch of their first single, “Hell Yeah” from their forthcoming full-length CD release.

Hell Yeah,” produced by acclaimed hit maker RedOne (Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj) is an up-in-your-face electronic splash of pop with a driving club beat that will get you out on the dance floor. Arjanwrites.comsays "Hell Yeah!" is a hit-savvy tune by a promising new pop act that is, quite frankly, too irresistible to be denied.”   

Hell Yeah” will be available on iTunes and all other digital outlets on June 19. 
Click here to listen to "Hell Yeah" on Buzznet:  

While it seems everyone is talking about the recent British Invasion - take note of the recent popularity of One Direction and The Wanted - RedOne unleashes the USA's best kept secret with Midnight Red's "Hell Yeah." The group also stands out by bringing a surplus of solid dance tracks to their live shows.  No matter where they perform, it's always their goal to make people want to get up and feel the beat, as evidenced by the amazing reception the group received at Universal City Walk last month.
Click here to view the footage of the guys performing “Hell Yeah” at Universal City Walk:
Midnight Red is:

Joey Diggs Jr., 22, from Los Angeles, CA, who says his father, a singer who is best known as the voice behind Coca-Cola’s “Always” campaign jingle, taught him everything he knows. Says Joey; “I’m ready to show the world what it means to chase a dream and work hard to make that dream become reality.”

Thomas Augusto, 21from Arlington, TX, was called the “little entertainer because “my parents could never shut me up,” he says. A fan of Beyonce, Radiohead, and No Doubt, Thomas has spent years dreaming about being on a huge stage doing what he loves to do. “There were always pyrotechnics in my daydreams, so I know I am on the right track!” he says.

Eric Secharia, 20, from Burbank, CA, describes himself as a “hipster” whom you’ll never catch not smiling. Eric, who has been singing since age 6, and dancing since age 12, plays guitar and cites Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson as his main musical influences. “They are two people who truly stood out as performers that mastered their craft and used it to change the world,” he says.

Colton Rudloff, 23, from Buffalo, NY, was selected as Midnight Red’s fifth member after being discovered through videos he had posted on YouTube. A huge fan of American Idol, Colton credits the show for exposing him to many different genres of music. “I lean toward artists who have a passion for pure singing,” he says. “There’s no need for all the smoke and mirrors if you have a great voice.”

Anthony Ladao, 20, from Seattle, WA, is the “baby” of the group, and has been dancing since the age of 6 and singing since the age of 12. Seeing Usher perform at the MTV Video Music Awards first sparked his interest in dance and “from there it became my passion,” he says.

Midnight Red was formed in 2009 through the efforts of veteran A&R executive, and Kings of LA label founder, Pete Farmer and super producer RedOne, who brought the group to Interscope Records.
# # #
Twitter: @itsMidnightRed

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For Immediate Release: Swans

It's time to duck your head under water and bring it back up....the Swans are back...!

Industrial legends SWANS release a new double CD studio album The Seer 
August 28, 2012

Recorded at Studio P4 and Andere Baustelle in Berlin, by Kevin McMahon and
at Marcata Studio, Gardiner, NY, by Kevin McMahon. Additional recording at
Trout Recording, Brooklyn, NY, engineer: Bryce Goggin. Mixed by Kevin
McMahon at Marcata. Produced by Michael Gira.

SWANS: Michael Gira - voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica,
casio, sounds; Norman Westberg – electric guitar, voice; Christoph Hahn –
lap steel guitars; electric guitar, voice; Phil Puleo – drums, percussion,
hammer dulcimer, voice; Thor Harris – drums, percussion, orchestral bells,
hammer dulcimer, handmade violin thing, vibraphone, piano, clarinet,
voice; Christopher Pravdica – bass guitar, voice, incredible handshake.
Honorary Swan: Bill Rieflin – piano, organ, electric guitar, acoustic
guitar, drums, percussion, casio, synthesizer, bass guitar, voice, bird

SPECIAL GUESTS INCLUDE : Al and Mimi of Low - (co-vocals with MG on
Lunacy); Karen O – (lead vocal on Song for a Warrior); Jarboe –
(background vocals on Piece of the Sky and The Seer Returns); Akron/Family
– (background vocals on Piece of the Sky)… (many more guests)

“The Seer took 30 years to make. It’s the culmination of every previous
Swans album as well as any other music I’ve ever made, been involved in or
imagined. But it’s unfinished, like the songs themselves. It’s one frame
in a reel. The frames blur, blend and will eventually fade.

The songs began on an acoustic guitar, then were fleshed out with
(invaluable) help from my friends, then were further tortured and seduced
in rehearsals, live and in the studio, and now they await further
cannibalism and force-feeding as we prepare to perform some of them live,
at which point they’ll mutate further, endlessly, or perhaps be discarded
for a while.

Despite what you might have heard or presumed, my quest is to spread light
and joy through the world. My friends in Swans are all stellar men.
Without them I’m a kitten, an infant. Our goal is the same: ecstasy! “

Monday, June 11, 2012

TV Watch: "They're Back" Pretty Little Liars

Bring your "A" game b!tches! "PLL" is back...can I get a "Hey now"? This show rocks and continues to do so season after season.

OK - when we left off with the "Psycho" inspired finale from last season, Mona was revealed as "A" - well as we know now (uh, or at least you should) there is a whole conspiracy surrounding our "Liars".

I still believe Alison DiLaurentis is alive and well and giving the girls Hell. Maybe I am wrong, but there is obviously other enigma's involved in the grand scheme of things.

Yeah, OK, I am sorry to see Emily has now gone alcoholic - I always thought her to be so strong, and WTF with Spencer is she in on the "A" game...that would account for a lot if one of the "liars" was working to bring down the others.

Hanna is, well Hanna - I like her and I would be wanting to know why Mona hated me too. Aria (love her) continues to fascinate me as a very young woman, with an old soul, kudos to Holly Marie Combs for her wise portrayal of her mother (hey not all Mom's are that savvy).

 Also a shout out to some of the smartest writing and one of the best casts ever. Can't wait for episode deux, so glad it's back...just in time for summer!

"Summertime and the livin' is easy"........

Friday, June 8, 2012

TV Watch: Lindsay Lohan Takes On Taylor

Lindsay Lohan & Grant Bowler as Taylor & Burton
Alright people, it's time I chimed in on this, everyone seems to be down on Lindsay Lohan's casting as icon Elizabeth Taylor.

First off we have not seen her actual performance, so STFU until you do, then judge. That being said Lohan has proven herself a credible actress, of course I could site one of my fave movies of all time "Mean Girls" and as a matter of fact I just did....but let's go to this place "Prairie Home Companion" anyone? Where she played Meryl Streeps daughter and held her own against the amazing Meryl, thank you very much.

Now let's address those who think Lindsay is not "classy" enough to play Elizabeth Taylor. Like Taylor, Lindsay is human and has made many mistakes along the way, what Elizabeth Taylor does not walk on water?!

Uh, no actually, she was human too just like Linds, which is why I think Lindsay is going to bring it on in her portrayal.

The real Taylor & Burton

They were both child actresses, no easy path, from other examples we have seen in the media, besides Ms. Lohan.

Elizabeth Taylor was a pariah during her time too for her adulteress affair with then married Richard Burton.

Dear Elizabeth also abused alcohol and prescription pills, most likely even up to her later years, anyone remember her loopy presentation on the Golden Globes to "Gladiator" for Best Picture?

I am certainly not one to live in a glass house and throw stones like most people, nor do I have a selective memory, like the masses, I do remember all of these things about Ms. Taylor that everyone else seems to be choosing to ignore in favor of America's favorite pastime, Lindsay bashing.

That being stated, I think Elizabeth Taylor was a great broad and her kindness and humanitarian efforts will be her legacy. We are all human and flawed and Lindsay is no exception, I hope she nails the role of a Lifetime (yes, pun intended) and gets herself back on track.

Elizabeth's legend will continue to shine, why not give Ms. Lohan the same chance to re-invent her life?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Stupid Questions: Marv Blauvelt

Former competition bodybuilder, Marv Blauvelt did what most "formers" do re-invent himself. Marv took his love of the horror genre and made it his reality.

With fright films such as "Beef...You Are What You Eat" and "Sculpture"under his belt, Marv is back to make you scream with "Psycho Street" - the founder of his own production company "Muscle Wolf" has agreed to go from scary to "stupid" - OK Marv, let's go..!

MS: Can you tell me how to get to “Psycho Street”?

MB: Take a multitude of hallucinogenic drugs....then watch David Cronenberg's early work ('Shivers", "Rabid" "The Brood" etc.) along with Stuart Gordon's "From Beyond" and a couple of episodes of "Desperate Housewives",..after viewing, proceed to take all of your clothes off, cover yourself in goat blood, grab an ax, and begin to walk down any street...doesn't really matter where you are,after all of that, you will really be on "PSYCHO STREET"!!!

MS: Is it “Seame Street” adjacent?

MB: Only if you are a murderous, mentally deranged, incestuous, Satanic pedophile...

MS: Have you ever seen a “Green Monster”?

MB: I have never SEEN a "Green Monster" but I am told I become a huge, raging one when I am angry....don't make me wouldn't like me when I am angry....

MS: What about a plaid one?

MB: I think if something presents itself in all "Plaid", it probably is not a "Monster" , but something possessed by the" Demon of "BAD FASHION SENSE"....unfortunately, this "Demon" is VERY powerful...particularly here in the Mid-west!!

MS: Machete or knife?

MB: Depends, Machete if I am in the woods, wearing my casual Hockey mask and "crashing" a camp full of teenagers... Knife when I am wearing my White William Shatner mask "crashing" a house full of babysitters.....AHHH there is a weapon and mask for every occasion!!

Marv & His Trusty Chainsaw

MS: What’s a “Muscle Wolf”?

MB: A "Muscle Wolf" is a close cousin to the "LYCAN'....but much more developed in their bodies muscularity....and way more vicious and unpredictable in there temperament...even though they are in the same species...MUSCLE WOLVES can come from different backgrounds, like the adult entertainment industry, the Indie horror genre, or even from a top reality show....and they can also look very different...they can appear massive, with flowing dark mane....or more of a "Compact muscularity" , with a "Blondish coat".....there is even reports of HUGE "Identical twin" Muscle Wolves being spotted at conventions and as you see, the species is quite diverse, but every indication shows that it is growing in number, power and popularity...and some say, will rise very quickly in popularity and success!!! 

MS: How often do you have to feed one?

MB: The main part of the MUSCLE WOLF's diet is protein...lots and lots of protein....the MUSCLE WOLF must consume MASSIVE amounts of protein daily (every 2-3 ours in fact) to maintain the "tight" appearance in it's clothing, especially in the chest, arms, upper legs and ass area...with-out this "appearance" the MUSCLE WOLF would just be your average, everyday run-of-the-mill wolf...and that would cut it's "Uniqueness" and "recognition" way down considerably!!

MS: If you were a “Sculpture“, what kind of sculpture would you be?

MB: Well....I would NOT be a Sculpture who uses the flesh of my Gym rat friends to create my "Masterpiece"!! (Like in the movie!!)!...I actually think I would Sculpt in Play-do...I LOVED that stuff as a kid...and the neon colors are AWESOME...a fun day of Play-do would be just like being 8 again...YES!!! 

MS: Do you eat “Beef”?

MB: Yes, I do eat "BEEF" on occasion...some days I prefer Beef, some days I prefer chicken or seafood....just depends on my particular "taste" at the time!

MS: Naked or clothed?

MB: Definitely Naked!! 

Get Naked With Marv At:

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10 Seconds With: Vassy

Australian native, Vassy Karaglorgos wants you to have a “Beautiful Day” with her new album.

“Beautiful Day” is a pop parade of giddy proportions, from a singer/songwriter who has melodies constantly on her brain.

So, pull up a chair, it’s time to get Vassy!

MS: Looking over your materials I was really impressed you had a song in “Cabin in the Woods” by the way.

Vassy: Oh, Thank You.

MS: I’m a horror movie freak, are you into that?

Vassy: Ya know, I’m not a big horror fan, but it was really cool that they wanted my song.

MS: “Desire” was a naughty little song. What makes you want to do fizzy dance pop?

Vassy: Well I’m versatile, “Beautiful Day” has that vibe about it.

MS: OK, but I want to know why. I looked at the video for your acoustic song “Fallen” which is so great and different than the vibe of your album, what drew you to this?

Vassy: Being an artist that’s kind of what I do. Sometimes I feel like doing this, and sometimes I feel like doing that. Ya know there’s no rules, we eat different food everyday, when you’re an artist you just create.

MS:  I wasn’t trying to put you on the spot, after hearing some of your edgier material I was curious what propelled you to this type of music.

Vassy: Oh no, it’s cool, you’re not putting me on the spot, I’m just not sure how to answer that question. (laughs)

MS: Your choir teacher in High School told you, you couldn’t sing, uh, OK, tell me about that.

Vassy: Well, I was in the High School choir and was told I couldn’t sing, then years later that teacher heard me singing on a national radio station and ended up writing an apology letter which is kind of funny.

MS: Too funny that you were written an apology.

Vassy: Uh huh, I was kicked out of High School Choir and was told I couldn’t sing and when you’re a kid that’s very disheartening. But I just took it and went: “OK, cool” instinctively I knew I was a leader and not a follower.

Kiss yourself some Vassy at:

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10 Seconds With: Hayla

Multi-Cultural Singer/Songwriter Hayla, whose current dance hit “I’m Free” was written in support of an ex-boyfriend she found in bed with another man.

Hayla was raised by two lesbian moms and is the daughter of a gay hairstylist, Hayla had her first number one hit at seventeen.

After experiencing prejudice during her youth Hayla’s message is a simple one: “Love and Compassion”

It’s time for the one and only Hayla!

MS: How are you this morning?

Hayla: Amazing!

MS: I was giving a listen to “I’m Free” just before you called I love the multi-cultural influence in your music.

Hayla: Really? Oh that’s awesome, I bet you have some musical talent.

MS: Actually I do have a background in music.

Hayla: Your comment made me think you did. I really hope you are going to come to the show at Los Angeles Pride on Saturday June 9th.

MS: I’m planning on being there.

Hayla: Yay! It’s going to be amazing! I’m headlining and will be on at 8:30. I’m going to have four hot male dancers, you are going to love them! (laughs) They are absolutely amazing, and Marco Marco is designing out clothes…I will also be performing with a live band, amazing people, really, I couldn’t ask for more.

MS: Speaking of Gay Pride, the background story for your song “I’m Free” is certainly interesting.

Hayla: Can you believe that? The funny story is, with the background I came from, that I didn’t figure it out. (laughs) That my boyfriend was….

MS: Gay? (laughs)

Hayla: No, no he’s Bi, he’s Bi (laughs)

MS: Well Pride is a great place for you to perform given your parental background.

Hayla: Oh yeah, and Mom’s going to be at the concert she’s flying in from Israel. This will be the first time she is really coming out of the closet, for real.

Check out Hayla at Los Angeles Gay Pride on the main stage Saturday June 9th at 8:30

Follow her on the Internet at:!/haylaofficial