Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebrate Marriage Equality !

Love is Love
"Sometimes, there's so much beauty in the world - I feel like I can't take it, like my heart is just going to cave in" - Ricky Fitts "American Beauty"

June 26, 2013 - will go down in history as the day the most beautiful thing in the world conquered all...LOVE!

Yes, The Supreme Court of The United States of America ruled that DOMA, The Defense Of Marriage Act, which bans same sex marriages is unconstitutional. Way to go Supreme Court, High Five!

This overturns Proposition 8 which passed by a very narrow margin and banned same sex marriages in the state of California.

Civil Rights are for everyone, not just who someone chooses to dole them out to. Gay people pay taxes like everyone else, yet they were being treated second class. 

So being a supporter of Civil Rights for all, I attended the celebration rally in honor of this historic day held in West Hollywood, CA. 

There was an amazing energy and feeling of victory in the air, and most important, I was surrounded by LOVE!

In pride and celebration I took photos, of the event and people at it. A special thanks to the Female couple featured above who allowed me to take their photo and use it.

 Scattered among my amateur photography I asked friends and favorites of "Entertain Me" to chime in with their thoughts...Experience the LOVE!
White Wedding

"Kind of spectacularly awesome! But there are going to be so many more crock pots to buy! Time to buy stock in Bed Bath N Beyond"! #loveislove - Actress/Writer/Singer Traci Lords

"I didn't get married to get state or federal benefits. I got married because Michael Briggs has healed, loved and nurtured me in ways that are beyond words. That said, knowing that our marriage is federally recognized is amazing, something we never would have imagined 10/2/10. I am humbled by everyone's hard work to accomplish. Simply amazing". - Singer/Songwriter Tom Goss

"History is on our side and Equality is within our reach! A monumental day for Gay Rights"! 
- Singer/Sogwriter Aiden Leslie
We Made National News!

"I'm so proud to live in America-now more than ever- and to celebrate equality for all. Thanks to Edie Windsor for showing us that even one person can make a profound difference in the lives of many to come. LOVE is EVERYTHING"!  - Pop Princess Shara Strand

"Fuck yeah, its about time" - Punk Princess Ariel Beez

"Yeehoo that is just the way it should be...We must progress even more"! - Actress/Singer/Songwriter EG Daily

"Truly, truly thrilled for so many of my close friends today & all gay couples across our nation. HUGE step in the right direction. Equality for ALL Period"! - Singer/Songwriter Debby Holiday

"Progress always wins!"#LoveIsLove - Singer/Songwriter/Owner Sea to Sun Records Sylvia Tosun

"It's an historic day! Congrats to all my friends who can finally marry the one they love! Equality, finally!" - Actress/ Lead Singer "The Runaways" Cherie Currie

The Roar of the Crowd
"After nineteen years..NINETEEN YEARS..JoeDietl and I finally have the same rights as everyone else. So many friends I wish were still alive to see this. What an amazing day! Thanks to all who have fought so hard to make this happen" - "Where The Bears Are" Ben Zook

"Goodbye and good riddance, DOMA and DUMMER!  Thanks for the memories"... Americana With Twisted Roots Group "The Drews"

"It's an historic day for all Americans who regardless of their sexual orientation, value equal rights and opportunities for all." - Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin "Win The Diet War With Dr. Nina"

Speech! Speech! Speech!

"We've been so inspired with marriage equality passing earlier in our home state of Rhode Island and now with the overturning of the marriage ban in our current state, California. We have a new song we're working on about everyone being equal on the dance floor and just launched a Kickstarter for it. There's still a lot of work to be done in this world for equality but we're feeling very optimistic today" DJ/Songwriter/Performers "The Perry Twins"

"I'm crying tears of joy for this moment - we are closer to marriage equality than we have ever been. I'm proud of my community and proud of this country. I'm also getting excited about being able to perform ceremonies again"Actress/Comedian Margaret Cho

Find out more about Marriage Equality at The Human Rights Campaign:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Darlene Love: 20 Feet From Stardom

Darlene Love
"Backup singers live in a world that lies just beyond the spotlight. Their voices bring harmony to the biggest bands in popular music, but we've had no idea these singers are or what lives they lead, until now" -
So goes the IMDB synopsis for the Documentary "20 Feet From Stardom" starring one of my favorite people Darlene Love, who jumped those "20 Feet" and became a star and legend that was recently inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame.
Love has been called the "world's most famous backup singer," but has also appeared on Broadway and in films — most notably as Trish Murtaugh in all four "Lethal Weapon" films. " She hosts a Christmas special in New York City every year, and Harper Collins released her new novel, "My Name is Love," on June 4. She's currently performing in an Australian production of "FAME" as the musical's lead performer.
"People in the biz always give you a lot of lip service about what you should do, but when it comes time to put the bucks down on the table everybody disappears" - Darlene Love
This is an excerpt from and interview I did with Ms. Love about her upcoming (and out now) CD "Concert of Love"- you can read it here:
The movie has received glowing reviews and I for one can not wait to go this week with some comp tickets I got courtesy of Deep Dish!
check out the one and only Darlene Love at:
Find out where "20 Feet From Stardom" is playing near you at: 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

R.I.P: James Gandolfini

The news that James Gandolfini had died of a heart attack yesterday in Italy caught everyone by surprise. Mainly because the Emmy Award winning actor for his signature role of Tony Soprano on "The Sopranos" was only fifty-one years old.

Although I have never seen "The Sopranos" - I know, my friends tell me I should and that they are sure I would like it, so now I will. There are plenty of other things I have seen Mr. Gandolfini in, and he was always  one of the if not the only highlight.

I will never forget seeing him playing a gay Hit Man, Winston Baldry in the really lame Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts vehicle "The Mexican". The role was like Tony Soprano with a twist, James got to demonstrate a distinctive and sharp comedic flair.

So if you will excuse me I have a lot of catching up to do and am off to watch "The Sopranos" now...

Tony Soprano: Retarded? What if Jerry Lewis heard you talkin' like that?

James on IMDB:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6/19/2013: Margaret Cho Co-Hosts "The View"

Hey all you Cho Ho's out there, heads up! "Entertain Me" friend & favorite Margaret Cho will be co-hosting "The View" tomorrow morning June 19, 2013 - the original women on the verge of a ....fill in your own blank, show (Hey "The Talk" is a copycat people)

Our Lady of the Cho will go head to head and trade wits, and articulate opinions  with, none other than Barbara Walters & Whoopi Goldberg. I would have included Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck in that statement, but you have to possess the two abovementioned qualities which neither of those women can claim.

Margaret could eat those two for lunch one hand tied behind her back with a blindfold on! Hey, but it will be interesting in seeing how she navigates the needy. Even more so how she actually interacts with two women who are her intellectual peers.

So all you Ho's out there say "Hey"! and Tivo, Record or watch "The View" L-I-V-E with the formidable and always opinionated Ms. Cho, it's going to be a bumpy and interesting ride....!

For More Info On "The View" :

For All Things Margaret:

Monday, June 17, 2013

On Tour: Message To Venus

The "M2V" Guys!

Finally! After years of playing local type gigs, Message to Venus is hitting the road for a really big tour...!

The tour will cover 19 States and 30 Cities in the U.S.! Yes, 2013 is the year for "M2V".

Jandre Nadal Lead Vocals/Guitar of "M2V" stopped by "Entertain Me" to give me this quote about the groups mega 2013 activity:

"We have invested so much as a band, mental and physical preparations, sacrificing everything in our personal lives. We have the mind set and the talent, we just need the exposure.We are going to be big and we know it"!

Yes, Jandre this writer agrees. I first heard of the band and chatted with Jandre in May 2012 for Chorus & Verse, oh, you can cut to that full length interview here...

Oh, look it's a cool "M2V" logo!

Speaking with Mr. Nadal and hearing the bands music, I knew then everything he just told all of you above is 100% accurate and, he speaks the truth. Can I get an amen?

"M2V" kicks off their tour this Thursday June 20th 2013 in St. Petersburg, FL with opener Dead Fish Handshake in tow.

To keep up with them check out their website for currently scheduled tour venues and future ones at:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes

I just found out about this group, love them...!




"In the era of Auto-Tune and prepackaged pop stars, Australian band Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes is a refreshing dose of real, raw talent, plus showmanship skills to boot."
--Marcy Medina, WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY-WWD (5/24/13)

Entertainment Tonight online has world premiered of “Vicious Cycle,” the new video from CLAIRY BROWNE & THE BANGIN’ RACKETTES.  Check it here:

In other online news, frontwoman CLAIRY BROWNE says her influences ranging from Etta James to David Lynch. 

The Australian group recently released their debut album BABY CAUGHT THE BUS on
Vanguard Records (May 21). Already breakout stars in their native Australia, the group which Scott Simon of NPR called “Rich in harmony...” (5/25) is taking the U.S. by storm. The album--rooted in old-school R&B and soulre-imagined for today-- debuted at #5 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart, #1 on the iTunes R&B Albums ChartTop 15 on theiTunes Overall Albums Chart, #2 on Amazon “Movers & Shakers” and #7 on the Amazon Overall Albums Chart. In its first week at radio, their single “Love Letter” was the #1 Most Added at Triple A Radio with airplay at Alternative stations across America as well. Expect the group to announce a late summer U.S. tour soon.
About Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes:
Formed in 2009 over a mutual love of early rhythm n’ blues records and rock n’ roll, singer-songwriter Clairy Browne and her harmonizing group of rogue musicians The Bangin’ Rackettes began rehearsing in an abandoned coffin factory called “The Pound” in the suburbs of Melbourne. Together the nine-piece band has come a long way thrilling both festival and U.S. club crowds alike with their young take on old-school soul, rhythm and blues, jazz and doo-wop which plays a large part in their broad multi-generational appeal.Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes--Clairy Browne (vocals), Camilla (vocals), Loretta Miller (vocals),  Ruby Jones (vocals), Jules “Crazy Legs” Pascoe (bass guitar), Darcy McNulty (baritone sax), Gabriel Strango (Piano), Peter Bee (guitar) and Ricky Martyn(drums).

Check those "Rackettes" out at: 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Marie Parie Scores An "Alien Victory"

"Sweet Dreams" - Marie Parie
Parisian born singer/songwriter Marie Parie has always believed in her higher alien power. Raised by two Catholic Priests in France Ms. Parie has always identified herself as a alien resident on the Planet Earth.

Her first album "Alien Victory" drops this week. In the world according to Marie scoring this victory has multilevel meanings. The first and foremost one is, understanding the alien power within in us all and letting it guide you when you are unsure of where you should lead.

So, let's hear it from the self described gay man in a woman's body Ms. Marie Parie!

MS: Marie I know you think of yourself as an alien I'm guessing that's why your debut album is titled: "Alien Victory".

MP: Well, yeah (laughs) I believe there is a part of all of us that is an alien. That's where I come from, and the victory is that every single human being is capable of overcoming any situation.

                                                              Dating C'est Toc

MS: So how long has your debut been in the works?

MP: A year.

MS: That's pretty standard. The alien theme is something that runs through all of your music including your hit song "Dating".

MP: When I was a child I was always calling myself and alien, and extraterrestrial. This is a thought that would always be in my mind and I had no idea why.

MS: I assume you will include your biggest hit "Dating" on the album.

MP: Of course! There is the English version and we did a French version. We wanted to combine the French and the American on the album. The heavy bass and heavy drums are American style, but melodic part of it is European style.

MS: Bringing the American and European version together on one album is an "Alien Victory" all it's own.

MP: I've always been fascinated with the "Two Sisters" relation between France and America, they have always been inside of each other in history. For example if you go to Normandy, FR there is so much American heritage there and if you go to Louisiana, USA there is so much French heritage. I've always thought how powerful it is to join two worlds together. Uniting two worlds, it's a victory, but to do that you need an alien force. There are so many layers to my album, but there is also the mystery of the alien world which I believe in. On all the planets there are creatures, and we are all part of each other, we are all one.

MS: I like that.

MP: On a personal psychological aspect of it, every person feels alienated for one reason or another. Because it is hard to comprehend this thing called a human. We place limits on ourselves as human beings and we have unlimited potential. In society it is hard to be accepted or belong, or feel like you are a part of something. There are a lot of layers on my album in regard to this, it brings it altogether it goes through all the emotions you could never imagine. It's my "Alien Victory" (laughs).

MS: OK, Marie break down your "Alien Victory" for everyone.

MP: Well it starts with "Dating" your dating right now and it feels good inside. Then it goes to "Playground" because the first stages of dating are all fun.

MS: They are.

MP: "Playground" represents the mixture of danger and fun that "Dating" starts.

Another Day In The Alien World = Victory!
MS: So Marie, how does it all go from here? Will I like the ending to this novel?

MP: After those two stages you are facing the darkness and the light, it brings you to your beauty and your power. The alien in you gets you to do all of these things and you think: "Wow, I'm a miracle"!

MS: The suspense is killing me. How does it end?! Grrrrrrrrrrrrl please!

MP: There is "Lie To Me" the darkness has taken over. (laughs)

MS: Stop, been there done that, I could probably write that song.(laughs)

MP: "Lollipop" is when you become sexual again, you become a sex diva.

MS: Oh, here is my area of expertise. (laughs)

MP: So when you take your sexuality and get a hold of it, you become empowered again. So now you become like my song "Ur Ma Bitch" get on your knees, you are dominant. You really get a hold of your sexuality.

MS: Yeah?

MP: So, "Dating C'est Toc" is dating the new side of you, the alien thing.

MS: I know I did not hit every single track, just the highlights, so Marie Parie, what about the final one? "Love Me".

MP: "Love Me" until I die, it ends that way. You're in love and embracing your inner alien.

Embrace your "Alien Victory" with Marie Parie at:

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cocktails With Clea

Ever wonder what it would be like to have cocktails with Berlin-Burlesque-Biotch Clea Cutthroat?

Well thanks to the Internet and Burlesque Bitch online you can now get up close and viral with Clea as she mixes you one of her fabulous libations and let's you into the world according to Cutthroat.

Recently I broke out my riding crop and ordered Clea to give me five. Five good reasons that people should want to have cocktails with her.

She of course complied and is a smart Burlesque Biotch - Please take note of reason number five, not only does Clea know of what she speaks, it is a mantra you should all adhere to.

OK, Clea - I'm ready...give me five, now!

Give Me My Wine!

Clea Cutthroat:

1. It's free! Cheaper than any cocktail in the WORLD!!! So much fun, color, and laughs at a bargain price of $Free.00! 
2. In Drag Race language, I would describe it as: the "C" is for charisma, "L" is for libations, "E" is for extravaganza, and "A" is for adventure.
3. In times of uncertainty, I always ask myself, "What would Madonna Do?". I'm just sure she would read it! Or, at the very least, have a cute pool boy read it to her 
4. You get the latest news on showgirls, drag queens, circus freaks & geeks, as well as free cocktail recipes from around the world! Perfect for showing off at your next date or dinner party.
5. Because Michael Shinafelt said so! And after asking Madonna, my next question to myself is ALWAYS..."What would Michael do?"

Join Clea's Cocktail Party at:


Burlesque Bitch:


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Capital Cities On The Move

Photo: Eliot Lee Hazel 

In case you are wondering where I'll be tonight, it's at The El Rey seeing Capital Cities....


In A Tidal Wave Of MysteryCapital Cities’ debut album, was released today by Capitol Records, in partnership with Lazy Hooks. The group will make its national television debut on“Conan” this Thursday, June 6, and perform on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on July 10.

Produced by founders/frontmen Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian – two Los Angeles-based jingle writers who met on Craigslist  – In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery includes the multi-format radio smash “Safe and Sound,” which is Number 1 at the Modern Rock format, Top 20 at Triple A and within the Top 40 at Top 40 radio. Praised by for the way it merges “high-energy dance beats with unbridled optimism and joy,” “Safe and Sound” has already sold more than 260,000 copies and is featured on the NOW 45 compilation.

The videos that Capital Cities has made for “Safe and Sound” have more than 4 million views cumulatively. The latest – lensed by Grady Hall (Beck, Modest Mouse), a writer-director and creative director at GRAMMY®-winning Motion Theory – is being played on MTV, MTV2, Teen Nick, Fuse, Music Choice, Palladia, mtvU and MTV Hits. 

The New York Times’ website premiered In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery in the week leading up to is release, which also features the tracks “Kangaroo Court”, “I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo” and “Farrah Fawcett Hair” which features Andre 3000.  Capital Cities’ songs have been heard on “American Idol,” “TODAY” and the Iron Man 3 soundtrack as well as in promotional campaigns for HBO, Smart Car, Microsoft and more than half a dozen other spots.

Capital Cities brings its “Dancing With Strangers” headline tour home this week, playing two sold-out shows at L.A.’s El Rey Theatre on June 6 and 7. All proceeds from the June 7 show will go to MusiCares and A Place Called Home. The band will also perform at numerous festivals, including Bonnaroo, Firefly, Summerfest andKanrocksas.

Capital Cities – Upcoming Tour Dates
6/5        Anaheim, CA                             House of Blues                                                    SOLD OUT        

6/6        Los Angeles, CA                         El Rey Theatre                                                    SOLD OUT

6/7        Los Angeles, CA                        El Rey Theatre                                                    SOLD OUT

6/8        Oceanside, CA                SPF 949 @ Junior Seau Oceanside Pier Ampitheatre

6/13      Manchester, TN              Bonnaroo Music Festival

6/14      Miami Beach, FL              Bardot

6/18      St Petersburg FL                          The State Theatre
6/19      Jacksonville, FL                            Jack Rabbits
6/21      Atlantic City, NJ                          The Social @ Revel Resort & Casino

6/23      Dover, DE                                  Firefly Music Festival – Dover International Speedway

6/24      Lancaster, PA                  Chamelon Club

6/25      Columbus, OH                           The Basement

6/27       Milwaukee, WI                            Summerfest

6/28      Kansas City, MO             Starlight Theatre

6/29      Chicago, IL                     Q87.7 WKQX PiQniQ

7/7        Kelowna, BC                   Keloha Festival

7/13      Philadelphia, PA              WRFF Summer Block Party

7/31      Toronto, ON                  Edgefest

8/1        New Haven, CT              Toad’s Place

8/2        Montreal, QC                 Osheaga Music and Arts Festival – Parterre Parc Jean Drapeau

8/17      Sterling Heights, MI          MoPop Music Festival - Freedom Hill Amphitheatre

8/25      Monterey, CA                 First City Festival – Monterey County Fairgrounds

8/30      Chicago, IL                     North Coast Music Festival

8/31      Calgary, AB                    Xfest – Fort Calgary

9/1        Edmonton, AB                Sonic Boom Festival – Northlands Park

10/26    Las Vegas, NV                 Life Is Beautiful Festival

11/2      Los Angeles, CA              The Greek Theatre (opening for Two Door Cinema Club)

For more about Capital Cities, please visit:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gad Zooks! It's Ben Zook, From "Where The Bears Are" Season 2...!

Ben Zook
"Where The Bears Are" is what they like to call in biz speak an Internet Phenom. IP for short. The season two premiere is coming at you, well, really soon - this Monday June 10th 2013!

Can I get a collective Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! In the house we have none other than Ben Zook aka "Nelson" and producer extraordinaire of the series. Oh and FYI I make an appearance on the the show this season. It's time to Zook out, with Ben!

MS: So Ben season deux of "Where The Bears Are" is coming up this Monday?

BZ: Monday, yes!

MS: It's also another murder mystery.

BZ: Yes, it's another murder mystery this season, yes the Bears find themselves involved in yet another murder. This one involves a friend of Reggie's who he went to college with, who is a politician, and he ends up getting shot. So The Bears have to figure out who shot him.

MS: Ahhhhhhhh, there's a formula here, do you think lightning will strike the second time?

BZ: I hope so! We realized, we have to have another murder. That's what drives the show really, a murder, looking around for clues, stumbling onto things and one clue leads to the next situation. The formula worked last season so we thought we should stick with it, that's what we know, zany comedy! (laughs)
Margaret Cho & The Bears

MS: You have someone I know, and obviously you know on the show this season, Margaret Cho.

BZ: I've known Margaret for years. We've known each other from playing clubs, gigs and stuff. She actually did an independent feature we were in together back in the 90's called "Can't Stop Dancing" which is about a bunch of lame Theme Park Dancers who move out to Hollywood to make it big. It didn't get distribution and is a cult thing. She and I were both in the dance troupe, so we wore spandex and stuff, and we've been friends ever since. She wanted to do the show last season, but ended up booking a movie, this season she was able to do it.

MS: It has something to do with dildos.

BZ: S&M, bondage, pretty raunchy. Well, this whole season is a lot raunchier than last season.

MS: It's funny when I did the photo blog from the set at The Faultline, Joe (Dietl, The Director & Ben's partner) thanked me for not giving anything away. I really could not tell what was going on anyway.

BZ: Yeah, I don't think anyone could really pick up much of what was happening. I don't even think we knew what was actually happening. (laughs)

MS: Only new character additions, that's what I could have figured out.

BZ: I believe you actually end up being seen on camera.

MS: Well there is one good scene where somebody cruised me and I cruised them back so maybe that's the scene that's in there.

BZ: Hmmmmmmmm, I think it might be....

MS: I saw that Cyril, the killer from last season returns for season deux.

BZ: Well Cyril does show up in the Christmas episode we shot for DVD as Santa Claus. So this season we sort of find out why he ended up at the Christmas Party, and what's going on with him. We're not really sure, is he, or isn't he out of prison, what's going on? Is he a figment of Nelson's imagination? So it's sort of a Mind Fuck, as to what the Hell is going on with Cyril. It's part of the mystery this season.

MS: From the looks of it, it seems like Nelson and "Hot Toddy" are having an open relationship.

BZ: You know what? In season two....I can't really reveal much. Our relationship definitely goes to a different level.

MS: Well I thought last season was really funny and I'm looking forward to the premiere of this one.

BZ: Well Thank You. We had a blast doing both seasons, and we're thrilled that people like the show.

MS: You also have Rick Copp on board who was one of the writer's of "The Golden Girls"

BZ: He wrote for the show at the age of twenty-four. He started writing for them in the sixth or seventh season.

MS: Isn't it weird that silly faux nude of Bea Arthur sold for 1.9 Million?

BZ: I know, isn't that funny?

Be there June 10th 2013:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pentatonix: Celebrating 1 Million Plus !

In case you have not figured it out, I think Pentatonix rules! So guess what here is the latest on the PTX gang - Hit it!

Pentatonix are celebrating reaching 1 million Youtube Subscribers and 100,000 Twitter followers with their new video of Justin Timberlake's "Pusher Love Girl."

That's right, all love girls need a pusher, as well as "Mean Girls" (if you've seen that movie you get it) - so get down and get pushy with PTX - Werd! 

                                                Yep, it's "Pusher Love Girl" Time

Push your "Love Girl" at:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Punk Princess: Ariel Beez

Photo: Dylan Jet

"I play the ukulele, and I sing, too" - Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kane "Some Like It Hot"

You may be scratching your collective heads right now and asking yourself "What does a quote from the classic "Some Like It Hot" have to do with a "Punk Princess"? 

Let's put it this way: "You'll find out"... Ms. Beez the former lead singer of the punk band "Snow White & the 7 Slutz" is now officially a solo act who resides in New York and is a poetry major, that's right she sings, she writes her own songs and guess what? Plays the ukulele, and she's a model...It's time to get your punk on, Ariel style.

MS: Hey Ariel, catch me up on what's been happening with your music.

AB: I've been playing a lot of open mics in New York, I'm also learning more covers to mix in with my original songs. Recently I learned "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "You'll Always Hurt The One You Love" I really like working with classics on my ukulele. Basically I've been doing solo shows and messing about with my material.

MS: The ukulele is a unique instrument to play, what made you take it up?

AB: Actually what happened my Dad is a Director and was working in Hawaii on the show "Hawaii 5-0" about two years ago. He came back with ukulele and told me he was going to start learning, and I asked if I could mess about with it, and he said "yeah no problem". So I went outside and wrote a song with it in an hour. It's an amazing instrument, anyone can play it. I'm in love with it, I write most of my songs on it.

MS: How cool!

AB: Yeah, I had to go out and buy my own ukulele after that because I am so obsessed with it.

MS: Glad to hear you are doing some covers, they help establish you when you are coming up.

Photo: Jamie Wise
AB: Yeah, I only do a few covers, I have been pretty successful with my own songs. Also whenever I need extra money I go busking in New York, in Union Square or something. I bring my ukulele out put the case down and try to make a couple of bucks, that's been working really well. A guy filmed me from Norwegian Television, and random people videotape me it's great exposure and it's just fun to play for random people.

MS: Sounds like a blast!

AB: My music is on Band Camp, which is really an amazing tool. I put my album up for free on it, but you can pay for my music through my Paypal account if you care to. People can also E-mail you on it, I've gotten E-mails from all over the world, from people who listen to my music. I got one from Sweden from a guy named Christopher who told me he has been listening to my music for a while and he wanted to let me know.  Well thanks for telling me Christopher from Sweden, that's really cool!

MS: I know for a fact there are lots of people out there who know who you are.

AB: It's fun! I've gotten recognized in some super random places for my music, it's pretty cool.

MS: Any weird stories yet?

AB: Not yet, people mostly come up to me and say they recognize my from my photo on Band Camp.

MS: What's the most current song you have out?

AB: Oh, God, the last song I wrote that I actually posted was called "The Day I Stayed in Bed" It's basically about how I like writing songs in bed, and how I don't want to get out of my bed, but I will, one day. (laughs) 

MS: Is that where you usually write songs?

AB: There and in my room, or I'll go to a park or something. Sometimes I'll walk somewhere and when I feel inspired I'll sit down and start writing.

MS: Your currently majoring in poetry.

AB: It's actually a literary studies major with an emphasis in poetry. Songs in my mind are just poetry set to music. 

Go to Band Camp with Ariel: