Wednesday, May 30, 2012

For Immediate Release: Margaret Cho Is A "Mother"!

A Message From Margaret Cho:


I'm excited to finally announce my new tour -  MOTHER! I'm playing small intimate venues on this leg of the tour, it's going to be fun!

My all new standup show, MOTHER, offers up an untraditional look at motherhood and how we look at maternal figures and strong women in queer culture. It's probably my edgiest show to date, filled with riotous observations on race, drugs, sexuality - gay-straight-everything in between, celebrity, culture, politics - nothing is sacred - least of all this MOTHER.

I'm so excited that I made 2 tour posters! Thanks Austin Young and Michael Gaughan for doing such an amazing job.

I'm signing some special limited run posters (the Michael Gaughan one below) for fans who buy tickets BEFORE JULY 1ST! Details here.

I'll be going to lots of places, hopefully near you, so come on down!

xo - Margaret

A few dates went on sale early, so please see my TOUR page for ticket links.

Aug 11 - 18: Provincetown, MA - The Art House
Aug 19: Cherry Grove, NY (Fire Island) - The Ice Palace
Sept 6: Las Vegas, NV - The Mirage
Sept 8: Shreveport, LA - Robinson Film Center
Sept 16: Atlanta, GA - Punchline
Sept 17: Charlotte, NC - Comedy Zone
Sept 18: Louisville, KY - Improv
Sept 19: Nashville, TN - Zaines
Sept 20: Birmingham, AL - Stardome
Sept 21: Knoxville, TN - Bijou Theater
Sept 22: Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
Sept 24: Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
Sept 25: Annapolis, MD - Ram's Head OnStage
Sept 26: Charlottesville, VA - The Jefferson
Sept 28: Ridgefield, CT - The Ridgefield Playhouse
Sept 29: Portland, ME - State Theater
Sept 30: Concord, NH - Capital Center for the Arts
Oct 2: Burlington, VT - Higher Ground
Oct 3: Albany, NY - The Swyer Theater at The Egg
Oct 26 - 29: London, UK - Leicester Square Theater

Ticket information HERE. Don't forget, I'm in Santa Rosa, CA this Sat 6/2 and in St Louis for Pride & 2 shows on 6/23!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

John LePage, Debby Holiday & Del Shores Unite 2 Stop The Hate

Debby & Skyy Moore "Key To Your Soul"
Award winning singer/songwriter/actress Debby Holiday, who has had 10 top 25 Billboard dance hits (Dive, Half  Mile Away, Joyful Sound, Heaven, Never Give Up), and award--‐winning writer/director Del Shores (Sordid Lives, Queer as Folk)  have teamed up to produce the anti-bullying music video for the song:

KEY TO YOUR SOUL by John LePage featuring Debby Holiday.

The video addresses a topic close to both Holiday’s and Shores’ heart -­ bullying.

Told in an uplifting manner, the video speaks to anybody who ever felt different…and rose above!

Filmed in Dallas,, TX at the iconic Rose Room Ms. Holiday has this to say about the song:

"The fact that young people are out there being attacked for who they are, simply because they may not fit into some ridiculous mold someone has determined to be "normal", well ... it breaks my heart. They deserve our support. Since I make music for a living, it has just always made sense to send a positive message while you're rockin' out or shakin your booty. Might as well feel good about you - while you're doin it!" 

Agreed, this buoyant anthem is sure to become a huge hit this summer, and put an optimistic spin on a serious issue that is all too commonplace.

"I am truly grateful to John LePage for bringing Jeff Fedak & I on board to help write the song & to Del Shores for working tirelessly on the video & coming up with the whole storyboard. I am blessed to know so many talented souls."

Here, here Debby!

Debby Rules!

So does Del:

Monday, May 28, 2012

On The Radio: Sandy Zacky

"Entertain Me" friend & regular Sandy with a "Y" not "E" is on the radio - Show Me Talk Radio to be exact.

When Ms. Z was first put into rotation a few months back she spent more than a week at #1, one of those weeks she bested former Supreme and friend, Mary Wilson...!

You go Ms. Thing! Sandy has remained a staple in the Top 10 ever since, well now Sandy with a "Y" has a new program in rotation on "Show Me" - titled aptly enough: "Sandy Zacky Part II".

The former Sam Cooke protege has this to say about it "I am happy to be on such a great station as "Show Me Talk Radio" Donna Linn is one of the best, her support has meant a lot"

So what are you waiting for? Check out Ms. Z on Facebook and the radio and "Show" her some love.

On Facebook:

On The Radio:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TV Watch: "True Blood" It's In The Air

In a rural house off the coast of Southern California Sookie Stackhouse and her wanna be vampire companion Michael Shinafelt live in harmony.

Every night they are driven in a limo by a mysterious driver, that only Sookie has seen. Tonight she insists they go to a underground club on skid row, Michael is fascinated and frightened all at once, is this the night he becomes a vampire…?

“True Blood” has yet to premiere, but it’s definitely in the air with it’s June 10Th Season Five promotion happening in full force.

While the above scenario is so not from the show, it was an actual dream I had last night, No, I am not joking.

Growing up I always thought being a vampire would be such a cool thing. Living forever, never growing old and always being in the drivers seat.

OK, I am an adult now, but one can still dream… despite the “shark jumping” of Season Four - I am sure the people behind this amazing show realized the error of their ways (Yeah, Marnie effen sucked, and not in a Vampire way).

My hopes for this season? All bets will be off, it will find it’s center again and kick some major a$$!

Thank you , Alan Ball for giving an amazing voice to a childhood fantasy, the one I always imagined.

Waiting sucks, but is worth it! Looking forward to hanging with Sookie, Eric & Bill again.

Bad things are coming your way June 10th on HBO!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys: Midnight Red

The boys are back and there's going to be trouble...Midnight Red are gearing up for a busy Summer with the release of their new single and video, "Hell Yeah."
"Hell Yeah" was produced by Red One (Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj) and the video was directed by Declan Whitebloom (Taylor Swift, One Direction).

"Hell Yeah" single will make its premiere on Buzznet  this Wednesday, May 23.

 Here's a sneak of the song with the boys performing it live at Universal's City Walk:
"Hell Yeah" live at Universal City Walk - Summer just got a little more fun!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Checking In With: Clea Cutthroat

Clea Giving a Booty Shine During a Bonaparte Show
Berlin  based performance artist, Clea Cutthroat is an "Entertain Me" favorite as you may recall  when she responded to this writer's "10 Random Thoughts".

Well Clea has been moving faster than a speeding bullet since last we spoke, it's time to "Check In" with her.....

So, Darlin’ are your knickers off?

Nope! They are right where they should be...I think :)

See Darlin’ you are a whore, isn’t “Showgirls” one of your favorite movies?

Yes, and I would definitely be Cristal delivering that line! No whores here honey, just bitches. I've even watched that movie in German and it still translates. The language of glass marble sabotage is international amongst us dancing divas.

We met this year at The Satellite, in Silverlake, CA for the first time, after I’m not sure, how many years at sea, I love it!

Can you believe it? Finally, we crossed the oceans and rivers of planet Earth and cyberspace to physically meet in person!

Was so amazing to finally meet you (officially) but, I gotta admit I feel like we've been friends brushing each other's hair and giving each other manicures for years now!

Mr. Shinafelt & Ms. Cutthroat

You were actually a native from my actual hood, expand.

I guess that makes us "homies" then, huh :)

Yes, I am an authentic, born, mall-raised, frozen yogurt feed valley girl from Reseda, San Fernando Valley.

I guess those early years of lining my lips with dark brown eyeliner, then filling them in with nude shimmering lip gloss was really just a foreshadowing of my drag queen-esque future to come.

“Bonaparte” is a great performance art band.

Thank you! It really is. I love being a part of Bonaparte. It is really and truly such a unique opportunity to be able to perform with such amazing musicians and fellow performance artists that inspire me to no end. Within Bonaparte, we are all equal pieces to the puzzle, and I can honestly say I love every piece.

It's the most amazing opportunity to take my classical dance training and mix it with my cabaret/burlesque/side show life. I'm constantly learning and expanding from everyone involved, and that is what keeps you going as an artist.

I am as happy as a clam. ("clam" vagina pun intended.)

How did “Ms. Cutthroat” become involved?

I met Bonaparte in Paris. Paris, Texas that is. My parents just moved there...I was visiting so we all got tickets to go see the rodeo. While we were there, I see this little guy, looking like Napoleon in the middle of it all. Seriously. I was so curious about him, and I finally met him when we both went to the bar to order some beers and nachos. I know, it sounds bizarre, but then we talked and found out I was planning on moving to Berlin...he has just moved...and well, POOF!

And 4, or 5 (cant remember now) years later we're touring the states and I finally got to meet you!

See, horseshoes do bring good luck.

...We should go to a rodeo together, don't ya think?

What’s your favorite number you do with them, or do you not play favorites?
Well, I play a bunch of different "persona's". I have Amie, Alice, Juanita, Sister name a few...and if I start playing favorites then it's gonna turn into a bitch fest, and I cant deal with all of these personalities at the moment. Plus, Sister Mary is a drunk, and she is always slapping Amie around.

If you were a Punk Song, what punk song would you be?
Without a doubt. "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie", Black Flag. Henry Rollins. Doesn't get much better. That album, Damaged, was so influential to me when I was younger. It was like a treasure chest of emotions that I didn't know that I could tap into. It changed everything for me.

One of the best 5 shows I have ever seen, was going to see Black Flag with Henry Rollins in NYC. I have never seen someone so possessed, obsessed and dominant on stage as Henry. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie was always one of my favorites, but when I saw that blew my mind. I knew that it was that energy, fire, rage and passion that I wanted to manifest in Clea.

Sitting here I'm a loaded gun
Waiting to go off
I've got nothing to do
But shoot my mouth off
Clea & Bonaparte

Obama recently supported Gay Marriage, your thoughts?


...and then I got annoyed because it is so ignorant, small minded, and pathetic that there is a large group of self-righteous people that believe they hold the moral and religious code of the universe, and can decided who can, and can not get married.

Who gives a flying fuck?!!? I don't care if two guys get married, or if Billy in Georgia needs to dress in a large furry animal costume to get off at night. I wouldn't care if Sarah Palin loved a man or if she hosted lesbian orgies dressed as a latex zebra in her spare time. It's all bullshit and i am sorry that we are in a world where REAL problems get pushed aside to discuss if a government can decide if I am allowed to choose who I fall in love with.

Obama needs to gives this country a verbal slap for being so stupid. Yes, stupid. We will tune into watch Kim Kardashian's 72 minute wedding, and watch every time Elizabeth Taylor walked down the aisle...and what is the problem with two people who are in love, but (gasp!) of the same gender getting married? Why do we care who I, he, she decides to spend their life with? To me, it sounds like a lot of bored people with closeted desires/fears and have no better way to release them.

Everyone needs to get over themselves, and start worrying about our country's education system, our environment that is boiling, the state of the economy, and stop worrying about who any of us write love letters too.

I'm more concerned about giving young girls a strong female role model. I don't care if you want to be President of the United States, CEO of whatever, a secretary, a Playboy Playmate, a housewife, nor do I care who/who
m you share your bed with at night. What I do care about is that you do it with dignity, pride, following your own moral code, and leaving a strong example to the next generation. I need a maragarita.

You are one of the coolest women I have ever met.

lol! I don't feel very cool at the moment after writing that tirade above!

Ok, deep breath, and big sip of the margarita (delicious!)

Thank you very much! But, if I think about it too much I will start blushing as I type this:)

I appreciate that you think I'm cool..cuz I think you're cool too! And having people I respect, respect me back is pretty much all I can ask for in the end...and a Slurpee machine. I will really know that I've made it when I have a Slurpee machine in my flat. It ridiculous, but it's my thing.

Too bad we could not meet in New Jersey for Cinco Di Mayo.

Maybe next year? I mean, how amazing would that be to celebrate with a few margaritas in Atlantic City? Maybe only going to Reno could top that!

What is happening with you in the future?

This year is going to be quite busy touring with Bonaparte. The third album will be coming out later this we are starting soon with summer festival season, and then a club tour in the fall.

Otherwise, I am burlesque-ing it up all over Europe, and my BIG goal for this year is to finish my 1 woman show. My fantasy is to have it up in NYC Jan/Feb 2013...I know that date may need to be adjusted due to touring, but it is my passion. I love burlesque, it has been, and continues to be very good to me, but I really want to push myself out of the "burlesque" box and into a box that is all my own. I've been wanting to do this for years, but my last tour in NYC gave me a big kick in the ass, so engines are roaring and I'm busy busy getting it ready to go!

Love you Woman, you keep it real.

I love you!!!!

...and thank YOU for giving me such a great platform to keep it real...

As Cristal would say, "It's amazing what paint and a surgeon can do"...I always felt that way about wigs and a loud mouth.

Get Cutthroat:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

R.I.P. - Donna Summer

I first stumbled upon Donna Summer's music when I was a teenager and Disco was hot! Although it was never my favorite type of music Donna elevated Disco to a whole new level with her powerful vocals and spot on song interpretations.

I will always remember the first Donna Summer album I was given as a Birthday present, "Bad Girls" - That was a very Happy Birthday indeed.

Donna thank you for some great memories, you will always be Disco to me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Introducing: Raquel Redd

What’s the in color this Summer? Why Redd of course, as in Raquel Redd. Redd is a one of a kind performer with a hot new single and video for her latest club hit “Right On Track” featuring Debby Holiday and re-mixed by the ubiquitous Scott Anderson.

So when someone tells you to “Get Redd” this Summer, they are not wishing you sunburn or heatstroke - they are wishing you a rollicking good time! Without further adieu here she is, “Right On Track” to stardom, Raquel Redd!

RR: I just read your E-mail that said this is your land line and you are going to record this?

MS: Yes.

RR:  I am driving to Atlanta right now, is the sound OK?

MS: It’ll work you sound fine. BTW I love that you went to The Berklee College of Music., it’s an amazing place that turns out really good talent.

RR: Yeah, I actually went there by accident (laughs) My High School chorus teacher said I should go there, and I ended up getting a vocal scholarship. I didn’t know what it was until I got there, and then I was like, oh this is kind of a big deal. (laughs)

MS: A lot of my friends who are great musicians went there, it is a big deal! Let’s get into you cross dressing, that seems to come from an artistic place, am I wrong?

RR: Oh no, most definitely it does. It’s a whole different shade of my personality as an artist and a person when I get into drag and come out as Raquel, it’s a lot of fun! I can get away with murder. (laughs)

MS: So, this is performance art for you I take it.

RR: Correct, there is a whole other side to this that is not normally common in the drag world.

MS: When I listened to “Right On Track” I found out a friend of mine, Debby Holiday backed you on it.

RR: Yeah, she was the black girl element that we needed. (laughs)

MS: (laughs) She’s such a game girl, always up for anything.

RR: I love her, she’s really, really cool.

MS: Since you “get away with murder” as Raquel, how did she evolve for you?

RR: It all really happened by accident, I was always going out to the clubs doing boy glam. When I moved to Los Angeles, CA about four years ago I was working at a MAC Cosmetics store. Once I went to work in drag for an event, and I sent a picture of it to a friend of mine, he said: “You need to be doing this”.  I’m like, “yeah, yeah, whatever” (laughs) - after that I went out for Halloween in drag, and then other Drag Queens in West Hollywood, invited me to come do shows and stuff, and I think “Wait a minute, I can do this” which was a lot of fun! Then it just kind of snowballed….

MS: Awesome! Your good I actually thought you might be a Tran-sexual from the video footage I saw of you, I wasn’t sure.

RR: You’re not the only one who thought that. I have to tell people it’s all an illusion, no I’m not in transition or on hormones. (laughs) A lot of people want to know how I get my boobs to look real like they do. I tell them that information costs extra (laughs)

MS: Did you hear Lance Bass got taken to task for use of the word Tranny by the way?

RR: Really? People always ask me what they should call me, and Tranny is fine with me it’s just a word and I don’t have time to be offended. (laughs) It says more about the people who are offended by it than it does about anyone else.

MS: I agree with you. So how far do you want to go with your music career?

RR: Music is something I have always loved. I’m taking as it comes right now and having fun with it. The minute I stop having fun I’ll stop doing it. Wherever it takes me, I ‘m really fortunate to have been given the reception I have gotten so early into it. There are a lot of people in West Hollywood still beating the block and trying to get in shows. Here I am being contacted by clubs who are asking me to host shows, so I am very fortunate for that too. For Billboard DJ’s and people like that to take note of my music is pretty awesome, I am very grateful.

“Get Redd” at:

Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Seconds With: Message to Venus

Photo: Chris Martin
What series of events unites a few strangers to make music together? Is it a cosmic anomaly or destiny? Jandre Nadal, John Feliciano, Edgar Ramos and JuanMa Font gravitated towards each other because of a shared desire to create intoxicating and sublime music. “Message to Venus” has yielding blistering tracks with great depth, melding dreamlike sounds with unheard-of guitar strength, tight bass, high-energy drums and powerful melodic vocals since 2009.

With their well received EP “The Envelope” “Message to Venus” is hard at work on their first full length album titled:  “Victims & Villains” - Here to give us the 411 is band member Jandre Nadal.

MS: So why the band name “Message to Venus”? There’s got to be a story behind that.

JN: When I was working on the “Message to Venus” project initially, it was going to be a side gig. I just wanted to do music I really enjoyed playing. I was looking to do something a little more 90’s style rock, ya know I was really into “Pearl Jam”, “Stone Temple Pilots” “Alice in Chains”…I grew up with bands like that, I listened a lot to the early albums of “Bush”.  I wanted to play rock music that had an edge and was aggressive, but that my girlfriend at the time could appreciate it as well.

What I had in mind was something heavy, but very melodic. I didn’t want to go for the “I hate you, I’m gonna rip your head off” ya know “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh” type of thing. (laughs) I love that music, I still listen to it, but it’s not what I want to do.

MS: Very cool.

JN: “Message to Venus” is actually a song, it was the first song I ever wrote. The song wasn’t working, but the lyrics I loved and I always liked the title. Contrary to popular belief “Message to Venus” does not refer to a woman, it describes the vibe of the music I wanted to make. Very spacey, a lot of guitar and vocals - I listened to a lot of “Pink Floyd” I wanted to mix a lot of that 60’s & 70’s rock with the modern, early Y2K music.

Got a message? Send it to Venus:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

James Durbin On Tour: Hey Durbinators!

Hey all you Durbinators out there, you didn't think "Entertain Me" would go through the month of May without something about the man, James Durbin did you?

Last month you and I were there in full force supporting James at his Viper Room gig in Los Angeles, CA. This month James Continues to tour...Oh yeah! James across the globe!

He performed The Star Spangled Banner not too long ago at an Los Angeles Kings game, for those of you not in that loop, they are LA's professional hockey team. As we Durbinators know James performance of our National Anthem was on the level of Kelly Clarkson nailing it at The Superbowl. Lucky for us he's no Christina Aguliera when it comes to pride in the US.

James continues to tour as I type, track him down in a city near you - and a special thanks to the Durbinators, you all know who you are, who have supported this blog!

 Tour dates at:

Monday, May 7, 2012

TV Watch: It's A "Scandal"

The Beautiful & Talented: Kerry Washington 

Look out for The Pope! Olivia Pope that is (yeah, I could have meant Pope John Paul, what ever Roman numeral he is, but…NOT!)

Olivia is in charge and she solves problems better than you, yep, nobody does it better in the hot new ABC show “Scandal”.

One of my most favorite actresses and total grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl crush Kerry Washington is The Pope of all media….Kerry Washington, Kerry Washington, Kerry Washington.

Don’t mess with this woman she has ties to The White House and is having an affair with the President of the United States played excellently by Tony Goldwyn. Ooooooooooops! Did I give too much away?! Damn! I deserve a spanking…Olivia care to administer?

Not sure what else I should give away to you virgins, but suffice it to say, Shonda Rhimes, the machine behind “Grey’s Anatomy” is behind this, and this show rocks!

Oh, Shonda, while I respect your talent, please do not let this show “jump the shark” after two seasons like  you did “Grey’s” “Happy Day’s” ( the show that coined that phrase) waited a long time before that - Katherine Heigl was correct to leave when she did.

Also props to friend and past interview subject Guillermo Diaz as the mysterious “Huck”.

Hey Guillermo, let’s chat about your hot new role, call me.

Guillermo Diaz & Kerry Washington
Without saying too much in this writer’s opinion this is the best new show you may or may not be watching….

And let’s give credit where credit is due, thanks to friend, and former 60’s Teen Idol, Mike Clifford, who told me I have to watch this show, I am now addicted, Hey Mike….

Thanks for helping out!

Friday, May 4, 2012

R.I.P: Adam Yauch

I remember my first exposure to The Beastie Boys was when they opened for Madonna on her very first tour ever, aptly named: The Virgin Tour - I found "the boys" electrifying and riveting... in short, amazing!

Keep on rockin' and rappin' Adam...!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For Immediate Release: Margaret Cho

Photo: Austin Young

Los Angeles, CA - May 2012 - Margaret Cho is gearing up for one of her busiest year’s yet. On tap for 2012 is Cho’s return to Lifetime Television’s Drop Dead Diva, premiering June 3rd, a reprise of her role as Kim Jong Il on NBC’s Season Finale of 30 Rock, a hosting gig on her new show airing on the Food Network this fall, a brand new summer tour of intimate venues beginning August 11th in P-Town, Cape Cod and various other TV appearances.

Cho is back as “Teri” on the dramedy hit show Drop Dead Diva, now entering its fourth season. Drop Dead Diva is not only beloved on Lifetime, but by the many stars who have queued up to guest on the show, including Paula Abdul, Wanda Sykes, Rosie O’Donnell, Vivica Fox and Cybil Shepard. Season four’s line-up includes Brandy Norwood, Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams and John Ratzenberger among many other surprises.

In addition to Diva, Cho is set to appear on 30 Rock’s May 17 episode as well as the Season Finale, bringing back her hilarious gender-bending interpretation of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Cho-as-Il kidnapped Jack Donaghy’s (Alec Baldwin) new wife Avery (Elizabeth Banks), and seems to have made her his First Lady. How this will play out since the real-life dictator’s demise last December is anyone’s guess, but look for Cho to play TWO characters in the same episode.

Margaret is also confirmed to make guest appearances on CNN Showbiz Tonight, Monday, May 28, Watch What Happen’s Live with Andy Cohen on May 29, The View on June 1, Chelsea Lately on June 4 and The Talk on July 30.

Along with her acting roles, Margaret can be seen as host on the upcoming reality show Blind Dinner Party, airing this fall on the Food Network. Seven strangers, from totally different backgrounds, with very dissimilar views, come together to dine at what can best be described as the most dysfunctional family dinner you’ve ever seen. 

Margaret mediates this experiment where viewers will find out if food can become a common denominator amongst very diverse people.

Not one to idle, Margaret is going to be kicking off her brand-new stand up show bringing audiences her unflinching brand of comedy called MOTHER. MOTHER offers up an untraditional look at motherhood and how we look at maternal figures and strong women in queer culture. It’s probably her edgiest show to date, filled with riotous observations on race, drugs, sexuality – gay-straight-everything in between, celebrity, culture, politics – nothing is sacred-least of all this MOTHER.

Me & Margaret Cho
MOTHER will be an intimate club & theatre tour beginning in August. First stop: The Art House in Provincetown, for a weeklong stint of up close and personal shows. The tour will continue into the fall, with all dates posted on

Also on are the most sincere, fiery and laugh-out-loud funny blogs you will find on the Internet. A must-read not only on her website, but as a three times weekly download from the Kindle Store, readers find out a lot about what’s going on in the mind of Margaret Cho via her insightful blog posts. Her blogs are not only funny, but also smart and perceptive. Download them here: and here:

If you still need a little more Margaret to get through the hot summer months, don’t forget to check out her latest DVD Cho Dependent . Written, directed and produced by Margaret, Cho Dependent is her 6th live concert DVD. Shot at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA, the DVD shares the same name as her Grammy nominated comedy album. The Cho Dependent DVD features songs from the album interwoven into the thought provoking stories she tells.
Mother Tour dates
08/11/12 - 08/18/12 Provincetown, MA The Art House

Complete Fall Tour schedule to be announced in June.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For Immediate Release: Chris Isaak


JUNE 2012 (Check local listings)

The Singer’s Most Popular Hits in a Personal Tribute to the
Legendary Sun Studio in Memphis

This new PBS special showcases Chris Isaak in a personal tribute to the glory days of the legendary producer Sam Phillips and his Sun Studio in Memphis and the music created by his heroes (Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and others). Isaak recaptures the spirit of the original songs with his own brilliant band of stellar musicians, while revealing the heart and soul of his own deeply rooted musical identity.CHRIS ISAAK BEYOND THE SUN LIVE! is part of special programming premiering on PBS stations beginning June 2, 2012 (check local listings).

CHRIS ISAAK BEYOND THE SUN LIVE! was taped on February 13, 2012, before a live audience of music fans on the soundstage of Austin City Limits, the home of the legendary PBS music series. The three-act program begins with some of Isaak’s most popular hits, moves on to his tribute to Sun Records and then wraps up with a combination of both. All in all, it’s a celebration of Isaak’s own stellar career with some of his best-known and favorite recordings. Chris Isaak's ‘Beyond the Sun Live’ tour will continue through the end of 2012. To learn more visit

Joining Isaak for this special evening is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer and “The Queen of Rockabilly”, Wanda Jackson.

CHRIS ISAAK BEYOND THE SUN LIVE! Features these performances:

· “I Want Your Love”
· “Somebody’s Crying”
· “Wicked Game”
· “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing”
· “I’ll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin’)”
· “Ring of Fire”
· “Trying to Get to You” (with Wanda Jackson)
· “It’s Now or Never”
· “Crazy Arms”
· “Your True Love”
· “Miss Pearl”
· “Great Balls of Fire”
· “Blue Hotel”
· “Fujiyama Mama” (with Wanda Jackson)
· “Oh, Pretty Woman”
· “Can’t Help Falling in Love”
· “Big Wide Wonderful World”

Bonus tracks including:
· “You Don’t Cry Like I do”
· “Best I Ever Had”
· “Live It Up”

Plus behind the scenes footage.