Friday, March 31, 2017

March Comes In Like A Lion & Goes Out Like A...

20 Years & Still Slaying!
The Cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

You know the old saying March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? Well being today is the last day of said month I am going to alter the saying to suit my whims, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a vampire slayer

That's right kids Buffy The Vampire Slayer turned 20 recently and of course Entertainment Weekly had a to do about it with cast photos and collector's edition covers.

I mean c'mon the show had, and still has one of the most rabid fan bases in the history of TV.

So T.G.I.F. and let's go out like Buffy on this 31st of March 2017, by checking out some groovy pics from EW, happy slaying! 
David Boreanaz
Willow Rosenberg
Alyson Hannigan

Buffy Summers
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy on IMDB

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Michael's Musings

I'm Going To Bridle You In & Make You Submit
Michael Shinafelt

Just finished off a delightful wine & nosh evening with my friend Scott Jacobs. We listened to the 80's music station on my cable TV and caught up, with a side of the usual mayhem.

I also laughed so hard my dick fell out of my shorts. Kidding about the dick falling out of my shorts part, I wanted to see if you were paying attention. 

Enough of my cheekiness, time to turn and face the strange. Hey it's a whole lot better than turning into the strange, or not. The decision is yours...

If I can smell your breath, you are too close

When in doubt get your monotone on with Jesus

Courtney Love is playing Kitty Menendez in an upcoming TV movie about the Menendez Brothers. Leaving this as is.

My Buddha is impressive, and yours?

Shooting the video for former Teen Idol Mike Clifford's cover of Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World this weekend. 

In space no one can hear you scream, in China too young is just a name

Look What I Made!
Started my healthy eating kick this week. Made myself some Brussel Sprout Tacos, which consist of Brussel Sprouts sauteed in garlic, stuffed into a corn tortilla with a dollop of sour cream. I've got skills bitches.

In light of Trump Care failing we should all take a moment and realize not everyone in the current administration is an insane narcissist bloated orange fart bag.

Lily Allen said it best, Fuck You very much

What an excellent day for an exorcism

Referring to the abovementioned Mike Clifford, check out his page and give it a like. Why? Because it will put a smile on your face and mine:

Remember, we were all once cream pies

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What Becomes A Punk Legend Most...

Max's Kansas City: 1976 & Beyond 
coming to CD ad Vinyl on May 5th via Jungle Records
The original Max's Kansas City 1976 pioneering punk club album, 
extended with an extra 30 tracks and historical notes

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore
Max's Kansas City is the legendary New York City nightclub that became the focal point for the city's hip artistic community from the late 60's until the early 80's. In its initial period, it was famously often populated by Andy Warhol's Factory crowd, and played host to new artists such as the Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, the Stooges, Bruce Springsteen and countless others. It became a base for jet-setters, glam rockers and celebs, until the scene faded and it shut its doors at the end of 1974.
Reopened in 1975 under new management, Peter Crowley was hired as music director. The new young bands he booked helped spawn, in tandem with CBGBs, the New York City punk scene. In 1976 Peter compiled a studio album of acts associated with the club, Max's Kansas City 1976, to help promote the club. It featured the first released recordings of Suicide, The Fast and Warhol-era veteran Wayne County, whose title-track gave a roll-call of many of the famous acts who'd regularly performed there. 

Now the original album is reissued as Max's Kansas City 1976 & Beyond, greatly extended to 40 tracks on a double-CD and a selection of 25 tracks on a double-LP. As well as the aforementioned Suicide, Fast and Wayne County, the new extended album features the New York Dolls, the Stillettos, the Offs, the Senders, Philip Rambow, VON LMO, Iggy Pop, Knots, Roland Alphonso, Cherry Vanilla, Nico, Joy Ryder, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers and Sid Vicious amongst many others. It includes many previously unreleased tracks and rarities. Compiled by Peter Crowley, who also contributes notes detailing the history of the album. Writer, musician and Max's scenester Jimi LaLumia provides historical overview sleeve-notes along with biographies of the artists in a 20-page booklet.

Jimi LaLumia writes:

"Max's Kansas City 1976 as an expanded edition two record vinyl and double CD collection, celebrates the historic first compilation of recordings by bands that were making big noise in New York City, and, thanks to a hyper active UK music press, around the world in a pre internet, truly underground manner. Melody Maker, a British music weekly, was especially keen on the post Velvet Underground / New York Dolls / Alice Cooper / Iggy & The Stooges scene that was inspiring the most unusual creatures to want to be in bands.

The Max's album was my go to album for months; finally, tracks from Wayne County, Cherry Vanilla, and The Fast... Not to mention Suicide and Pere Ubu. I got introduced to Harry Toledo and the John Collins band: I won't go into all the details here, because I wrote extensive detailed liner notes for the Jungle Records UK re issue coming in May, with additional notes from Peter Crowley, which are worth the price of the album, not to mention all the added extra tracks, so I'll simply say that if you think you know everything about the late 70's downtown scene, some additional reading material and bonus tracks are headed your way."
This item can be pre-ordered via MVD Shop or on Amazon

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tom Connan's "Beautiful Day"

Boy Toy
Tom Connan 
Hello Minions, we exchange energy once again! Here is the latest from the world of Entertain Me...

My buddy Tom Connan recently released his latest single Beautiful Day. I thought to myself, I bet readers would like me to pry a little and get some insight into Tom's personal life by revealing what five things would constitute a Beautiful Day for him.

Yep, the giver in me is present and accounted for, I did just that. Let me tell you Tom is quite the randy one, here is his idea of a perfect Beautiful Day!

1) Make love,
2) Drink a glass of Malbec,
3) Write a melody,
4) Have a walk alone at night,
5) Come back home and make love again

So juicy! Check out the video for Beautiful Day after the leap!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Just Because...Ashley Graham

Strike A Pose
Ashley Grham
When it comes to being a boss model as you can see Ashley Graham does not mesh around.

The plus size model was werking it for the cameras in Hollywood this past week shooting a campaign for her line of swimsuits.

I love Ashley! So got the look, not to mention the bod, confidence and take no prisoners attitude. No wonder she is successful as she is.

She was especially hawt in the latest incarnation of America's Next Top Model on VH-1. Great judge completely fierce and fearless. 

There you have it Ashley Graham, just because I can, and she is worth it!

Ashley on Instagram: 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pretty Little Laughers

Laughing Liars
Ashley Benson & Shay Mitchell
With the final ten episodes of the series Pretty Little Liars set to premiere on April 18th, you are going to be seeing a few, or maybe a lot of posts regarding the series on here. Why? Because it is one of my favorite shows and it's my blog and I can write what I want to, so there!

Even though I will miss the girls, it feels like it is time to stop "A"s tyranny after seven great seasons. Here we have two of it's stars Ashley Benson aka Hanna Marin and Shay Mitchell aka Emily Fields, engaging in a laugh while attending PaleyFest in Hollywood.

For those of you not in the loop PaleyFest is an annual television festival hosted by the Paley Center in Los Angeles. Ashley and Shay were there to participate in, what else? A panel on what to expect from the final season of Pretty Little Liars

What secrets did they spill? Wouldn't you like to on EW link below for the 411!  

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spider-Man Has To Pee

Spider, No Fly
Andrew Garfield
Think playing a superhero in a big budget movie is all shits & giggles? Well you thought wrong! 

Andrew Garfield for example when asked how they could improve his Spider-Man costume stated: "We're going to make it easier for me to piss" 

Yes, the plight of peeing in a superhero costume is real. Apparently the one thing that never crosses anyone's mind who designs them is how the actor wearing one is going to relieve themselves.

Nope, the only thought that goes into the outfit is how tight they can make it and how good it looks on the thespian wearing it. 

Sort of makes one want to "Just Say No" to playing one of these dynamic beings, doesn't it?

Can you imagine if for some reason you contracted food poisoning while on set and...I'll leave you with that image, because of the giver I am.

Happy Saturday and may the piss be with you! 

Andrew on IMDB:  

Friday, March 24, 2017

Jan Fonda, Vibrator Saleswoman

Feels So Good Inside
Jane Fonda
On the upcoming season of Grace and Frankie Jane Fonda gave Ellen the 411 that her character becomes a vibrator saleswoman. Yes, you read that correctly, call it fitness for the over seventy set?

On the plus side the directions are in large print so they are easily legible. Jane cried uncle and admitted to trying out all different kinds of Joy Toys for season three research. 

You go Jane Fonda! I hope to look and feel as good as you do at 78!

On that note I leave this for you on the floor as it were. 

T.G.I.F! I hereby decree this, use it or lose it Friday

Your mission this weekend, should you have the balls to accept it is to Bend It Like Fonda.


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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Michael's Musings

Michael Shinafelt
"Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do without, Come on, I'm talking to you, come on" - Shout, Tears For Fears

It's Springtime for Hitler, and the rest of us, hooray!

You've heard of a monthly visitor, well I have a weekly visitor. Yes, bingo, here it is! That time of the week were I get to say what's on my mind and more than likely what's on a lot of yours as well.

File this one under anger management, time to release the Kraken! That was an example of phrase you would use to define the word euphemism, ready? Let's go crazy!!!!

Erika Jayne's breakdown on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was so staged. How staged was it? It was so staged that the diplomatic and peaceful Eileen Davidson was the gasoline to an already lit fire. With a comment that was so out of character for her to say to anyone, let alone Erika.

Take your life and make it the best story in the world. Don't waste that shit.

A homeless man fist bumped me this past week, and the world keeps turning.

Be someone that makes you happy. That way you can fuck yourself.

Spring has sprung

Ivanka Trump will serve as her father's "eyes and ears" in other words a service dog.

I love Trade Joe's Wasabi Mayonnaise 

Trump Care is like Trump University, except you die.

Since we now know Microwaves are intrusive and pry into your personal business I have named my Eden. After Eden Sassoon on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

My ideal weight is Tom Hardy is on top of me

Apparently my dick has something to do with Katy Perry's latest single. I was as surprised to find this out as you are right now.

TTFN, until next week!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Like A Black Widow Baby

Rock Out With Your Shark Out!
Rita Ora
Until recently the most I ever knew about Rita Ora was her appearance on the Iggy Azalea song Black Widow, which, given my taste in music, I surprisingly like.

Cut to the CW Network dropping America's Next Top Model from it's line-up and VH-1 picking it up. They do a major overhaul of the show which includes retiring Tyra Banks as the host and bringing in, drum roll please....Rita Ora.

I must say Rita is the breath of fresh make-up the show needed to put a strut back in it's catwalk. Not to mention I have learned more about who she is, and she is an interesting individual.

When I spied this photo of her out and about in London with a knitted shark sweater on, I just had to post it, the whole outfit pops to me and so does the woman wearing it.

Soooooooooo stylish she is....

If you haven't caught the latest incarnation of ANTM check it, don't wreck it on VH-1 and catch lovely Rita and the rest of the people in model-ville.

Rita on Instagram:  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

James Franco's Self Love

It's Better With A Friend
Keegan Allen & James Franco
"When I think about you I touch myself" - 
I Touch Myself, Divinyls 

Fact: Celebrities have sex too, as if you didn't already know that. Sometimes they have it with others and sometimes they are so busy that they only have time for some self love.

Judging from James Franco's comments regarding the subject matter I am guessing he's fly's solo more than playing well with others. "Yes" moments in bed with the likes of Keegan Allen of Pretty Little Liars fame are far and few between for James and his Franco

Here is what he has to say about how he let's go:

"It's like you have those days where it's just like, I have a ton of writing to do, or a ton of reading to do, and you're just like, okay, I'm going to be on the couch all day or in bed all day just doing that."

Get it? Got It? Good...Now you have the image of Franco going to his happy place lodged in your brain with no chance of banishment.

Chill out, as James would say "Relax!" 

James on Facebook at: 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Schwing! Zac Efron

Schwing Indeed!!!
Zac Efron
Today is officially the first day of Spring. While I know certain parts of the country aren't getting the complimentary weather to go with the season, in Los Angeles, we sure are and I'm loving it!

So let's kick off Spring with a Schwing of the Zac Efron variety shall we? Well I am doing it whether you want me to or not.

All my minions know I have a thing for Efron. I mean who doesn't, right?! What's not to like about a good looking guy with a great body and killer blue eyes, and to top it all off a sense of humor. 

Here is Zac in all his ripped & hunky glory for you to use your eyes, whatever color they may be, to stare at and enjoy. 

Yep, Zac is the perfect poster boy for Spring, and for a Spring Schwing! If you know what I mean, and I think you do...

Happy First Day of Spring peeps! Let's have a Schwing along!

Schwing along with Zac on Instagram at:  

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hot Couple Alert! Reese Witherspoon & Mickey Mouse!

Hot Couple
Reese Witherspoon & Mickey Mouse

Reese Witherspoon was grinning like the Cheshire Cat as she was snapped with her date for the evening, the one and only Mickey Mouse at the red carpet opening of Planet Hollywood Disney Springs in Orlando, FL.

Reese looked adorable in a lacy red spring dress, while Mickey looked dapper in his signature tuxedo with yellow bow tie and read pants.

The two were thisclose for the event.

No word if there might be any mouse pups in their future. "Yes" mouse pup is a real thing. Google it.

Smiles everyone, smiles tomorrow is the first day of Spring, have a good one!

Reese on Instagram:   

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Poetic Vision

BELLA GAIA Choreographer & dance artist Irina Akulenko
BELLA GAIA show at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center NYC
Photo credit: Anna Galuza

Thunder only happens when it's raining...

BELLA GAIA, the renowned audiovisual experience lead by director-composer Kenji Williams and the BELLA GAIA Ensemble, will present BELLA GAIA - A Poetic Vision of Earth From Space for one night only on Saturday, April 15, 2017. The immersive event combines NASA satellite imagery, time-lapse nature photography, cultural heritage footage, and live performances of music and dance to form an unprecedented and powerful exploration of the beauty and interconnectedness of all things on Earth. The award-winning show will take place at Caltech’s Beckman Auditorium in Pasadena, California. The performance will start at 8:00pm, and tickets range from $35 to $45 with certain exceptions (see “Ticketing & Venue Details” towards the bottom of this press release). For additional information on BELLA GAIA, please visit

Rooted in the stories of astronauts who described the life-changing experience of seeing Earth from space, director-composer Williams developed BELLA GAIA to communicate this same transformative sense of wonder and awe. The event’s stunning fusion of human art, scientific data, and cultural tradition guides audiences through an emotional journey that culminates with a positive message of care and respect for our surroundings and planet.

“BELLA GAIA shows you how humans and nature are connected, and how art and science are connected,” says Williams. "It's an exploration of the relationship between human civilization and our ecosystem through time and space.”

Williams is joined by an all-star cast of artists, including Sound Healing vocalist and composer Kristin Hoffmann (as seen composing works performed at The Sydney Opera House, and sharing stages with The Wallflowers, Feist, and Brandi Carlile), Japan ese 20-string Koto master Yumi Kurosawa (who has toured internationally with countless symphony orchestras including Suntory Hall Opening Gala with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra), dance artists Mariyah, and choreographer Irina Akulenko, (one of the principal dancers and choreographers with Bellyqueen Dance Theater, and an alumni member of Alchemy Dance Theater). 

BELLA GAIA is an unprecedented NASA-powered immersive experience that communicates without words, the BEAUTY (BELLA) of the planet – both natural and cultural – and the INTERCONNECTEDNESS of all things on Earth (GAIA).

A visceral flow of unencumbered beauty manifests for all the senses by combining supercomputer data-visualizations from NASA, high-fidelity orbital views of Earth, cultural photography, and stirring LIVE performances of music and dance from around the world, with an “iridescent landscape of gossamer melodi es and labyrinthine rhythms” (

The award-winning BELLA GAIA tells a cosmic story and explores both human and natural expressions of the Living Universe, illuminating the relationship between civilization and nature as we enter the Anthropogenic Age by visualizing our effects on the biosphere, all while celebrating the evolution of art and culture.

Inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life-changing power of seeing Earth from space, BELLA GAIA successfully simulates this Overview Effect* from space flight, and makes audiences “Discover what it’s like to be an astronaut” (Washington Post). The experience leaves audiences with a transformative sense of wonder and inspiration, and the ability to see the Earth as a multifaceted yet cohesive working organism. Attendees will realize deeply and emotionally that there IS something to lose, and therefore that there IS something to preserve and to steward.

Crafted by the neuroscience-driven methodology of director-composer Kenji Williams, the transcendental effect of  BELLA GAIA has been proven to generate the elusive but critical emotional response: A Reason to Care.

Ticketing & Venue Details –
General admission ti ckets for BELLA GAIA’s immersive audiovisual experience range from $35 to $45 for adults. Children’s tickets are $10. To purchase advance tickets, please visit or call the Beckman Auditorium box office at 626-395-4652. Seniors and Caltech staff can receive a special discount on tickets by calling the box office. Caltech’s Beckman Auditorium is located at 332 S. Michigan Ave., Pasadena, CA 91125. Free parking is provided on the Caltech campus near the Beckman Auditorium.

Links –
• Event tickets -
• Venue event page -
• Artist event page -
• Facebook event page -
• BELLA GAIA Facebook -
• BELLA GAIA Twitter -
• BELLA GAIA SoundCloud -

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Hunk Of The Irish

Not An Irish Hunk
Happy St. Patrick's Day! You'd better wear your green or live in fear of getting pinched, or don't wear green and love the masochism of it all. 

Today is the day we wish people the luck of the Irish and that they find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whatever...Here at Entertain Me I am taking a different approach and wishing all of you The Hunk Of The Irish. What's that you say, you've never heard of such a thing, well guess what? Now you have.

Hence for your viewing pleasure I have got four, yes count em' four Hollywood Hunks who are, drum roll please, Irish for your St. Patty's Day viewing pleasure. A special shout out to author M.E. Franco as her personal fave and mine, Gerard Butler is present and accounted for.

Feast your eyes on these pots of gold

Gerard Butler

Colin  Farrell

Jamie Dornan 

Jonathan Rhys Myers

Now that you are all hot & bothered cool off Irish Style, translation: drink mass quantities of beer. Have Fun and be safe! 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Michael's Musings

Want Some Candy?
Michael Shinafelt
This week I became acutely aware that my microwave was quietly judging others. Damn! That is pretty motherfucking impressive for something that cost me a mere sixty dollars when I bought it over ten years ago!

Now if only I could get it to print money, hey if it can judge others I bet I can coax it into doing that, riiiiiiiiight?!?!

Hereeeeeeeeeeee's Michael!

Kyle Richards blocked Eden Sassoon on Twitter. I would too, she's so creepy, not to mention she will one day die of a one night stand.

"Fingers are for Lesbians" - The More You Know

Am I the only one who does not get the appeal of This Is Us???

A certain sexy boy who met Bette Davis told me that Susan Sarandon's portrayal of her on Feud is awful, that Susan is playing a character, not Bette at all. As if we all need another reason to think Susan Sarandon is lame. 

Trump supporters are like a white trash Braveheart

Scarlett! Ivanka! Scarlett! Ivanka!
Some idiot blasted me for posting the SNL skit with Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump on my Facebook page. She stated I was a bully. I deleted the comment. Overreact much?

Why does anyone give a rat's ass about The Bachelor? On the plus side it  does make a case for legalized prostitution, which I am for.

Things that make you go shhhhhhh......

I use my small snowblower, it gets the work done - weirdest post I saw on Facebook this week

According to an online quiz I took, I am "Wild Sexy" - Duh!

Sweet Baby Elephant! That one's for you Shani Bayne!

"I wish I was like you, Easily amused" - All Apologies, Nirvana - because you can never have enough Nirvana in your life

My ideas for this column were so much sharper earlier in the day, but I was nowhere near a computer to write. Guess I have to record them on my phone and let people think I am conversing with myself in that's Entertain Me!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Things That Make You Go Shhhhhhh...

Got A Tattoo?
l-r Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse,
Lucy Hale & Janel Parrish  
The final season of Pretty Little Liars is already wrapped and ready for it's eagerly anticipated April 18th premiere date, yes I said eagerly anticipated premiere date, don't judge me. What's a "Liar" to do after seven successful seasons? Why commemorate the show with a tattoo of course!

Where are they?! What are they?! You beg to ask. Well being as the show is about secrets and keeping them and the iconic opening credits show all the "Liars" wagging there Shhhhhhh finger at you to keep your mouth shut, each of the cast members got the the first letter of the name of their respective characters tattooed on their, what else, Shhhhhhh finger, naturally.

That's correct minions Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse got themselves a tattoo artist to inscribe their pointer finger with the first letter of their character from the shows first name. How could they not after all "A" has put them through?!

Enjoy the photo above of all the girls sharing their pseudo matching tatts, because sharing is caring after all.

Pretty Little Liars on Facebook:  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What Comes Between You & Your Calvin's?

Nothing Comes Between Brooke & Her Calvin
Brooke Shields & Calvin Klein
Here is an image only a certain segment of the populace will understand the significance of. I present to you Brooke Shields and old friend Calvin Klein meeting up at Sirius XM in New York City

As you may or may not recall Klein did a series of racy ads featuring Brooke in 1981 for his line of jeans. Personally I loved the campaign where "nothing" came between Brooke and her Calvin's, it was total genius. Quite racy while being sexy without the use of gratuitous skin.

What's that you say? You've never heard or seen the scandalous TV spot? Well never fear that's why I'm here. Like I've pointed out so boastfully before I'm a giver and never want to leave anyone wanting. Thus you can view the ad below.

No need to thank me, you can just spank me.

I know you like to watch...

Brooke on Instagram:  

Monday, March 13, 2017

"I Do" Colton Haynes

I Got You Babe
Colton Haynes, Jeff Leatham & Cher

It's just another Manic Monday, time to start a new week, yadda yadda, Colton Haynes of Arrow and Teen Wolf fame is engaged to his boyfriend Jeff Leatham, three cheers for the happy couple!

Jeff proposed to Colton on the beach at the Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, Mexico Saturday night. Oh what a proposal it was, Cher was even involved in a video message lead in singing I Got You Babe. This of course was followed by fireworks and being that that groom is a celebrity and Four Seasons Hotel floral designer, yes there were flowers.
Colton & Jeff
What's a boy to do? Say "Yes" naturally.

Colton & Jeff sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Colton on Instagram:

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Schwing! John Cena

Slime Becomes Him
John Cena
WWE and Trainwreck star John Cena officially became John Greena. That's right as a thank you for hosting Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards Cena got slimed big time! (refer to the image above)...

There's something about John that I find incredibly sexy, sure he's built like an Adonis, but to me sexy is more than skin deep. Seeing him getting slimed hits what that thing is home, not only is he handsome, he has a great sense of humor. Nothing is sexier than a hunk who can make you laugh and laugh at himself as well.

You know where my mind went next don't you? I of course wondered then if there was any un-coverage of John by Tye Briggs on his Favorite Hunks & Other Things Blog. Butt of course there is!

As you may recall Cena had a quite memorable comedic sex scene in Trainwreck with the film's star Amy Schumer where he bared his supple booty and wore a towel on his...well you'll just have to click on the NSFW link below to see what I am referring to.

Now if you'll excuse me I've got some scwinging to do...

See John, See John's amazing booty, see what else I was referring to here: 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Go "Barenaked"!


Dive into the Barenaked Ladies pond!

Barenaked Ladies have announced a very special collaboration with the legendary “Kings of A cappella” titled, Ladies And Gentlemen: Barenaked Ladies And The Persuasions to be released April 14, 2017Produced by Gavin Brown, the album features 14 tracks re-imagined BNL’s award-winning catalogue and the classic ‘Good Times’. BNL recorded the album live off the floor with The Persuasions last Fall at Noble Street Studios in Toronto.

Ladies And Gentlemen: Barenaked Ladies And The Persuasions is available to pre-order on iTunes on March 10. Album and bundles featuring exclusive merchandise of Barenaked Ladies and The Persuasions will also be available worldwide through PledgeMusicEach pre-order includes four instant-grat downloads of “The Old Apartment”, “Odds Are”, “Keepin’ It Real”, and “Don’t Shuffle Me Back”.

The video streaming app Sessions X filmed the entire session and will feature full-length performances, interviews, and behind the scenes moments. Sessions X will launch their BNL content on Wednesday, March 22.


The seed for Ladies and Gentlemen: Barenaked Ladies & The Persuasions was planted when Kevin Hearn befriended The Persuasions at Lou Reed’s memorial held at the legendary Apollo Theatre in 2013. The friendship led to an invitation for The Persuasions to perform with BNL at Central Park Summerstage during the Barenaked Ladies 2016 Last Summer On Earth tour. Both bands had such a fun time, they all agreed to “do more” together. Before hitting the studio together, and after running through about 25 songs from the BNL catalogue, both BNL and the Persuasions’s excitement grew and the songs were narrowed down to the final 15 tracks featured on the LP.

Can We Persuade You To Get "Barenaked"?
Barenake Ladies & The Persuasions
Photo: Matt Barnes
Although The Persuasions enjoy a long, storied career, the group has admittedly never recorded an album in a room live, with the band performing the songs. Says Dave Revels, lead vocalist for The Persuasions “…with Barenaked Ladies, [their] music is passionate so I guess that’s why we identify with it…because we can feel passion so I think that’s why it was a natural union.” Says BNL drummer Tyler Stewart, “To actually play with these guys who are veterans of music making for so long… everything that comes out of their mouths is dripping with soul and you can’t help but absorb some of that when you’re in the room.” 

Considering the once-in-a-lifetime feel of a musical project between two groups who have collectively released 40 albums across their careers, Sessions X, which is an online subscription music series that features intimate performances straight from the stage or studio, was an opportunity to document the recording session, all of which was recorded over two days in October, 2016 in Toronto. Tyler Stewart described the collaboration as “Top three most fun things I’ve done” in his twenty six years of performing. Dave Revels, lead singer for The Persuasions described the collaboration as a “beautiful chemical reaction”.

Founded in 1962, The Persuasions first came together on the street corners of Brooklyn with a musical inventory deep rooted in gospel, with a major measure of soul, and a dose of pop. Featuring original members Jimmy Hayes and Jayotis Washington, along with Raymond Sanders and Dave Revels, their eclectic repertoire has drawn from country to blues to gospel to rock to jazz. The group has released 26 albums, performed in concert halls worldwide, and shared stages with such seminal artists as Lou Reed, Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Richard Pryor and Frank Zappa.

Currently, Barenaked Ladies are putting the finishing touches on their 16th studio album
Fake Nudes, expected to be released later this Fall. More information will be announced in the coming weeks.

Catch the Barenaked Ladies and The Persuasions (select dates only) on tour this spring.

Albany, NY
The Egg w/The Persuasions
Valley Forge, PA
Valley Forge Casino
Huntington, NY
Paramount Theatre w/The Persuasions
Ridgefield, CT
Ridgefield Playhouse
Englewood, NJ
Bergen PAC w/The Persuasions
Burlington, VT
Flynn Theatre
Ithaca, NY
State Theatre
Rocky Mount, VA
Harvester Center
Catoosa, OK
The Joint at the Hard Rock
Tunica, MS
Bluesville at Horseshoe Casino
Des Moines, IA
Hoyt Sherman Palace
Deadwood, SD
Deadwood Mountain Grand
Colorado Springs, CO
Pikes Peak Center
St.Louis, MO
Peabody Opera House
Waukegan, IL
Genesee Theater