Friday, March 28, 2014

Film Buff Friday: "Boardwalk"

Stephen Verona's "Boardwalk" Finally Released 

1979 drama starring Ruth Gordon and Lee Strasberg, 
from the director of "Lords of Flatbush" 

For all of you Film Buffs out there this is great news as it is the first time this movie has been released on video at all.

It is also great news for all of you fans, of which there are many, of the late great Ruth Gordon...Cheers!
Boardwalk is a 1979 American drama written by Stephen Verona (Lords of Flatbush, 1974) and Leigh Chapman and directed by Verona. It stars Ruth GordonLee Strasberg, and Janet Leigh. The film has not been available on home video, until now.

Boardwalk is a film about love, violence, and survival. It was filmed on location at numerous spots in New York city, including the famous but now defunct Dubrow's Cafeteria. 
Married for 50 loving years, David (Lee Strasberg) and Becky (Ruth Gordon) have lived in the same Coney Island neighborhood for most of  their life together. But the area is not what it used to be, and their children ask them to move. A powerful and determined man, David states, "I left one country, I'm not about to leave another. This is where I choose to live and nobody, but nobody, is going to make me leave." But Becky becomes ill and David's cafeteria and synagogue are vandalized by thugs. David must make his final stance. 

Boardwalk is Verona's 4th film. He's credited with creating the first music videos, starting with The Beatles... He produced over a hundred before retiring from the art in 1972, eleven years before MTV. By the time he was 27, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his live action short film "The Rehearsal" which he created, produced & directed. Not satisfied with commercials or videos, he moved on to write, produce and co-direct his first feature film, The Lords of Flatbush. This is the film that launched the careers of Sylvester StalloneHenry Winkler, and Richard Gere, who were all discovered by Verona who says, "Stallone said that I created the character of Rocky, and Henry said that he took his Fonzie character from Sly."

Stephen Verona's Complete Bio:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Portrait Of Margaret Cho - In Blood

Margaret  Cho: Portrait, Bloody Portrait
"I think it's very primal, very ritualistic.” - Margaret Cho
That's Margaret Cho talking about the Dorian Gray like portrait she has hired artist Vincent Castiglia to do of her with 18 millimeters of her own blood. That's right Margaret is going to have a portrait of herself in blood, how truly wonderful!

And I did not make that comment in jest, referring to the quote from Cho above I am completely on the same page as her...I once had a primal piercing done because I wanted to experience something that raw. It was a huge rush!

It was in my ear, they put a sharpie mark on my lobe where they wanted the hole to be, numbed it with ice and then took a double headed hollow needle aimed and jammed it through my ear, the adrenaline rush not to mention the shooting blood was a pretty amazing and an experience I will never forget!

Margaret has known Vincent for a couple of years, but was a fan of his macabre collection of work, painted exclusively with the artist's own blood — long before the pair even met.
"I loved what he was doing, his art is so finely detailed. This is exciting to go through this process of collecting my blood and getting a portrait painted.”
Ms. Cho expects to use her bloody portrait for album covers and tour art once completed.

As a footnote this is the first time Mr. Castiglia has used anyone else's blood other than his own in his work, the piece should prove historical.

Hey, Vincent I am up for it if you ever want to use my blood sometime!

Go Cho!:

Enjoy Vincent's Work at:

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's The "End Of The Line" & Ponyboy Could Give A "Dick, Dick, Dick"

I am not a baby bird, I am a Ponyboy, Damn It!
Without a whinny or a neigh for a chunk of time, Ponyboy has finally put out! OK, Yes, I know I am stating the obvious since I am speaking of boys, I know, I know, Daddy knows they're Man Whores and he is quite pleased about that!

The Boys have just released an evocative video for their song "End Of The Line" from their awesomely titled CD: "Dick, Dick, Dick."

Well Charles and David, My Little Ponyboys, Daddy is quite proud,,,

PS please remember to take out the garbage this week

                                                                "End of the Line"

Why get a horse, when you can get a Ponyboy:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Celebrate! "Better Than Dancing" With Matthew Duffy

  • Singer/Songwriter/Performer and "Entertain Me" fave Matthew Duffy is back with a groovy new single and video "Better Than Dancing."
  • Being the inquisitive one that I am I had to ask Matthew to give me some insight into his latest musical foray, and here is what the always interesting Mr. Duffy had to say:
  • "I started my career in NYC as a ballet and modern dancer and I wanted to celebrate my dance history. I wanted to celebrate the way dancing sets you free and transports you to a place outside of yourself. For me, true freedom is "raising your hands up to the sky and letting the music take you high, the dancer featured in the video represents that.
  • I also wanted to highlight he NYC club scene - balls, femme, butch, voguing, and the dance featured represents all dance forms and the underground spirit of dancing.
  • The opening quote of the video - YOU LIVE AS LONG AS YOU DANCE is from the ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev who was a bad ass and an virtuoso who I have always admired since I was young."

Time to take a trip Matthew Duffy style...!

Join Matthew for the ride at:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Faster Than A Speeding Musical Note It's: Superfruit!

Superfruit: Mitch Grassi & Scott Hoying
In case you haven't heard there's a new musical hero in town...Superfruit!

Superfruit are Scott Hoying & Mitch Grassi from Pentatonix and their most prolific collaboration thus far is their covering the entire Beyonce album in six minutes. Can I get an Ooooooooh, Ahhhhhhh in Da House?!

Queen B responded by posting the video on her Facebook page calling it: "Flawless!" Beyonce sure knows how to make boys blush.

These fruits are ripe for the picking! Check out Beyonce in 6 at 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....! Blast it!

Also be sure to check out the latest Pentatonix video "Happy" below...


Get "Fruity" at:

Get "Happy" at:

Monday, March 17, 2014

Raine Brown "Hearts U" Yes, Really...!

"Raine Brown's love of performing was evident before her hands ever held a script and before her feet ever touched a stage. Growing up, her love for the dramatic was well documented by her parents' aptly coined nickname for her, "Sarah Bernhardt" (after the acclaimed French actress from the turn of the century)"

In her High School years Raine took that flair to the stage and has been acting ever since. Best known as a "Scream Queen" Raine also has many stage and indie film credits. 

With her latest "I Heart U" Raine also was on board as producer of this devious black comedy that draws a definite line between homicidal and suicidal...Heeerrrrrrrre's Raine!

MS: Hey Raine it's been a long time!

RB: A really loooong time!

MS; So, what have you been up to beside the movie?

RB: I've been working with a theater company and editing on another movie called "Timing" that I actually directed. Another movie that I did just came out in January "Torture Chamber" by Dante Tomaselli. Things are good, they keep rolling...

MS: Well you produced your latest "I Heart U."

RB: People kept calling the movie "I Love You" for the longest time, I'm like no it's "I Heart U" - the logo was like the "I Love New York" one except the heart was a bloody version of the actual organ to highlight the horror underneath the comedy. Now it's been changed.
Hey  Raine

MS: Is it safe to say it's like "Eating Raoul?"

RB: I don't know that movie. It's a lot like "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" it's about a couple living together each of them have their own separate lives that the other one does not know about. They live this quiet suburban perfect life. She's a caterer, very Type-A personality, she needs everything perfect and organized. He's more of a slob, whose dirty who has a job, you think "Why are these two people even together?" 

It turns out he has a little side hobby where he goes nuts and murders prostitutes. She has this other life too, even though she's like June Cleaver. They only find happiness when their true passions are intermingled. 

MS: Killing is our passion! (laughs)

RB: It is! But they are happy together! (laughs) Don't you want them to be happy? Come on! (laughs)

MS: As long as you can get away with it!

RB: They do narrow it down to once a year on date night. But now that they are their true selves together, they have a lot more in common than they knew. 

                                                 I Heart U                                  
MS: I was surprised that the trailer featured as much gore as it did.

RB: To me it's a Dark/Romantic/Horror/Comedy, the gore is in there, everyone's gotta love that, but it's not the main center of the film. It's a really strong character story that we wanted to create and build upon and then throw in the gore with it.

MS: Independent film is a tough road, how long have you been working on this.

RB: Three, well no, it has been four years since inception, when Billy Garberina (Raine's co-producer and co-star) and I came up with this idea. We tossed around all these ideas, like: She's a chef, he's a dirty guy and we added all these little ideas to it. 

Billy has done many other movies and he has a crew in Mexico who does them a lot. Inexpensive locations, inexpensive everything so we were able to get the project together as quickly as possible.

I was really proud because we started off: I want a script with minimal characters, minimal the time the writer gave it back to us with our ideas, with his additions and creative input, there were over 40 characters, and 40 locations (laughs) - I was like, OK...we have sixteen days to shoot this. (laughs) You know what? I could only do so much from New Jersey. (laughs) But his crew in Mexico, who I love, hugs and kisses, they pulled that off! 

Raine & Billy "Heart U" at:

Buy it on Amazon at:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inside The Mind Of: Punk Princess Ariel Beesley

Photo: Eddie Chacon Styled: Sissy Sainte-Marie Hair: Adrian Arredondo Makeup: Gloria Nato for Set Daze
Punk Princess, Ariel Beesley took some time out of her busy schedule of modeling for Wilhelmina or indulging in her favorite downtime activity reading to create more music. 

With her unique Punk/Folk hybrid sound Ariel is back with her latest album "Wisp."

Ariel stopped by "Entertain Me" to let me throw 10 random things at her to respond to, here is how the mind of a "Punk Princess" works...

MS: Wisp
AB: Fairies, England 

MS: Velvet Underground
AB: Crying that Lou Reed died, Nico's voice was a dream 

MS: Modeling
AB: Work, fun, travel, silly 

MS: Ken Kesey
AB: Brilliant/being 18 and getting tattoos

MS: Books
AB: I recently read The Virgin Suicides and became obsessed with Jeffery Eugenides writing. Now I'm reading another book of his, The Marriage Plot. 
MS: Ukulele
AB: My favorite. I received an electric Fender ukulele as a gift for my birthday and I must say it's pretty badass. Definitely my most prized possession. 

MS: Los Angeles
AB: Sun, warmth, happiness, weed 

MS: New York
AB: Love, chaotic, beautiful, busking 

MS: Songwriting
AB: Necessary 

AB: Cold and beautiful. Walking through the blizzard in NYC last year and wondering how something could be so painfully freezing but hilarious and pretty at the 
same time. 

When I went to "Band Camp" I stuck an Ariel Beesley in my CD player:

Monday, March 10, 2014

Let's Get Alternative, "Summerland Tour" !

Alright all you lover of 90's music, prepare to get your alternative freak on!!!

"Summerland Tour" Set To Feature Everclear, Soul Asylum,
Eve 6 & Spacehog during 3rd Annual Outing

Rock Tour Lineup and Tour Dates Announced

One of Rolling Stone's "10 Hottest Summer Package Tours of 2012," the 3rd annual 90’s alternative music tour is proud to announce EverclearSoul AsylumEve 6, and Spacehog to perform at each of 2014’s "Summerland Tour" dates.

With many smash hit singles and millions of albums sold between them, the four bands comprising this year's Summerland Tour still have a constant presence on the airwaves across the country and represent a true value for concert fans.  With songs like "Father of Mine," "Santa Monica," "I Will Buy You A New Life," "Somebody To Shove," "Runaway Train," "Think Twice," and "In the Meantime" being performed nightly, Summerland 2014 is set to provide the best soundtrack to a great summer’s evening.

The 90's nostalgia tour was formed in 2012 by Art Alexakis, lead guitarist and vocalist of Everclear.  The tour has featured classic throwback bands such as Gin Blossoms, Lit, Sugar Ray, Marcy Playground, Live, Filter, and Sponge.

"This tour just seems to get better and better every year.  Both the bands and the fans are starting to connect with the name Summerland.  It seems like it's becoming synonymous with '90's Alternative Rock," said Alexakis.  He started the tour to bring some of the most well-known alternative 90’s bands back to today’s rock music scene.

SUMMERLAND TOUR 2014 will kick off on June 13th in Pompano Beach, FL and will be stopping in over 30 cities across the US.  Tickets go on sale starting March 7 at 10am (in select markets).  Visit for further details.

(Art Alexakis, lead vocals/guitar; Dave French, guitar/vocals; Freddy Herrera, bass/vocals; Sean Winchester, drums/vocals; Josh Crawley, keyboards/vocals)

With hits like the modern rock radio staples "Santa Monica," "Everything to Everyone," "I Will Buy You a New Life," "Father of Mine," and "Wonderful," Everclear has sold more than 9 Million albums globally. Fronted by Art Alexakis, Everclear remains a potent force on the touring circuit. The band released Invisible Stars in 2012, their first album of new material in six years, as well as cover songs and re-recordings of past hits albums, which they named Return to Santa Monica. Everclear plans to continue touring and recording, and of course, Art Alexakis will continue the Summerland tour in years to come.

Born and bred in Minneapolis, MN Soul Asylum formed in 1981 and since their inception the band has delivered heartfelt and passionate rock n’ roll. They started out on independent label Twin/Tone Records, before scoring major hits on Columbia Records with 1992's Grave Dancers Union that included the Grammy winning single "Runaway Train", followed up by 1995'sLet Your Dim Light Shine.

Soul Asylum consists of Dave Pirner (guitar/vocals), Michael Bland (drums),Winston Roye (bass) and Justin Sharbono (guitar). Their last full length album Delayed Reaction, produced by the band and John Fields is melodic, anthemic, well-versed in the art of classic song-craft and was well received by both fans and critics.  They are currently in the process of recording an album of all new material to be released in 2014.

Soul Asylum
EVE 6 (
Southern California's Pop-punk trio, Eve 6, are most well-known for hit singles "Inside Out" and "Think Twice" from their 1998 debut self-titled album, and their prom-MTV anthem, "Here’s To The Night" off of 2000's Horoscope.  Eve 6 exploded onto the mainstream with RCA records before they were of legal drinking age, but called it quits in 2004 shortly after their success.

Eve 6 reunited in 2012, and released Speak in Code through Fearless Records. The band’s lineup remains the same; Max Collins (vocals & bass),Jon Siebels (Guitar), and Tony Fagenson (drums). After their eight year hiatus, Eve 6 returned to the music scene more energized than ever before. Frontman, Max Collins, states that Speak in Code is the strongest collection of songs they've had on one record.

Formed in 1994 during the peak of grunge-rock, Spacehog came out with a more unique sound than what was popular in rock music.  Their debut album Resident Alien was heavily influenced by artists such as T.Rex, Iggy Pop, Queen, and David Bowie and The Spiders. On top of their "glam-rock" sound, they added some distorted guitars to create their own individual sound. The result: over a million copies sold, the number one single "In the Meantime" and a completely unique identity.

After two more successful albums, and some time apart, Spacehog is together again using their separate musical journeys as inspiration in writing original material. The band once again released an album produced by Bryce Goggin in 2013 entitled As It Is On Earth, which is now available.

SUMMERLAND 2014 TOUR DATES (subject to change):
6/13/14 — Pompano Beach, FL — Pompano Beach Amphitheatre
6/14/14 — St Petersburg, FL — Vinoy Park
6/17/14 — New York, NY — Irving Plaza
6/18/14 — Hampton  Beach, NH — Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
6/19/14 — Boston, MA – House of Blues
6/20/14 — Pittsburgh, PA — Stage AE
6/21/14 — Atlantic City, NJ — House of Blues at Showboat Atlantic City
6/22/14 — Huntington, NY — The Paramount
6/24/14 — Cleveland, OH — Agora Theatre
6/25/14 — Glen Allen, VA — Innsbrook After Hours
6/27/14 — Biloxi, MS — Golden Nugget Hotel Casino
7/10/14 — Pharr, TX — Pharr Events Center
7/11/14 — Dallas, TX — South Side Ballroom
7/15/14 — Tempe, AZ — The Marquee Theatre
7/17/14 — Los Angeles, CA — House of Blues
7/18/14 — Las Vegas, NV — Fremont Street Experience
7/19/14 — Valley Center, CA — The Event Center at Harrah’s Rincon
7/22/14 — Portland, OR — Crystal Ballroom
7/23/14 — Eugene, OR —Lane County Fair
7/26/14 — Medicine Hat, AB — Medicine Hat Stampede **
7/29/14 — Boise, ID — Revolution Center
7/31/14 — Denver, CO — Ogden Theatre
8/01/14 — Bonner Springs, KS — Cricket Wireless Amphitheater
8/03/14 — Sturgis, SD — Easyriders Saloon
8/05/14 — Cedar Rapids, IA — McGrath Amphitheatre
8/07/14 — West Allis, WI — Wisconsin State Fair
8/08/14 — Arlington Heights, IL — House of Music and Entertainment
8/09/14 — Toledo, OH — Hollywood Casino Toledo

** No Spacehog on this date

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Matt Nathanson Rocks On With His Bad Self

Matt Nathanson

Catch Matt and his bad ass self on "That Metal Show," uh, today..!


Singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson will be featured on the Lifetime TV series Celebrity Bucket List this Saturday, March 8th at 8:30am ET/PT (check local listings for additional times across the U.S.).  In this episode—taped in his hometown of San Francisco—Nathanson fulfills one of his lifelong dreams, meeting iconic singer Chris Isaak. Click here for a sneak preview of the two performing a hit song and a classic, and here to see them collaborating on Nathanson’s song “Kinks Shirt.”

This episode of Celebrity Bucket List is the latest in the series that offers celebrities the opportunity to experience doing something they’ve always wanted to do. Nathanson recently had the opportunity to cross another item off his “bucket List” when he made a guest appearance on VH1’s That Metal Show. A diehard fan of the metal genre, Nathanson joined hosts Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine to share his knowledge and love of all things metal. Click here to view the episode.

Following his appearance on Celebrity Bucket List, Matt Nathanson will be going overseas to play sold out dates for his first headlining UK tour. His latest album Last Of the Great Pretenders features the song "Heart Starts," the catchy theme to Celebrity Bucket List, as well as the hit single “Kinks Shirt”— which is seeing continued success at radio, currently #28 and climbing on the HAC chart after already hitting Top 15 at Triple A radio.  “Kinks Shirt” is also being heard on America’s Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest, The Billy Bush Show and Rick Dee’s Countdown.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

James Durbin's Video For "Parachute" Pops

"I have Tourettes and Aspergers, but Tourrets and Aspergers don't have me. You know, I'm doing what I can to suppress it and I don't let it take advantage of me. It's not who I am. You know, I'm James Durbin. Like I said in the beginning, I am here to show America who I am, and it is what it is" James Durbin

James Durbin has been proving the above statement ever since he was a finalist on "American Idol."

With his upcoming sophomore CD "Celebrate" dropping April 8th - and his video for his single "Parachute" out now, there is no stopping "The Durbin."

Hope you tuned in last night to watch James take the stage and perform "Parachute" on "Idol."

Enjoy the video below...!


Durbin Rocks!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beware The Ides Of Ozomatli !

March on! Here comes Ozomatli!!


Starting today, music lovers everywhere have the opportunity to hear Ozomatli’s new album Place In the Sun thanks to influential Los Angeles public radio station KCRW. Just log on to their Album Preview webpage and get an exclusive sneak preview of the full album featuring tracks such as the first single “Brighter” featuring Dave Stewart (of The Eurythmics), “Paleta” featuring Voces Del Rancho, and “Burn It Down.” The Ozomatli love continues on Friday, March 7th, when the song “Ready To Go” will hold the spotlight as KCRW’s “Today’s Top Tune.”

Ozomatli continues their strong relationship with radio partners both in their hometown of Los Angeles and around the nation. This past weekend, SiriusXM’s prominent Latino channels La Kueva and Caliente presented the world premiere of Spanish single “Paleta.” Newest Los Angeles radio station KCSN will be ingraining the band in their Latin Alternative music programming.

Place In the Sun is the new album from the multi-cultural Grammy-winning superstars. It is the band’s eighth album in a career spanning almost 20 years and produced by the band and longtime friend, world renowned engineer Robert Carranza (Eels, Jack Johnson, The Mars Volta). The band unveiled their new lyric video for “Brighter,” which you can check out here. Ozomatli will be hitting the road following the release of Place In the Sun. You can view the full list of tour dates by visiting

Ozomatli has also teamed up with Pledge Music to offer fans an exclusive pre-order of their March 11th Vanguard Records debut album Place In the Sun. Fans who pre-order the album here will have the opportunity to receive limited edition merchandise including signed drum heads, signed vinyl, test pressings from the new album, VIP meet and greet packages and more. In addition, those who pre-order will have access to the band’s latest videos, track streams and more before anyone else!

About Ozomatli:
Having originated in East Los Angeles, the city and its elements are firmly at Ozomatli’s core.  The city, likewise, shares a mutual admiration for the band, as evidenced by the band’s partnerships with the Los Angeles Dodgers and, perhaps more impressively, the Los Angeles City Council’s proclamation of every April 23rd as “Ozomatli Day.”  Reaching far beyond the city limits, though, the band has also served as Cultural Ambassadors for the U.S. State Department, collaborated with the Boston and New York Pops Orchestras, and they were the first band to be asked to give a musical talk at the TED Conference in San Francisco.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Is That A Lizard In Your Pocket Or? "Gila!"

I'm a complete sucker for tongue in cheek, cheesy B movies and this one looks like a TOTAL blast!

Get your lizard on!

"Rock 'n roll is here to stay" despite the best efforts of a giant gila monster in Polyscope's sci-fi comedy movie Gila! scheduled for release on DVD this April 22nd. 

Based loosely on the 1959 sci-fi classic Giant Gila Monster, the revived Gila! features a ferocious, rampaging giant gila monster, classy hot rods, vintage 50's rock 'n roll music, cute co-eds, fist fights, drag racing and an all-star cast who rally to defend their small town.  

"A perfect 'date night' drive-in movie," says producer Bill Dever. "Family fun with music, action, a very scary monster and a terrific cast. Inspirational sci-fi horror."

It's not all the monster's fault since his giant size and voracious appetite come from accidental toxic chemical contact, and beneath the action, Gila! carries a few contemporary political, social and environmental messages. 

Directed by Jim Wynoski, the movie follows a small-town Sheriff and a young hot-rod mechanic as they suddenly face the giant gila monster's surprise attacks - first on farm animals, hapless humans, a passing freight train and then a small Indiana town busily preparing for the big Christmas rock 'n roll dance.  

"It's funny, scary, camp and relevant," says Dever, "featuring some of the best music of the 1950's and some cool cars."  The antique hot rods and classics were provided by a midwest car club.  

Gila! stars veteran television actor Terrence Knox (Tour of DutySt. Elsewhere) as the Sheriff. The handsome Chase is played by Brian Gross (Red Tails) who races, then rallies with restless hot-rodder Jesse Janzen as Waco Bob and seductress Carla, played with a passionate zing by Christina DeRosa as they fight the Giant Gila Monster.

                                                                "Gila" The Trailer

The Gila Monster is no longer the federally protected and endangered southwest desert critter thoughtlessly nudged through balsa wood walls in the original movie.  Clever EFX and a dangerous man-made chemical spill morph the gila into a monster and cave crickets into chickens. Tracked down and annoyed by the Sheriff's nitro explosion that supposedly sealed the cave the monster breaks through by morning and wreaks havoc.

Town drunk and civil libertarian Compton, played brilliantly by Rich Komenich, saves the day with a bottle of whisky in one hand and the Second Amendment in the other.  His secret stash of machine guns and nitroglycerin - stockpiled to fight Russians or Martians or atomic monsters - has everyone home just in time for Christmas.

Gerald Pauwels plays the classic rich, blowhard Mayor who is forced  to face the realities of city leadership as he, the Sheriff, the hot-rodders and town drunk pull together to fight the monster. Actor Don Sullivan who plays hero Chase in the original movie returns as the Scientist.  

Gila spit, as we all learned in junior high science and Sullivan reminds us, is bad, but in Gila! giant gila goo dissolves human flesh in wonderful B-movie fashion.  

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Penatatonix Rules The Orpheum In Los Angeles, CA


Last night I caught the amazing Pentatonix as they took The Orpheum stage in Los Angeles,CA! They were frickin' awesome!

Would you expect anything less from the fabulous five?

So, yours truly got to go to the meet and greet backstage post Orpheum show and I captured the excitement and fun for all of you...

Look, It's Beat Boxer & Cello Player Kevin Olusola!

Avi Kaplan Saying Hi To A Fan

Scott Hoying I Presume
Me & Kirstie Maldonado
My Friend & PTX Publicist Ken Phillips

Mitch Grassi With His Cool Lion Print Shirt

Saturday, March 1, 2014

James Durbin Kikis With "Conan" & On "American Idol" This Week!

Celebrate  Durbinators it's time to kiki..!

James Durbin is gearing up for his sophomore CD release CELEBRATE on April 8, 2014 and has been confirmed to perform his new single, “Parachute” on Conan Monday, March 3 as well as Fox’s Good Day LA morning show on Tuesday, March 4. “Parachute” is the lead track off of CELEBRATE and has been one of the most added new songs at Hot AC radio.  

Parachute is available for purchase via iTunes here:

James is also scheduled to appear on American Idol Wednesday, March 5 and will premiere the official video for “Parachute” on  the same day.  

The lyric video for “Parachute,” an homage to 80’s retro arcade games, recently made its premiere on Yahoo! Music and can currently be viewed on James’ VEVO channel on YouTube

Join the Kiki!,http:/