Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Halloween Five

Satan In Disguise -
Michael Shinafelt

"Happy, Happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. Happy, Happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!"

Halloween III: Season of the Witch is a quite underrated movie. John Carpenter and Debra Hill were approached by Universal to do a third Halloween film after the studio picked up the sequel to the indie smash Halloween.

Their plan? To do a franchise under the Halloween banner every year, with a different theme. Turns out the public demanded and only had love for Michael Myers. Gotta give those two credit though for trying to be innovative and fun!

Which brings me to the theme of this year's Season of the Witch post. I am going to give you five of my favorite fright films, in no particular order, with the exception of number one. I bet you already know what that is...
Always Number 1!
1) Halloween - This is my one and only when it comes to sheer horror. I can not count how many times I have seen it and how much I love it! It was the first horror film my Father took me to, and it scared the shit out of me. It is still under my skin to this day, even though I know what's coming. Jamie Lee Curtis rules!

2) Excision - Teen angst, domineering mothers, delusional aspirations of being a world class surgeon.
This psychological gore fest is a brilliant feature debut from Director/Writer Richard Bates, Jr. It also features two great performances from AnnaLynne McCord and Traci Lords.

3) Psycho - Like mother like daughter. Janet Leigh shocked the world of cinema by appearing in Alfred Hithcock's then explicit and never seen nothing like it thriller Psycho. Janet as you may or may not know was the mother of future Scream Queen and Halloween star, Jamie Lee Curtis. This movie still holds up today as a master class in film making and what an intelligent slasher film could and should be.
4) The Hunger - was anything sexier than Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie slashing their prey's throats with an ankh and drinking their blood at the height of orgasm? Well, one more thing in this awesome vampire flick was, the sex scene between Deneuve turning Susan Sarandon into her latest immortal fling. Tony Scott's best.

5) Cat People - No, not the original in 1942. That one I never saw the big deal about. But the re-imagining of it by auteur Paul Schrader. While the film is more of an erotic fantasy. It is peppered with enough horror elements and violence to really set it above the cut. With Malcom McDowell at his freaky best and Nastassja Kinski doing what she does best...meow, sex kitten.

While these are not the only Holiday Flicks I love, they are the cream of the crop to me. With John Carpenter's Halloween always remaining #1 in my blackened heart.

Happy Halloween! Until next year...

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Treat: Tanya Tucker On Halloween!

Remember The Alamo?
Tucker Appears on "The Alamo Jones Show" on Sirius XM Channel 60
Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1
Join the legendary Tanya Tucker tomorrow, yes tomorrow as in Halloween tomorrow. All treat and no tricks, promise!

Country music icon Tanya Tucker will charm listeners this Halloween weekend when she appears on “The Alamo Jones Show” Saturday, October 31 from 1–5pm (CDT) on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country (Channel 60).

Tucker, known for charismatic and witty personality, will open up about her nationwide tour underway as well as some of her outlaw stories from the road and her illustrious career. The sassy and outspoken star is one of the few women to successfully penetrate the Outlaw Country movement.

In addition to Tucker’s appearance on Saturday, SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country will replay “The Alamo Jones Show” again on Sunday, November 1 from 5–9pm (CST).

Currently, Tucker is preparing for the launch of a new album while criss-crossing the country with her instantly recognizable vocal flare and legendary repertoire that includes “Some Kind of Trouble,” “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane,” “Love Me Like You Used To” and many more.

Of course, no Tucker performance would be complete without her breakthrough hit, “Delta Dawn.” The Alex Harvey-written classic, which launched thirteen year old Tucker into superstardom in 1972, anchors a performance that showcases her hits as well as stories and anecdotes from her 40 year career.

Since her 1972 debut, Tucker has enjoyed an incredible career that garnered her four Platinum albums and eight Gold albums. In a storied 40 year career, she has produced 23 Top 40 albums and a string of 56 Top 40 singles, 10 of which reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts. Along the way, she has provided some of the biggest country music hits of each decade, including, “Blood Red and Goin’ Down,” “Would you Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone)” and “Texas (When I Die).” Tucker is also the recipient of numerous awards, including two CMAs, two ACMs, and three CMT awards.

Follow Tanya Tucker on TwitterFacebook and Instagram or visit

Tanya Tucker on Sirius XM Outlaw Country (Ch. 60)
Saturday, October 31 1–5pm (CDT)
Sunday, November 1 5-9pm (CST)

Tanya Tucker on Tour
Oct 30 – State Theatre – Eau Claire, WI
Oct 31 – The Palladium – Carmel, IN
Nov 01 – The Arcada Theatre – St. Charles, IL
Dec 03 – Golden Nugget Casino – Las Vegas NV
Dec 04 – Wild Horse Pass Casino – Chandler AZ
Dec 30 – Soaring Eagle Casino Resort – Mt. Pleasant MI

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Different Kind Of "Tomboy"

Bend It Like
Michelle Rodriguez
Ever since Michelle Rodriguez hit the scene in the indie film Girl Fight she has always marched to the beat of her own drummer. In other words she is fantastic!

So leave it to her to star in a most unique tale about "an assassin who is double-crossed by gangsters and finds herself under the scalpel of a rogue surgeon known as “The Doctor,” who turns him into a woman. Rodriguez’s character then seeks revenge on the gang"

No your eyes are not deceiving you Michelle is going to play a transgender assassin. If anyone can pull this off it's her. 

FYI "The Doctor" will be portrayed by none other than Sigourney Weaver, who coincidentally co-starred with Rodriguez in Avatar. One must always have a partner in crime I always say and Sigourney is a game actress up for anything.

Oh, yeah, the movie has a title too: Tomboy, A Revenger's Tale 

It was written and will be directed by veteran action dude Walter Hill, best know for the cult film The Warriors and 48 Hours with Eddie Murphy.


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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Me & Mrs. Bones

Who's That Dead Couple?
Three more days 'til Halloween/ Halloween/ Halloween/ Three more days 'til Halloween/ Silver Shamrock.

With only three days left 'till Halloween there is a plethora of celebrities springing up all over the Internet in their finest Holiday attire.

Can you guess who this couple is? The Bone Ranger & Tonto? Mr. & Mrs. Bones? ....if you guessed Mr. and Mrs. Josh Duhamel then you guessed well! Throw yourself a, you guessed it, bone! Ha!

Don't Fergie and Josh look great as a Day Of The Dead couple? They would both look good wearing paper bags over their heads honestly.

Wonder when Fergie is coming out with some new music?

Happy Halloween Countdown Wednesday

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Hello" I Win!

Adele: Watch Your Back Taylor Swift!
Yes, you heard correctly, our Lady Of Adele kicked Taylor Swift's skinny white girl booty! Her video for her single Hello which made it's debut Friday and has earned her, what else? Rave Reviews and got the most views of any video in a 24 hour period. Thus dethroning Swift's previous title holder Bad Blood.

Total Views in a 24 hour period:

Bad Blood: 20.1 million

Hello: 27.7 million

Wow! I must admit I am somewhat biased when it comes to this, because I honestly have never watched the video for Bad Blood, no, really, I haven't. However I did pounce on Adele singing Hello  and watched it the minute it surfaced. 

Nothing against Taylor she simply isn't my thing, Adele on the other hand...well I'm pretty sure you figured out what team I am on at this point.

Hope there is no Bad Blood over this, wait, I take that back. In the spirit (pun intended) of the season bring it!

Four more days 'till Halloween, Silver Shamrock....

Team Adele

Team Taylor  

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hot Hamburglar !

Where's The Beef?
Nick Jonas
Scream Queens star and possible Kate Hudson fling, Nick Jonas showed up to the 2015 Maxim Halloween Party dressed as the Hamburglar. Now this could make me start eating at McDonald's again! To top off the costume her toted his phone in a hamburger case.

All I have to say is Nick is not only successful and hot, he now proves he has a sense of humor and does not take himself too seriously! Yep, a great treat for Halloween indeed!

I for one am excited for Jonas to re-appear as his charming, sexy gay character Boone on Scream Queens (remember he was seen alive at the end of the last episode he was in) - wearing my favorite thing to see him in underwear and nothing else. 

Or showing more skin in the show Kingdom!

Five more days 'til Halloween/ Halloween/ Halloween/ Five more days 'til Halloween/ Silver Shamrock.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Six More Days 'Til Halloween...

Don't Be Cruel
Iggy Azalea 

Six more days 'til Halloween/ Halloween/ Halloween/ Six more days 'til Halloween/ Silver Shamrock.

That's right only six more days until the Big H ghouls so I thought I would run a pic of one of the best celebrity costumes ever.

Iggy Azalea as Cruella DeVille! Not only does that costume look great on Iggy, I mean check out how perfectly fitted and detailed it is, hey she ever brought along a Dalmatian to accessorize.

But think about this, in consideration all the negative press Ms. Azalea received this past year it seems like the perfect costume for her, no?

Six more days left people! I hope you have been celebrating all month long and are more than ready for All Hallows Eve. Especially since it falls on a Saturday this year.

Have a Scary Sunday...!!!

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rock You Like A Hurricane!

They're going to rock you like a hurricane - forever and a day...
That's Hot!

The new fully authorized Scorpions documentary Forever and a Day is wrapping up its theatrical run and will come to DVD, Blu-ray, and digital platforms on November 27th (in German with English subtitles). The movie takes a look at the German hard-rock legends' long career, while focusing on the band's Final Sting trek, which initially was intended to be a farewell tour.

As the film shows, during the 2011-2012 tour, the band members were so energized by the response from fans that they decided to scrap their retirement plans. Founding Scorpions guitarist Rudolf Schenker says that if you watch Forever and a Day, you can see the veteran rockers come to the realization that they weren't ready to call it quits.

Schenker explains, "Seeing all these old fans, the new fans coming, everything was sold out, and getting told by the fans what the music means for them, then we more and more" understood that the time wasn't right for the band to retire.

Among the interesting career highlights covered in the movie is The Scorpions' historic 1991 visit to the Kremlin in Moscow to meet Mikhail Gorbachev. The band presented the then-Soviet president with a gold record for its hit ballad "Wind of Change," which celebrated the end of the Cold War.

                                                  Rock You Like A Hurricane !
Describing "Wind of Change" as "the soundtrack of the most peaceful revolution on Earth," Schenker says The Scorpions' visit with Gorbachev was "something very special" since they were the first, and possibly the only, Western band ever invited to the Kremlin. He adds that The Scorpions are still friendly with Gorbachev, who makes an appearance in Forever and a Day commenting about the group and the impact of "Wind of Change."

The Scorpions recently wrapped up the 2015 U.S. leg of its 50th anniversary tour, which also is in support of their latest studio album, Return to Forever. With regard to the band's future, longtime Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs says, "It doesn't look like the end is near. You know, we keep ourselves open now. We tried the farewell tour, and we [called] it afterwards the 'went well' tour."

The Scorpions will finish the year with a series of European dates in November and December, with more to come in February and March of 2016, including a run of shows in their homeland. Jabs says the band also plans to play more U.S. shows in May, and may visit South America and China as well. Check for the group's confirmed itinerary.


Friday, October 23, 2015

American Horror Story: Hotel - Discuss

Let's face it every season of American Horror Story divides fans of the genre pro and con. But they keep coming back for more? Why? Because no matter what your opinion on the individual seasons AHS captures something that gets under every horror fans skin on some level.

This season the divide seems to be a little larger in terms of pro and con. After all the shows anchor from the very beginning, acclaimed actress Jessica Lange exited after four seasons. Two of them good, one of them OK and another one tragic. Who took her place? Why none other than the multi-talented pop icon Lady Gaga - now that's diversity!

So I decided to enlist my niece and fellow horror fanatic, Kelly Waters to discuss what she thinks of season five "Hotel" - time to check in, Kelly!

MS: Before we start what's your favorite horror movie off the top of your head?

KW: Well, by far my favorite is John Carpenter's "Halloween," I've seen it millions of times.

MS: It's mine too! I watch it every year.

KW: Yeah, I watch it every year and all year long. I never get tired of it!

My Niece & Partner In Crime
Kelly Waters
MS: So, let's talk "American Horror Story: Hotel" - I'm really liking it!

KW: I fricking love it! It's dirty, raunchy...It's probably a little much for cable television, but I love that! Oh My God, seriously like the metal dildo, whoooooa?! My butt cringed!

MS: Well I didn't find it shocking, you expect AHS to push the envelope, but I thought: ouch!

KW: Yeah, it's like, wow, ok, we're taking it to that level.

MS: A lot of people were upset about Jessica Lange leaving. Personally I was actually excited, I felt it would take the show to a whole new level.

KW: Yes, I agree. I love her though.

MS: So, do I but Ryan Murphy always built the show around Jessica, and now he built it around Lady Gaga. It's raunchy, glamorous and over the top gory. Yeah, I like her in it!

KW: I was really shocked about how good she turned out to be. Because I was really unsure. It was like Oooooh, I don't know...I'm not like the biggest Lady Gaga fan, but I don't hate her by any means. She has definitely surpassed my expectations.

MS: You saw "The Hunger" didn't you?

KW: Uh, no I didn't

MS:  Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer were modeled after the Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie characters in it. We all know there is nothing new in the world and that people borrow from everything. There is nothing wrong with that.

KW: Right.

MS: Just put your own spin on it.

KW: Exactly!

MS: There's nothing new anymore, get over it!

KW: No, there is nothing original these days.

MS: Do you have a crush on Matt Bomer? I do.

KW: Oh yes, he is so cute!
What Are You Going To Do?
Lady Gaga & Matt Bomer

MS: Every year AHS always goes many places that are taboo. This year to me it is The Countess feeding her stable of children so she in turn can drink their blood. How do you feel about that as a Mother?

KW: Because this season is focused on vampires, it certainly didn't shock me. The fact that they are hooked up to to the machines and aren't being bled to death, did not really bother me. The machines to me made that disconnect, it wasn't like she was sitting there  feeding directly off of them. That would most likely make me a little more queasy. Or if she was tearing their heads off or something. But the way it is portrayed it doesn't really have the disturbing feeling for me. Now that I am a Mom I am pretty sensitive to that.

MS: So the verdict is we are both loving this season of AHS.

KW: Yes, definitely!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Get Your Tickets! "Terror Toons 3" Premiere !

Here is the 411 about the Terror Toons 3 premiere!

Screening will be on November 7, 2015 @11AM at the Laemmle NOHO 7 Theatre in North Hollywood, CA. Ticket details will be coming very soon. Event will be open to the public as well. It will include a Q&A following the screening with Director Joe Castro.

Interested? Want to know more? What happens in the cartoon dimension stays there, but here is what I can divulge:

You need to be in the Los Angeles area the weekend of November 7th.

If you would like to purchase tickets I have included the link to do just that at the bottom of the page. 

Terror Toons 3 is the sequel to Terror Toons 1 & 2

I am in it and will be attending the premiere.

Oh, and I also have 10 free tickets to unload to the first 10 people who contact me via E-mail, Tweet or Comment on this post.

The premiere is only two weeks away, hope to see all of you there!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's Witchy Wednesday!

Bette Midler
Witchy Woman
It's Wednesday, October 21st 2015 and only ten more days until Halloween! Can I get shriek or two?! 

So I thought I would celebrate this by posting this fun picture of the one and only Bette Midler as a witch who is a far cry from Winifred Sanderson, the witch she portrayed in Hocus Pocus.

The Divine Ms. M also brought along her assistant Sister Mary Bonejangles to help bridle you in and make you submit.

Let Bette put a spell on you...because she can! Happy Witchy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Horror! With Author M.E. Franco

Sign It In Blood...M.E!

Some Of The M.E. Franco Oeuvre
It's that time again, "Yes" it's a yearly Halloween tradition. You know, the time I get together with fellow horror (and vampire) lover author M.E. Franco and have some irreverent Halloween fun?!
M.E. after all wrote a hugely popular supernatural series of books referred to as the "Dion" series. Among other things that are literary. So let's get to it, cut a Jack-O-Lantern there's nothing to it, shriek!
MS: M.E., are you a good witch or a bad witch?

ME: Depends on my mood. When I'm a good witch, I'm very bad, and when I'm a bad witch, I'm very good.
MS: Would you check into The Cortez on "American Horror Story?"
ME: Absolutely! (I know exactly which room you can stay in BTW) 
Join Me, M.E. - Sincerely, Matt Bomer
MS: If Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer wanted to have a three way with you would you go for it, even though you would end up dead after orgasm?
ME: When it comes to the horror genre, this would definitely be my preferred way to go. Way better than getting shanked by Michael Myers. And who could say no to Matt Bomer? (hint: not me)
Ewwwwwww! Devil Germs! 
MS: Which Scream Queen would you not want to be?
ME: I'm a bad horror fan. I haven't seen this show yet, but I'm going to catch up! I wouldn't want to be the one that dies though. I want to be the one who survives and writes the best selling book about the experience along with the movie rights of course.
MS: How would you most like to off a member of a sorority?
ME: Hemlock poisoning would be a very Greek thing to do for irony, but not nearly gory enough. Recreating the shower scene in Psycho? Now that would be classic.
Pinhead: Let's Go Shopping At The Pleasure Chest
MS: Pinhead from "Hellraiser" asks you to go shopping for sex toys, do you go with him?
ME: I'd love to. I think I could learn a lot
Let's Do The Time Warp Again!
MS: Have you ever done the Time Warp?
ME: Only on rainy Saturday nights.
MS: What creature of the night would you most want to touch you when wanna be dirty?
ME: You know I'm a vampire girl!
Hey, M.E.
Gerard Butler Here For All Your Vampire Needs
MS: Name one thing a supernatural character in one of your books would never be without.
ME: A stiff dagger. (cough, cough, no comment)
MS: Have you ever taken a ride on the Highway to Hell, if so describe it.
ME: What happens on the Highway to Hell, stays on the Highway to Hell. I'll take that to my grave!

Take It To The Grave With M.E. at:

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E.G. Daily: Back On Track

EG Daily
No Caption Needed
E.G. Daily is an 80's icon known for movies like Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Valley Girl, as well as her hit singles Say It, Say It and Mind Over Matter.

She is also known for her prolific voice over work as Tommy Pickles on Rugrats, Buttercup in the Powerpuff Girls and Babe in Babe Pig In The City.

Last year E.G. came back to music in a big way by appearing on NBC's The Voice as a member of team Blake Shelton and is continuing that momentum and performing a unique one of a kind show by returning to the place that made her a star on the music scene, the Sunset Strip. Tell us all about it E.G...

MS: E.G. I hear your heading back to the Sunset Strip and performing at The Whiskey A
Go Go this November 22nd.

EG: I'm so excited I'm going to do my classic hits, "Say It, Say It" and "Mind Over Matter" from the 80's and then we're going to do some secret fun tribute things. We're also going to do some tracks from albums over the years and some brand new songs that are soooooo good! It's going to be a blast!

MS: Fun times at a cool venue and the return of E.G. Daily to the Sunset Strip where she started it all...

EG: I've been playing the Sunset Strip since I was fifteen. So it's so cool going back decades later and playing the Whiskey.
MS: When I first moved to Los Angeles you played The Coconut Teaser (now defunct) all the time.

EG: Yeah! I haven't been to the Whiskey in a while but I used to go there all the time, and I can't wait to return!

MS: You really put yourself out there again singing last year on "The Voice" as part of Blake Shelton's team, but kept a really low profile in that area of your career prior to that, what was going on with you?

EG: I went through about a year of depression, overall is was about two years. I had anxiety, I'd wake up at three in the morning panicking and have these adrenaline shakes, all this stuff. Then I started thinking: "What's going on here? What's not working in my life?" That's what you've got to do, you have to go in, you have to reevaluate your life. Then I totally remembered that I love to sing and started doing it every day. Getting back into singing started to change my life. During my two year depression I thought my life was over.

MS: Absolutely, that's how I felt during mine.

EG: When a caterpillar dies, and you think it's dead, but it's actually cooped up. It's reborn as a butterfly. That's what depression is, but when you are going through it, it's scary.

MS: I was ambushed and someone pushed me into therapy.

EG: Good! I went to a doctor and I'm like: "What is wrong with me? I'm dying," He's like: "No you're not your depressed" (both laugh)

MS: So how was it being on "The Voice?"

EG:  I came around again, and it made me brand new!

MS: That's such a great thing about that show, the exposure is amazing!

EG: Yeah, I would have liked to stay on longer, but it was a great experience! I would love to go back on there again.

MS: You've got a new movie coming out, Rob Zombie's "31."

EG: It's bad ass! I play a great character in it! The critics are saying it's his best movie ever.

MS: My favorite Rob Zombie movie was the other one you were in, "The Devil's Rejects."

EG: Yeah, well this one they have literally said "31" is his best ever. I have a really cool part in it. I'm looking forward to getting into more acting, with really great, interesting roles again.

MS: So, November 22nd is a Sunday night, correct?

EG: Yes, Sunday night, people should get there around nine, me and my band go on at nine-thirty and we are going to do an hour set. It's going to be a great one of a kind evening, hope to see all of you there!

Get your tickets early for E.G. at:

Keep up with E.G. on the web at:  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's Haunted Hayride Sunday, Scared?!

Haunted Hayride
Can You Spot The Pregnant Supermodel?
Nothing says date night with another couple like Los Angeles's Haunted Hayride! Jeepers Creepers, watch out for the pregnant supermodel! 

What does Chrissy Teigen do after announcing she and John Legend are expecting their first child? Go on a Haunted Hayride with Jessica Alba and Cash Warren and a few other friends of course!

The Haunted Hayride is a popular Southern California attraction that happens every year to celebrate Halloween and as Alba captioned the above photo on her Instagram"We had a fright tonight @lahauntedhayride"

Personally I am concerned about the giant Killer Klown in the background. Pennywise has nothing on his ass, watch out for your baby Chrissy, hey you never know...Boo!

Scare yourself silly and take a ride in the hay at:                

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Music For Boobies

Awesome! Looking Forward to THIS!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Here is a ultra-cool project announcement from the non-profit The Keep A Breast Foundation.
The Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB), an organization dedicated to empowering young people around the world with breast health education and support, has partnered with Rude Records to curate an alternative music compilation entitled ‘Music for Boobies’, with proceeds going to support KAB’s vision of eradicating breast cancer for future generations. Launching this December, the collection will include songs performed by globally-known music acts in collaboration with visionaries in the alternative rock community.
“Having spent countless years on the ground at Warped Tour educating about breast cancer prevention and early detection, Keep A Breast has always considered the alternative music scene an invaluable partner in engaging a young audience” said Shaney jo Darden, Founder of KAB. “As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we’re really excited to join forces with Rude Records on the ‘Music for Boobies’ compilation, which will feature many of our favorite artists we've met over the years.”
The current list of global supporters generously backing this initiative include top industry record labels such as Epitaph, Side One Dummy, The Orchard, Sumerian, Pure Noise, Equal Vision, The Agency Group, The Noise Cartel, Earshot Media and magazines Kerrang! and Alternative Press.
The compilation will be released on worldwide digital outlets March 2016, with pre-orders launched this December, as well as a first instant free single, available at 50% of all proceeds garnered through the sale of the compilation will go to support KAB’s ongoing efforts. A full track list is expected to be released in the coming weeks.       

About The Keep A Breast Foundation
Now entering their 15th year, The Keep A Breast Foundation ™ is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support. Since its inception in 2000, KAB has worked with young people to remove the shame associated with breasts and breast cancer health. Through various initiatives such as breast cast art exhibitions, the “Non Toxic Revolution” and "I love boobies!" campaign, KAB has opened up the dialogue about breast cancer, and has proven to be a doorway to breast self-awareness and education. Keep A Breast has grown into the leading global youth-based breast cancer prevention organization, with global affiliates in Japan, Canada, France, UK and Chile. Constantly pushing the boundaries of the pink ribbon status quo, Keep A Breast has always encouraged young people to love their boobies, get to know their bodies and be aware of changes. Twitter/Instagram: @keepabreast                                                                                                                                                                           

Friday, October 16, 2015

Madonna Is "Burning Up!"

Madonna Shreds It!
"Oh, do you wanna see me down on my knees? Or bending over backwards, now, would you be pleased? I'm not the others, I'd do anything I'm not the same, I have no shame, I'm on fire" Madonna - Burning Up

Madonna is currently blazing across the world on her Rebel Heart Tour, earning rave reviews! You go your Madgesty

As we know Madonna is always working hard to push her own boundaries and one of those things has been to learn how to master various musical instruments that she had not a clue how to play at some point in her life.

Well the big "M" hits the electric guitar and shreds it to her classic "Burning Up!" This song happens to be my introduction to Madonna as a young man growing up in the Seattle area, when I am sure the electric guitar was not something in her repertoire at that point in time.

I can't believe it's been forty years since I first became a disciple in the church of Madonna !!!

Can I get an Amen?!

Become a believer at:    

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ant Music For Sex People

Adam Ant "The Blueblack Hussar"
In-depth documentary coming to on DVD and digital platforms in the US
on October 16th

 "Jack Bond's intriguingly unguarded fly-on-the-Ant-wall doc finds Adam himself a mite stomped-on by mental health issues and music-biz vagaries." - The Guardian

Hey, no Halloween season would be complete without the a glam king...and here one is, the truly original, one of a kind Mr. Adam Ant - Shade too white!
This Sunrise Pictures production was described as, "Amazing and wonderful", by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and, "Up there with Pennebaker and the Maysles Brothers", by Sam Dunn, BFI. The film's Director, the renowned Jack Bond, captures this true icon's extraordinary and brave comeback, after years of mental health problems. The 99 minute film comes packaged with bonus features like rare live performance footage, and a Q&A with Jack Bond hosted by journalist John Robb. The trailer can be seen here: 

The Blueblack Hussar is Adam's latest persona and, so emboldened, he embarks on his first tour for 15 years with a new backing band, 'The Good, the Mad and the Lovely Posse'. For the first time since his Punk roots, Adam is captured playing with a young, hungry band, and collaborating with the likes of Boz Boorer (Morrissey, The Pole Cats, etc). The film includes electrifying live performances, starting at London's 100 Club and culminating at Hyde Park, before an audience of 55,000. Jack Bond's 'fly on the wall' direction includes intimate scenes of Adam at home, backstage and even getting a new tattoo. The film exposes Adam's complex personality through the characters he interacts with on his journey, who include Amy Winehouse producer, Mark Ronson, Jamie Reynolds of The Klaxons and the legendary Pop Artist Allen Jones ('A Clockwork Orange'), Adam's art student days' mentor. 
Will You Accept This Rose?
Adam Ant
The film takes in the atmosphere pervading Adam's life in London, including that explosive show at the 100 Club. The Blueblack Hussar also follows his escape to Paris to record with his 'Bardoesque' backing singer, Twinkle and the enigmatic film star, Charlotte Rampling, who inspired his first album, 'Dirk Wears White Sox'. Jack Bond, one of Britain's most innovative directors, returns to the Cinema Verité roots of his ground-breaking 1965 film, 'Dali in New York' to portray the creative talent of Adam Ant, another 'mad genius'.

Jack Bond himself is an English Director/Producer of feature films and television documentaries, including films on Salvador Dali, Roald Dahl, Patricia Highsmith, Werner Herzog and The Pet Shop Boys. Three of his feature films: 'Separation', 'Anticlock' and 'The Other Side of the Underneath' have been re-released on DVD and Blu-ray by the BFI. Jack Bond is to be the subject of a biography by Kirk Lake ('There Will Be Rainbows', a biography of Rufus Wainwright) and is currently working on a new feature film.

The Blueblack Hussar is an honest - at times excruciatingly so - portrait of a troubled, but ultimately triumphant natural talent. The years may have marched on but Adam Ant, as this unflinching film proves beyond doubt, remains a true star.

Bonus Materials include:
Live performance of 'Whip in My Valise' at The Scala, London
Live performance of 'Young Parisians' duet with Boy George
Live performance of 'Deutsche Girls' at the Electric Ballroom, London
Q&A Jack Bond and journalist John Robb

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween, Durbin Style

James & Jack Skellington
 Mugging for the Camera!

Hey you guys, of course you all know James Durbin was the rocker with the most cake, placing 4th on American Idol season 10.

And he also made two successful albums: Memories of a Beautiful Disaster and Celebrate. But did you Durbinators know that James is crazy for Halloween? Well he is damn it! Here with his five favorite spooky traditions is my buddy Mr. James Durbin!

1. We always begin decorating early. 

2. We DIY our costumes. If not the entire costume at least customizing it in some way to make it better. 
James & Heidi Durbin
DIY! Halloween
3. My wife & I always have multiple costumes. Our family costume & our couples costumes. 

4. After trick or treating is over, my wife & I get a sitter, go out in full Day of the Dead makeup & have some drinks. 

5. We grow our own pumpkins

Do you smash your own pumpkins too...???

Celebrate Halloween with James and his Family at: