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Tales From The Darkside: Andrew De Leon

I'm Here to Suck Your...
Andrew De Leon

Former America's Got Talent Season 7 Semi-Finalist Andrew De Leon Signs with Standby Records, Releasing 3-Song EP 'Dark Tales' on August 21; Featured on

I'm only happy when it gets dark...
Former American's Got Talent season 7 semi-finalist Andrew De Leon has signed with Standby Records and will release his upcoming 3-song EP "Dark Tales" digitally via iTunes, etc on 8/21. The release will serve as a teaser of what fans can expect from his upcoming LP, which will be released in 2016.
The Kyle., TX based singer-songwriter first caught the attention of the public after his eye-raising audition aired on the NBC juggernaut 2012. Clips of his audition have been viewed more than 42 million times.
Track Listing:
1. Dark Tales
2. Sheets
3. What I've Become
More about Andrew De Leon:
"My name is Andrew, and I'm going to sing." Overnight, Andrew De Leon, a 19-year-old makeup artist and theater student from Kyle, Texas, went from total obscurity to one of the most talked-about acts of the 2012 season of America's Got Talent. Previously, the shy teen in black leather and metal spikes had only sung at home for his own enjoyment. That night in Austin, he stood on stage and wowed the studio audience and judges with a powerful rendition of the soprano aria, "O Mio Babbino Caro".
Since then, clips of his audition have been viewed more than 42 million times on YouTube. "You've got an amazing voice, and YOU are an individual," said judge Sharon Osbourne. "You are great” said judge Howie Mandel, adding, “Marilyn Manson does an aria." An equally strong performance during the "wild card" show and a rapidly growing fan base propelled him into the semi-finals, where he received a standing ovation. Author Ann Rice tweeted: "Andrew De Leon — what a voice. And he did it all on his own, singing in his room."
Since then, Andrew has been hard at work developing his unique musical style, composing, recording, and performing across the U.S. In 2013, he released his first album, "Black Lights", an eclectic mix of pop, soft rock, goth opera, and classical tracks. His voice ranges from the silky tenor of "Counterfeit Lover" to the chilling operatic soprano of "Vampiro".
Andrew performed mostly as a solo act, but after the success of his first album, he has been joined by Hunter Fisher (lead guitar, composer) and John Paul Grasso (guitar), with other musicians coming in as Andrew's signature sound continues to develop. Andrew's first live performance with his band was at the 2014 Austin Vampire Ball, and they have been invited back for 2015. "I bled onstage," said Andrew of the special effects in his 2014 performance, where he demonstrated his horror-movie makeup talents. He hopes to incorporate his love of theater and film making into his future endeavors, adding a visual element to the lyrics he writes and performs.
Andrew's 2015 EP "Dark Tales" demonstrates his evolving style, which blends elements of alternative rock, metal, classical, goth, and symphonic rock. He describes the title track as heavy and dark. Other tracks range from sensual and intimate to deep sadness.
Andrew sums it up with this line from "Dark Tales":
"I warned you from the start it won't be the same,
now that I've let you in this monster can't be tamed."

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Show Your Fangs With Matt Nathanson

The haunting album cover art by Angela Deane


Matt Nathanson, gets his Phyllis Diller on: Oh Fang!

 Matt Nathanson’s new album Show Me Your Fangs – his tenth studio recording – delves deeper and further into the complexities and observations of everyday life than any of his previous albums. Songs such as “Giants,” “Bill Murray,” “Adrenaline,” “Washington State Fight Song,” and the title track tell vivid stories touching on the overall theme of self-identity and how we choose to reveal ourselves. These vignettes are all offered wrapped in richer, musical textures with Nathanson’s signature seductive hooks. In as much as these songs have a solemn message, leave it to Nathanson to offer the perfect counter balance with the album’s new single “Gold  In The Summertime” with its sultry ‘70s soul groove.  

Show Me Your Fangs will be released October 2nd on Vanguard Records but starting tomorrow, July 31st, fans can pre-order the album via iTunes and and instantly receive a download of “Giants.”   

To celebrate the release of Show Me Your Fangs, Matt Nathanson will kick off an acoustic North American fall tour beginning September 28th in Boston, MA through October 30th in San Diego, CA. Full list of tour dates below. Tickets go on sale Friday, July 31st and each ticket purchased will include a download of Show Me Your Fangs upon release.

Matt shares, “I’m heading out on a super intimate, acoustic North American club tour this fall. After the last few summers of playing big places (which has ruled, btw), and bashing it out with electric guitars, I’ve been missing just playing acoustic guitar and telling stories. So, I’m leaving the rhythm section at home and Aaron [Tap] and I are gonna bust out for the month of October, troubadour-style.”

SHOW ME YOUR FANGS track listing:
Gold in the Summertime
Bill Murray
Show Me Your Fangs
Washington State Fight Song
Playlists and Apologies

2015 Fall Acoustic North American tour dates

9/28 - Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
9/30 - Philadelphia, PA @ World Café Live
10/1 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
10/2 - Pawling, NY @ Darryl's House
10/3 - Toronto, ON @ The Great Hall on Queen Street
10/4 - Ferndale, MI @ Magic Bag
10/6 - Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade
10/7 - Alexandria, VA @ Birchmere Music Hall
10/9 - Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
10/10 - Nashville, TN @ The Basement
10/11 - Decatur, GA @ Eddie's Attic (5pm show)
10/11 - Decatur, GA @ Eddie's Attic (8pm show)
10/13 - Austin, TX @ The Parish
10/14 - Dallas, TX @ The Kessler Theater
10/16 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
10/17 - Des Moines, IA @ Wooly's
10/18 - Evanston, IL @ SPACE (Society for the Preservation of Arts & Culture)
10/19 - Madison, WI @ Majestic Theater
10/20 - Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar
10/22 - Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
10/23 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The State Room
10/25 - Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theater
10/26 - Portland, OR @ Star Theater
10/28 - San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
10/29 - West Hollywood, CA @ Troubadour
10/30 - San Diego, CA @ Casbah

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wiz Bomb!

We're Going to "Wiz"
Mary J. Blige & Queen Latifah

So NBC is reviving The W-I-Z

That's correct, The Wiz is being, revived, woot! I remember seeing the original film starring Diana Ross as Dorothy and Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow. Oh, and let's not forget the late great Lena Horne as Glinda the Good. Directed by the great Sidney Lumet.

A lot of critics were divided, but I was completely spellbound. Hey "Ease On Down The Road" people.

Well current casting news on the NBC production eases like this: Queen Latifah as The Wiz and Mary J. Blige as Evillene, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Personally I can't wait for this! I love myself some Latifah and Blige!

 Just say no to poppies!

Get Wizzy with:

Latifah at:
Blige at:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Hip & Accessible" Far In The Maples

Far in the Maples
Regina Conroy & Reshy P.
Turning the celebrated, swingin’ sound of the Jersey Shore inside out, “poetic pop” duo Far In The Maples is poised to cast a new seaside musical legacy built upon the nuances of internal emotion with unexpected soundscapes, unforgettable melodies and the sweetly understated vocals. 

They recently released their album Skywork that showcases song-oriented music that’s both honest and contemporary with a classic timelessness, from an infectious new band driven by songbird Regina Conroy and multi-instrumentalist Reshy P.

Regina Conroy is here to tell us all about it, take it away Regina!

MS: Hey Regina nice to meet you, your musical style is so sophisticated. How did coming from the Jersey Shore influence it?

RC: Living at the Jersey Shore? I grew up around music all the time with my family. my Dad was a musician and so was my older brother. So when I was younger my Dad and my brother would play shows, or we would go to concerts, there was always stuff happening on the boardwalk, all these local shows that I would get to go to. I've loved to sing since I was five years old, anything that was playing in our kitchen when my Dad would turn on the radio...of course growing up on the Jersey Shore people are like: "Ohhhhh, you know Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi?" It's like, yes of course I've seen them both at stores and places like that. Maybe their music influenced me subconsciously, but I'm not a die hard fan because they live twenty minutes away from me. (laughs)

MS: To me your music, lyrically has a Bob Dylan vibe.

RC: My Mom is obsessed with Bob Dylan we always had his CD's in the car, I love him. Writing poetry is a passion of mine, I took a poetry class as an after school type thing. My poetry instructor told my Mom at the time: "Wow, she's really good for her age." 

MS: How old were you?

RC: I was eight when I started writing poetry. As I got older I used my poetry as a means to write lyrics. When I was fifteen I got my first guitar so I started teaching myself and molding all of the scales together and started writing music. 

MS: You really started from a young age.

RC: Definitely, I really did a lot of self teaching. I listened to all different types of music, would read the lyric books that came with all of the CD's. My influence was anything I could get my hands on. Some people go to school to learn to perform music or how to play it...for me it was just having it all around me all those years and picking up on all of the different influences. 

MS: You and your band mate Reshy P. really know how to blend them well.

RC: It interesting, we both have different musical influences but we are able to find that balance of a little bit of mine, a little bit of his and make it into our own. 

MS: The fact that you guys do pop music, yet are still artistic is great, a lot of people have lost a sense of that.

RC: I know, I know, it's hard to put a name on it, boil it down when people ask us: "Who do you think you guys sound like?" I don't know.There's lots of pop on the radio, but most of it is repetitive and one line. It's very dance kind of stuff, ours is a little more poetic. It's still pop, but there is a lot to be said and thought about in it.
Regina & Reshy

MS: So do you always write the lyrics and Reshy always writes it to music?

RC: For the most part. We started writing together in November of 2013. Basically the first time that we met I brought everything I had as far as things that I was working on lyrically and musically, and some were just lyrics. So we kind of worked from some of my little pieces that I had worked on before meeting Reshy and brought them to music. Basically I bring the lyrics and we work on them together but mostly it's ninety percent my words.

MS: What inspires your poetry?

RC: To inspire myself I put myself in a different place. Go somewhere, tap into how I feel in the moment. Most of it has been putting myself outside my comfort zone for inspiration. Much of what I write about is relationships. But I think the focus of that is writing about the journey of finding yourself. It's very reflective and very personal. 

MS: You guys took the band name Far in the Maples from a Robert Frost poem. What is it you like about his work?

RC: I really haven't read a ton of poetry myself. I just kind of read stuff here and there, or people will show me something, and I'll say: "Hey I really like this!" Reshy actually showed me that poem and it stuck with us. The visualization of far in the's a beautiful poem. I'm not particularly a Robert Frost fan, but I'm not, not a fan either. (laughs) 

Go "Far in the Maples" at:

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If I Were A Pig...

Father/Daughter Time
Alec & Ireland Baldwin

Once upon a time there was a "rude, thoughtless little pig" as the story goes some eight years ago when Alec Baldwin left a message ranting at his model daughter Ireland Baldwin on her phone.

It was during an intense custody battle between Alec and his ex-wife Kim Basinger and was leaked to the press.

So Ireland and her Dad took to Instagram and posted this poking fun at the incident. The back story is Ireland missed one of her scheduled calls from dear old Dad because she did not have her phone on her person at the time and out of the frustration the custody battle was causing him, it triggered the rant.

Ireland captioned the photo: "If I were a pig...I would be rude and thoughtless of course!"

This made me laugh when I saw it, hope it puts some levity in your Monday!

Visit Ireland on Instagram

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Hey Madonna: Pablo Picasso Was Never Called...

Look, It's a Picasso!
No Bitch It's Madonna!
"Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole" - Burning Sensation

Recently I was reading that Madonna compared herself to Pablo Picasso. Of course the first thing that popped into my head was the song Pablo Picasso by Burning Sensation. It was featured in the cult 1984 film Repo Man starring Emilio Estevez. It's one of my favorite movies of that decade.

While Pablo Picasso most likely was never called an asshole, I am sure Madonna has been called one. So why the comparison?

As her Madgesty put it:  "I like to compare myself to other kinds of artists like Picasso. He kept painting and painting until the day he died. Why? Because I guess he felt inspired to do so. Life inspired him, so he had to keep expressing himself, and that's how I feel."

Now the comparison makes sense!

"Express Yourself" with Madonna on Instgram

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Goes Greek

Caitlyn at The Greek
Photo: Ken Phillips

Last night Caitlyn Jenner stepped out to introduce Boy George and the Culture Club at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA

Although I am sorry I missed seeing the band, my friend super publicist, Ken Phillips was there and snapped this photo of Caitlyn doing the honor. 

I must say Caitlyn is way more outgoing and comfortable as her true self than she ever was prior to that.
Boy George and the Culture Club
Photo: Ken Phillips
People should be who they are and do what makes them happy.

 Go do something that makes you happy this weekend everyone!

Caitlyn on Instagram

Friday, July 24, 2015

Frisky Friday With Gerard Butler

Who Let The Dog Out?
Gerard Butler That's Who!

Yipeeeeeee! It's the weekend peeps and I though to celebrate I would post a photo of the yummy Gerard Butler.

Why? Because you can never have enough GB, right author M.E. Franco? I know you are feeling this.

Here is Gerard looking all yummy and perfect walking his widdo doggy Lolita in Beverly Hills, CA. Lucky dog, woof!

It's true the hills really are alive with the Sound of Music!

The Butler did it on IMDB

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!

They Just Wanna Have Fun! Team HeartBreak & William Belli 
Team HeartBreak Follows Up Their Breakout Hit With “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun" 

...The Second Single From Their New Album, “Sassy Summer Sounds”

It's summertime and the boys are easy...

The fun-loving bro bud duo known as Team HeartBreak returns with the wildest party anthem of the summer. “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun” is the male perspective to Cyndi Lauper’s preeminent girl power track.  It expertly mashes 80’s era guitar riffs with the huge dance drops of today.   “Cyndi Lauper’s song is timeless,” explains Caleb, “one of the best ever made, but what about us? Boys wanna have fun too!” He says he and Brian relate to Cyndi Lauper as an artist: her crazy hair, untamed attitude, and her strong support of the LGBTQ community.   “We wanted to make something even Cyndi would rock out to,” he adds. Team HeartBreak’s "Boys Just Wanna Have Fun" is available now on iTunes along with the entire “Sassy Summer Sounds” album. 

“What happened to fun, happy bands like The Cars, Pet Shop Boys, and Wham?” wonders Brian, the other half of Team HeartBreak. “It doesn’t matter when you were born, I think everyone can appreciate fun, carefree music.”

“We all wanna get loud, dance, down some drinks, turn speakers up, and blow off steam, but at the same time we all want to connect with somebody and share an experience,” continues Caleb. “We created ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun’ with the intention to capture the spirit of a super fun pool bash that everyone wanted to be at.  When we say ‘Come and have a drink with us’, we mean it! ‘Boys Just Wanna Have Fun’ is an all inclusive party and you’re invited.”

Boys often get a bad rap for not being very deep and Team HeartBreak pokes fun at the stereotype. “The subtext of the song is definitely boys just wanna f**k…I mean, freaking have fun!” laughs Brian.

The video stars Willam Belli, the breakout star from RuPaul’s Drag Race, along with her girlfriend, the nontraditional beauty GlamourBear, a seasoned San Francisco performer that the boys pulled out of retirement.   The video also features a bevy of party kids soaking up the sun.

“We want everyone to feel a part of our world because, to us, they are,” explains Caleb.   He admits to feeling like an outcast most of his life, until he met Brian. “Somehow, we met and we didn't have to explain ourselves to each other. We just got it.”

The guys describe themselves as “brothers from another mother”. They both enjoy dying their hair rainbow colors.  They also occasionally wear female clothing.  And they sleep with Hello Kitty and My Little Pony dolls. 

“We don’t believe in traditional gender roles. We like poking fun at them any chance we get,” says Brian. “I mean, who needs gender roles when you have pizza rolls? Have you tasted those things? They're seriously bomb!”

Caleb and Brian produce, write, sing and remix all of their music themselves: every song, every note. They play all their own instruments as well, and even do their own sound design from the ground up.  “We will spend hours crafting a synth sound or a kick drum until we think it’s perfect and unique,” explains Caleb. 

“We may not take ourselves seriously, but we take our music very seriously,” confirms Brian. 

                                                 Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!

“Boys Just Wanna Have Fun” follows Team HeartBreak’s hit single release from earlier in the summer, “Do iT Like Miley”.  The track was years in the making.  By the time the guys entered the recording studio with “Boys”, they were raring to knock it out of the ballpark. 

Caleb immediately took off his pants; he prefers to record in his underwear.  All was going smashingly well until he decided to hoist himself onto a stool in front of the mic.  The stool tipped over and Caleb came crashing down. The boys couldn’t stop laughing as Caleb hung upside down in his drawers. “He couldn’t walk for a week,” remembers Brian. 

But he finished all his takes that day. Caleb’s dedicated like that.

Team HeartBreak’s "Boys Just Wanna Have Fun" is available on iTunes now, along with the Sassy Summer Sounds album. The boys love to talk to fans. Say hi and tell them you love their music on their facebook page: You can also follow them for sexy and hilarious pics on and twitter @thbreak.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bitch, I'm Margaret Cho

Get It! On Showtime!
Photo Credit: Mindy Tucker/SHOWTIME
Stand-Up Comedy Event from Emmy® And Grammy® Nominated Comedian Margaret Cho to Premiere
Friday, September 25th At 9 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME

Come September 25th it will be ChoTime on Showtime - how's that for a titty twister?!

SHOWTIME will debut MARGARET CHO: psyCHO, the latest show from renowned three-time Grammy and Emmy nominated comedian Margaret Cho on September 25th at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Filmed in March at the Gramercy Theater in New York City, Cho returns to the stage in front of a live audience in this provocative and hilarious performance.

Never one to shy away from a difficult or taboo topic, Cho considers nothing off limits. The witty comedian keeps her audience laughing with her notorious observational humor and candid commentary on her personal life. From singlehood to Boko Haram to female empowerment, Cho tackles difficult subjects with sensitivity and razor sharp insight. Part of the show includes touching tributes to her “father in comedy,” Robin Williams and her “mother in comedy,” Joan Rivers. A pioneer in the comedy world, Cho doesn’t take anything for granted in this eclectic stand-up routine.   

“The audience at my shows don’t necessarily consider themselves traditional comedy fans,” says Cho. “I seem to be a secure alternative for people who don’t think they’re being represented in society. They come because my point of view satisfies a lot of what needs to be said out there, and that makes me really proud.”

From Clownery Productions Inc. and Levity Productions, MARGARET CHO: psyCHO is executive produced by Margaret Cho, Judi Brown-Marmel, Norman Aladjem, Neil Sheridan, Reg Tigerman, Sarah J. Martin, Stacy Mark and Heidy Vaquerano.  

Be a Cho Ho at: 

Margaret Cho Official Website
Margaret Cho Twitter:
Margaret Cho YouTube channel:

Meatloaf, It's Not Just For Dinner


Although I enjoy Meat Loaf's music - he will always be Eddie from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" to me.

One of Rock's greatest live performers is gearing up for a return to his natural habitat. Meat Loaf – the world-renowned performer whose career has spanned over forty years – has just announced plans for an upcoming fall tour, with the initial dates beginning October 23 at the Pechanga Theatre in Temecula, California. The shows will mark his first extended series of tour dates in 2 years.

“As a performing artist, being in front of a live audience is a feeling you can't get with anything else,” he says. “The adrenaline you feel when the fans are singing along with the words to your songs, combined with their loyalty, is an amazing feeling. After all, I didn't start yesterday, and they've been with me every step of the way.”

The Dallas native moved to California after college, and quickly formed his first band – named Meat Loaf Soul. He became a much sought-after performer in the Los Angeles area, landing a featuring role in a production of Hair. The exposure that he received from that role led to an audition with Motown, where he was paired up with Shaun Murphy for the duo Stoney & Meatloaf. Together, they tallied one Top-40 hit on the R&B charts (“What You See Is What You Get”), but even more highlights were ahead.

Meat Loaf appeared in a stage production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which later led to his being featured in the film of the same title. In 1977, he released his landmark album Bat Out Of Hell, and his career hit the fast lane. The album sold over 40 million copies worldwide, and led to successful follow-up albums such as Dead Ringer (1981) and Bad Attitude (1984). He earned a Gold single for the 1977 release “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad,” and achieved his biggest hit with 1992’s "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That),” which topped airplay and sales charts all over the world. The dramatic power ballad earned him a Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Solo.

With a show comprised of the biggest songs from his long list of Gold & Platinum selling albums, Meat Loaf will not disappoint

The tour is set to begin 10/23. Initial dates announced include the below. Additional dates to follow.

10/23 Temecula, CA / Pechanga Theatre
10/28 Dallas, TX / Verizon Theatre
11/3 Detroit, MI / Motor City Casino Hotel
11/11 Westbury, NY / Theatre at Westbury
11/17 Bethlehem, PA / Sands Event Center
11/19 Englewood, NJ / Bergen PAC

Get yourself a slice at: 

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When Laverne Met Caitlyn

Grrrrrls Like Us: Laverne Cox & Caitlyn Jenner
Laverne Cox has finally met Caitlyn Jenner at a private advanced screening of Jenner's TV show I Am Cait.

Laverne has been quite vocal and open in her support of Caitlyn - so what is one to do when this sort of thing transpires? Why hit social media with a picture of the two of them together, naturally. 

Cox posted this caption along with the pic: "@caitlynjenner and I finally met in person at a special private advance screening of #IAmCait,"  "#TransIsBeautiful #girlslikeus #caitlynjenner," 

Looking good! Happy Monday Peeps!

Caitlyn on Twitter

Laverne on Twitter

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Robert Downey Jr. Goes Blaxican!

RDJ & The Blaxican Gang
I have unfortunately never met Robert Downey Jr. - I say this because I've only ever heard & seen him be one cool guy.

Well here is more proof, while filming Captain America: Civil War in Atlanta, RDJ got his eat on at the Blaxican food truck.

Being the guy he is Robert posed for photos with the owner and his crew. 

Such a a good guy, no wonder he was cast as Iron Man!


Friday, July 17, 2015

Beat It With Cara Delevingne

Cara "Beatbox" Delevingne
There's something about Cara that I find compelling...even though she is present and available it's like she always has a secret of epic proportions brewing just under her surface.

Making Ms. Delevingne a personal favorite of mine. 

Well add one more thing to that list: Beatboxing. Yes, while promoting her movie Paper Towns on The Tonight Show, Cara revealed a whole new layer of herself and showed off a skill that the world at large did not know she had.

She impressed everyone including host Jimmy Fallon.

Watch your back Kevin "K.O." Olusola of Pentatonix, there's a new Beatboxer in town.

Hit the video after the jump!

Cara on IMDB 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

You Know That Evening With Collective Soul...

Platinum-Selling Rock Band Collective Soul Set to Release
Ninth Album See What You Started By Continuing on October 2

USA TODAY premieres new single “This”

Hey Karen Castricher-Stegall remember that evening when we met Collective Soul at a club in Hollywood and...

Collective Soul, the multi-platinum selling band that helped sonically define alternative rock, is set to release their long-awaited ninth album, See What You Started By Continuing on October 2nd. The announcement was made today via where the band also premiered the first single “This.” See What You Started By Continuing marks the band’s Vanguard Records debut. Starting tomorrow, July 16th, fans can receive a free download of "This" from the band's website,

Formed in the small town of Stockbridge, GA in the early 1990’s, Collective Soul consists of principal songwriter and frontman Ed Roland (lead vocals/keyboards/guitars), Dean Roland (rhythm guitarist), Will Turpin (bassist), Johnny Rabb (drummer) and Jesse Triplett (lead guitarist).

Roland explains the album title See What You Started By Continuing came following a year off after the band had been going non-stop for 19 years. “During that year, we had time to reflect and be proud of what we had accomplished over the years,” says Roland. “When we came back together, we were rested and more confident than we had ever been in our careers. We never thought of this as a second chance, but more of a second breath. We wanted to continue doing what we had always done and that was to make guitar driven music.”

See What You Started By Continuing was recorded and mixed at Edible Studios in Atlanta, GA and mixed by industry veteran Shawn Grove.  Following the release of the new album, the band will embark on their “21st Birthday” tour. More details to follow.

See What You Started By Continuing track listing:

  1. This
  2. Hurricane
  3. Exposed
  4. Confession
  5. AYTA (Are You the Answer)
  6. Contagious
  7. Life
  8. Am I Getting Through
  9. Memoirs of 2005
  10. Tradition
  11. Without Me  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Three Way With Amy Schumer

Does This Cigarette Make Me Look Topless?
In honor of Hump Day I thought I would share this photo. It made me laugh, hope it makes you laugh too!

Yep, the awesome Amy Schumer whose rave reviewed movie Trainwreck opens this Friday, up chucked her inner Princess Leia in a photo shoot for GQ.

As you know no Star Wars themed shoot would be complete without a menage a trois image of Leia having been freshly banged by C3PO and R2D2.

It'a all about the hump, Happy Wednesday!

Go Amy at:

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello Little Dolly

Dolly & Her Doppelganger 

                                        Look! It's Little Dolly Parton!

The singing superstar had a thrilling surprise for the young actress, Alyvia Lind, personally giving her the news that she will play Dolly as a child in the upcoming original movie “Coat of Many Colors.” “Coat of Many Colors,” named after Parton’s song, will be based on Parton’s upbringing, with the Parton serving as executive producer.

Parton had called the 1971 track her favorite song she has written. It tells the story of how her mother stitched together a coat for her daughter out of rags given to the family, telling her the biblical story of Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors. But when the girl, all excited, debuts the new coat at school, she is ridiculed by her classmates for wearing rags.

The original coat is now on display in Parton’s Chasing Rainbows Museum at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN.

NBC’s deal with Parton, includes a series of standalone TV movies based on Parton’s songs, stories and life. They will contain music but won’t be musicals, with Parton possibly appearing in some. Parton is developing the projects with production partner Sam Haskell of Magnolia Hill Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Troubadour: Dudley Saunders

Troubadour: Dudley Saunders
Here is the 8th video from In These Boxes, from my favorite troubadour Mr. Dudley Saunders "Love in Crystal." Let's hear what the master has to say about this...
"Two men are set to be remembered, if only in part: they grow up the way their families like, they come to New York, start careers. But they can’t be anything but what they were expected to be. They can’t imagine something different. They want to, they feel so empty and trapped, and life feels so literal.
And then one night when the feeling is particularly bad, they both take a drug and it brings them to life. Together.
They give up everything to feel this way.
Later, when the Ukrainian super is clearing out the apartment, he sees this tie and thinks one of them must have had a job, once."
Hit the video below...

"Mutilator" Monday

You have heard of Manic Monday, Monday Funday, Monday the beginning of the weekly grind, today July 13th is now "Mutilator" Monday...Yes, I am a horror fan!

The Mutilator - Dual Format DVD & Blu-ray - ORDER HERE - Out September 29th!

Although the slasher film was in decline by the mid-1980s, there were still some grisly delights to be had... and they don't come much grislier than writer-director Buddy Cooper's sickening stalk-and-slash classic The Mutilator! When Ed receives a message from his father asking him to go and lock up the family's beach condo for the winter, it seems like the perfect excuse for an alcohol-fuelled few days away with his friends. After all, his dad has forgiven him for accidentally blowing mom away with a shotgun several years ago... hasn't he? But no sooner are the teens on the island than they find themselves stalked by a figure with an axe (and a hook, and an onboard motor) to grind... Originally entitled Fall Break (watch out for the incongruous theme song of the same name!), The Mutilator has earned a reputation amongst horror fans as one of the 'holy grails' of 80s splatter mayhem due to its highly inventive (and not to say, decidedly gruesome) kill sequences, courtesy of FX wizard Mark Shostrom (Videodrome, Evil Dead II). Finally making its long-awaited bow in High-Definition, The Mutilator has returned to terrorize a whole new generation of horror fans!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bitch, I Don't Wanna!

Truth Or...???
Whilst giving an interview to Dot429 sexy Looking stud, Jonathan Groff said that while starring in Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical Hamilton that Madonna was banned from attending the show after a performance she attended in April.

Apparently the Bitch didn't wanna get off her cell phone and her face was perfectly lit for three quarters of the show down in front.

Of course the Big M's rep denies it, but Groff insists it's true.

Gee I wonder how Madonna would have felt if someone did that while she was performing Speed The Plow?

Just Sayin'....

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