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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Flamin' Groovies

"Now" and "Jumpin' In the Night" This Summer

The band that played a major role in the evolution of power pop and are considered a forerunner of punk rock readies two of their most popular albums
 This summer they will reissue two classic albums: "Now" on July 10th and "Jumpin' In the Night" on August 7th.

NOW (CD, July 10th)

While it took a long and torturous five years for the Flamin' Groovies to find their way back to an American record deal with Shake Some Action, a year and a half later the band had a follow-up ready, and while 1978's Flamin' Groovies Now isn't quite as cohesive as the album that preceded it, in many respects the band sounds at once tighter and more relaxed, with some time on the road firming up the rhythm section while giving the songs a bit more room to swing (which wasn't one of the strong suits of the British Invasion bands that provided their aural template). The band lost guitarist James Ferrell during the post-Shake Some Action tour, but former Charlatans picker Mike Wilhelm proved to be a more than simpatico replacement on these sessions, and while leader Cyril Jordan didn't come up with another new song as transcendent as "Shake Some Action," "All I Wanted" comes pretty close. But it's significant that most of the songs on Flamin' Groovies Now are covers, and while all of them are played with love, enthusiasm, and the right period flair (especially the Beatles' "There's a Place," Paul Revere & the Raiders' "Ups and Downs," and "Move It," an early U.K. hit for Cliff Richard), they give the album a feeling of being padded, and just because covering the Rolling Stones rarity "Blue Turns to Grey" was a good idea didn't mean the Flamin' Groovies had any business tackling "Paint It Black." All in all, Flamin' Groovies Now is a terrific-sounding record that captures a fine band when it was in great form, but it also makes clear that the gremlins that often dogged the Groovies in the studio (namely their inability to make a 100 percent satisfying album) hadn't gone away.


The third and last of the Flamin' Groovies late-'70s albums for Sire, Jumpin' in the Night storms out of the gate with the title song, a top-shelf rocker that brings the muscle of the Flamingo-era lineup of the Groovies to the more style-conscious British Invasion sonics of Cyril Jordan's version. Though Jumpin' in the Night never rocks that hard or that well again, it does sound decidedly tighter and tougher than 1978's Flamin' Groovies Now, and guitarist Mike Wilhelm, a new addition to the Now lineup, is much better integrated into their wall of guitars, with the Groovies sounding more solid than they did a year before. But while Jumpin' in the Night finds the Flamin' Groovies sounding better than ever, the material unfortunately lets them down. It's no wonder why the Flamin' Groovies loved the Byrds -- both were American bands who fell in love with the sounds of British rock and crafted their own variation on the style -- but three Byrds covers on this album is about two too many (especially given how clunky David Wright's drumming sounds on "5D"), and though having the Groovies tackle "Absolutely Sweet Marie" and "Please Please Me" sounds good on paper, the audible results are a bit underwhelming. (On the other hand, their cover of "Werewolves of London" is better than anyone had a right to expect.) The production and engineering by Roger Bechirian is crisp and flattering to the guitars, but lacks the resonance of Dave Edmunds' more layered approach on Shake Some Action and Now. A great band, the Flamin' Groovies often seemed to have a hard time reconciling their best qualities with the record-making process, and Jumpin' in the Night is probably the best example of this dilemma, though it has more than enough worthwhile moments to compensate. 

Friday, April 17, 2020

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's "The Aquabats!"


What better way to start than with a pair of singles from everyone's favorite crime-fighting superheroes, The Aquabats!

The first single, "Pajamazon!," is available now and it's the perfect upbeat theme to help get you through these quarantined days. 

The band addresses the positives of staying inside while combining sax and trumpets with insanely catchy lyrics. 

It's the first taste of The Aquabats' first studio album since 2011 and the family-friendly swinger the world needs.
The band's second single, "No One Wants to Party!" comes out on May 1st and it sees the band trying to figure out why no one wants to party at their place. Could it be the man-bun? 

Both singles are from the band's upcoming eighth album, Kooky Spooky...In Stereo, which is scheduled for a summer release and will be available on CD and LP as well.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hump Day & Chill

In the Age of ‘OK Boomer’, Michael Fairman Releases “Other Side”

You don't have to be a boomer to Hump Day & Chill to these cool beats...

Michael Fairman is after what his name implies: a fair chance.  He is out now with “Other Side,” his mid-tempo pop/soul track about ageism, personal struggles, and finding ones inner-strength to face adversity and ultimately triumph.  He co-wrote the track with engineer and producer, Kyle Mangels, in hopes it might inspire those over 35 into action.  “For years now, I have been told, ‘You’re doing music? You sing? How nice!’ when what was really meant was ‘Good Luck with that boomer, you’re too old for the music industry,’” he explains.  Fairman says he understands that pop radio is targeted to those under 25, skews female, and that there are only a few coveted spots for artists.  Many amazing talents – both younger and older - simply don’t get the airplay they deserve.  He hopes to be the artist to break that barrier, because the music he performs and writes is similar to that being played on pop radio and in dance clubs right now. “I have a point of view and a unique vibe and sound to share, and I hope listeners will give me a chance.”     Michael Fairman’s Other Side” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple MusicSpotify and all major music digital platforms. 

Michael Fairman
It’s a song for all the disenfranchised,” Michael Fairman continues from his Los Angeles home.   He believes “Other Side” is relatable for anyone who has ever felt disconnected, alone, or has broken out of a relationship and is trying to come terms with it.  “It’s a reminder that it is ok to feel down, to cry, to hurt, but eventually we all need to rise up, and fight the fight with whatever life throws our way.”

Michael acknowledges there is still plenty he has his sights set on in life.  A self-professed ‘workaholic’, Michael would like to spend more time cultivating a personal life, but he also has his lifelong dream of performing in-concert in front of thousands of people who are singing his songs.   And why shouldn’t he pursue it?

“We should never listen to people who say something cannot be done because it’s a pipe dream or we’ve missed our chance.  While we’re still breathing, there is hope.  The worst that can happen is it doesn’t lead to where you hoped it might, but at least you gave it that shot and fulfilled that part of yourself.”

Michael Fairman grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where music was always his passion and first love.  As a teen, he released his first recordings through a small label in Chicago.   Once he graduated high school, he moved to Los Angeles and eventually to New York to pursue his career as a recording artist.  He formed a band with some of the top studio musicians in the city, performed in rock, pop, and soul clubs, recorded, and tried to get the A&R reps out to his showcases in order to get signed by a label.  Between the financial drain, and the disappointment of not having key people show up to his gigs, Fairman eventually felt burned out and needed a major change.  He decided to put music on hold and move back to Los Angeles where he began a career in TV Production and entertainment journalism. 

Fairman has no idea where this next attempt at a music career will take him, but it’s something he feels he had to do now or regret forever.

“One of my great musical influences was George Michael and his passing made me realize how short life is and how I was wasting my talent,” he explains.  God gave me a voice, and it is time that I share it and make others aware that this is a part of who I am, at my core.”

Michael Fairman’s Other Side” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple MusicSpotify and all major music digital platforms.  Follow Michael Fairman on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Tunesday Tuesday!

No Explanation Needed
Today I celebrate one of my favorite bands evuh! That's correct minions time to take out the trash and bring on the Garbage!

I have seen them and heard them in concert at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA  - they were real and spectacular. Front woman Shirley Manson's vocals are the bomb!

So, here comes one of my favorite songs (actually all of their songs are my favorites) that really hits a home run as to what's happening now in the world.

"Yes" I, like all of us do, sometimes  "I Think I'm Paranoid" - well, seriously. Hey given everything that's happening now. I rest my case. 

Mic Drop... "You can look but you can't touch, I don't think I like you much, Heaven knows what a girl can do, Heaven knows what you've got to prove"

Hit the timely video after the jump, yeah, I said jump.

Garbage on IG -  

Friday, September 20, 2019

"Uncivil War"

The Gang's All Here

BBMAK premiere their brand new lyric video for "Uncivil War" on Perez Hilton today: and  : 

The single will be available on all streaming formats Friday, September 20:

Here's what the band has to say about it: 

This song is a great epic love song and a heartfelt ballad. It's about reconciling with someone you love and having the courage to start all over again; putting the past behind and moving forward in a much more positive way. We love the string arrangement in this song as it takes the track to a whole new level. 

 Follow BBMAK:

Friday, July 26, 2019

KISS My Poster Book!

This takes me back to the days of yore...

Fantasm Media Releases The Official KISS Poster Book #2

New edition offers 6 pull-out posters, exclusive interviews, extensive "End Of The Road" tour photo gallery, and a completely new collectible KISS card set

With an epic 45-year career that changed music and entertainment forever, KISS will be hanging up their touring boots at the conclusion of the current multi-year "End Of The Road" tour. To celebrate their legacy, Texas-based publisher Fantasm Media has teamed up with the rock icons again to release The Official KISS Poster Book #2. For die-hard KISS fans, collectors and completists, the second issue brings the current bombastic stage show to life and celebrates their amazing past. This issue is packed with 6 giant pull-out posters featuring the current band members onstage doing what they do best, as well as classic era shots. It's also loaded with articles, interviews, and photos covering both the current and classic incarnations of the band.

"We're absolutely thrilled to continue working with KISS," says Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Brian Steward. "As a lifelong KISS fan and collector, I approach creating The Official KISS Poster Book from the perspective of, 'What would I want to see as a fan?' That's what's most important." And one thing KISS fans definitely do is collect. To meet that collector need, Fantasm Media is offering six alternate covers, each featuring different images not only on the front but also the back.

As with issue #1, this issue of The Official KISS Poster Book features exclusive interviews and a completely new collectible KISS card set. Fans also get an extensive "End Of The Road" photo gallery. Featured interviews include director Adam Rifkin on the 20th anniversary of the KISS film, Detroit Rock City; Jim Neff on how he helped orchestrate the historic 1975 appearance of KISS in Cadillac, Michigan; and David Pea on designing Sammy the Serpent and Gene's current Demon costume.

The Official KISS Poster Book #2 and The Official KISS Poster Book #1 and the two issues of The Official KISS Magazine are available exclusively at The next issue of The Official KISS Poster Book will be released later this year and will be accompanied by yet another original KISS card set.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

R.E.M. The Early Years

So Young!
Michael Stipe
Begin the Begin: R.E.M.'s Early Years
Coming via Verse Chorus Press on May 14
 Excerpt HERE courtesy of Dangerous Minds

Ever wonder about R.E.M.'s early years? Well wonder no more!!!
Begin the Begin is the first biography of R.E.M. wholly researched and written since they disbanded in 2011. It offers by far the most detailed account of the group's formative years--their early lives, their first encounters with one another, their legendary debut show, early tours in the back of a van, initial recordings, their shrewdly paced rise to fame. 

The people and places of the American South are crucial to the R.E.M. story in ways much more complex and interesting than have previously been presented, claims Robert Dean Lurie; he explores the myriad ways in which the band's adopted hometown of Athens, Georgia--and the South in general--shaped its members and the character of their art. The South is much more than the background here; it plays a major role: the creative ferment that erupted in Athens and gripped many of its young inhabitants in the late 1970s and early '80s drew on regional traditions of outsider art and general cultural out-thereness, and gave rise to a free-spirited music scene that produced the B-52's and Pylon, as well as laying the ground for R.E.M.'s subsequent breakout success. 

Lurie has tracked down and interviewed numerous figures in the band's history who were underrepresented in, or absent from, earlier biographies--they contribute previously undocumented stories and cast a fresh light on the familiar narrative.Advance Praise for Begin the Begin

"Meticulously researched and always elegantly written, Begin the Begin is a critical but glorious tribute to its subject."

--Christopher Sandford, author of Bowie: Loving the Alien

"Hope, yearning, and fear are visceral here, and the portrait painted is of something joyous, mad, and brilliant all at once." 

--David Guterson, author of Snow Falling on Cedars

"This beautiful, joyful book is more than a biography--it's a deep exploration of art and its bloody relationship with business, a meditation on the South, on youth and love, on family and fame, and an intelligent return to the soundtrack of the 1980s." 

--Rebecca Lee, author of Bobcat and Other Stories   

Pre-order the book HERE

Learn more at and

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Selfie Sunday - "Two K's and a C"

We Are Family
Kim, Kris & Caitlyn
So this actually happened. On August 7th Caitlyn and Kris Jenner came together to celebrate daughter Kylie's 18th Birthday.

Of course Kim Kardashian-West was there as well, and did what she does best...took a selfie of all three of them.

She captioned the photo "The Parent Trap" I personally would have captioned it "Two K's and a C" that way they would sound like a hip new band.

Where did Kim post the shot? On Twitter of course!

Have a Super Selfie Sunday Peeps!

The family that tweets together:


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Goes Greek

Caitlyn at The Greek
Photo: Ken Phillips

Last night Caitlyn Jenner stepped out to introduce Boy George and the Culture Club at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA

Although I am sorry I missed seeing the band, my friend super publicist, Ken Phillips was there and snapped this photo of Caitlyn doing the honor. 

I must say Caitlyn is way more outgoing and comfortable as her true self than she ever was prior to that.
Boy George and the Culture Club
Photo: Ken Phillips
People should be who they are and do what makes them happy.

 Go do something that makes you happy this weekend everyone!

Caitlyn on Instagram

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cast Your Vote For: "A History of Radness"

The Banner Says It All: Radness! 
I got this message from one of my favorite people last night, Juliet Green, about her brother, Andrew Green and his Amazon show "A History of Radness."

This show is really entertaining and will not disappoint! So watch and vote - give it five stars while you're at it.

Read Ms. Green's heartfelt message below:

I hope you are having a great summer!
My brilliant brother, Andrew Green has written and produced a comedy pilot for Amazon. It’s a really terrific kids show called "A History of Radness.” It’s fresh, original, has a fabulous cast and some great music.
It's available to watch for free on Amazon (you don't need Amazon Prime) RIGHT NOW. The more people who watch, the better chance it has of being picked up for series. If you like it (and, as I said it's terrific so of course you’ll like it), give it a whole bunch of stars (really important to do) and please spread the word. This week is critical for voting!
Don’t worry if you don’t have Amazon on your TV - simply click on this link you can watch it right now: and you can watch it on your computer.
You have to keep it on til the end for it to have a credit. If you only watch part of it and turn it off, they will think you didn't like it!

Give it a look peeps, I promise it's fun!

Get "Rad" on IMDB:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Strange Familiar Will Never "Surrender"

"Love Keeps Us Marching On" - Surrender, The Strange Familiar 

This is a refrain from the awesome song and current video Surrender by The Strange Familiar, from their amazing album The Day The Light Went Out. Check out the excerpt from the interview I did with front woman Kira Leyden Andrea about it below.

MS: It's a good message. All the songs do fit together well, "Surrender" was a particular favorite of mine.

KLA: Very cool, that's actually my favorite. We are going to shoot a video for that one, that is our next big thing, to try and get that video done. (laughs)

This album is the band's best effort to date, which came from a place of great struggle and ultimately hope that the they went through, check out my full length interview with Kira after the jump -

Surrender is a "never give up" type of song that achieves it's goal. Kira's vocals are powerful and raw, and the video astutely reflects the honesty of the lyrics. If you are not "familiar" with these guys yet, it's time you were...