Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Everyone, Time For Treats

It's here, my favorite Holiday of the year, give me an H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n, what's that spell? Halloween, Yay! This year I have decided to celebrate All Hallows Eve by having familiar faces pop by and chime in on the Season of the Witch...

Including myself. I love horror movies and my contribution to this column on the most holy of days will be images from my favorite horror movie of all time: John Carpenter's Halloween.

Michael Myers scared the crap out of me, I used to see his white emotionless face appear in the dark for a few years after I first saw the movie! Eeeeeeeeeeeek! So let's get this Dead Man's Party started, shall we? Treat time people!

"I'd re-animate Vlad the impaler. He could show Isis how a pro does it".- Stuart Gordon Writer/Director "Re-Animator" & "Re-Animator The Musical"

"I love sweet tarts which are probably too old fashioned for kids today. It's got this chalky taste that's closer to children's aspirin (which I also love) than candy. I like the candy that everyone hates like candy corn, butterscotch, sweet tarts. And I hate bobbing for apples. That seems dangerous and not delicious." - Margaret Cho Comedian/Writer/Actress

"My favorite thing about Halloween was trading the candy I got from trick or treating for things I actually wanted, because I didn't like candy." - Avi Kaplan Pentatonix
Jamie Lee Curtis Will Cut You!

"We started celebrating Halloween in September haha. We go to the library & get all Halloween stories & start watching Halloween movies. This year were setting up a Halloween tree & making all our own costumes. It's visually festive. We're obsessed!!" -  James Durbin Singer/Songwriter/American Idol Finalist 

"Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday!!  I grew up doing theatre, so it's basically the one time of the year you can be overly theatrical and dress up and the better you do it the cooler you are, haha.  I also just love scary movies and going to themed events like haunted houses, theme parks, parties, etc.  It's all just super fun and scary!" - Kirstin Maldonado Pentatonix

" chocolate...all you have to do is get dressed up for fun. Yea...I'm all in!" - Raine Brown Actress/Producer/Scream Queen

"My favorite thing about Halloween is getting a group together and going to haunted houses. I looooove being scared with my best friends!"  - Scott Hoying Pentatonix

Everybody Run! It's Michael Myers!
"I LOVE Halloween.  It's my favorite holiday between the costumes and the ghost stories.  I dress up every year and I find that somehow whatever my costume it sort of takes over me and becomes a part of my spirit that defines each year... I like making my costumes myself too; not sewing them or anything but combining the parts in a way that's unique and not just buying something ready made.  Oh and here in LA I insist on going on the Haunted Hayride in Griffith Park!" - Naama Kates Singer/Songwriter/Actress "Souled"

"To be honest, I usually stay in and watch a movie or hang out with friends at their home lol. But maybe I’ll try something fun this year this Halloween!" Kevin “K.O.” Olusola Cellist, Beatboxer - Pentatonix

"Love me a handful of candy corn, a sparkly magical costume and a bunch of great friends! Kids at my door cutie pies in costumes, party time! That's what I love about Halloween!" - EG Daily Singer/Songwriter/Actress 

"I grew up doing theatre, like Kirstie, so playing dress-up has always been fun for me! I love the decorating aspect of Halloween, too. The kitschier the better!" - Mitchell C. Grassi Pentatonix

"The DRAMA!! lol!" - Aiden Leslie Singer/Songwriter

Look Behind You Babysitter!
"My favorite part of Halloween is the 364 days before when my 5 year old twins try on costumes in preparation".- Cindy Alexander Singer/Songwriter

"I love to go to the Day of the Dead festival at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It's a wonderful taste of loving Mexican culture," - Sir JET Gender Bending Pop Singer

"The look on a kid's face when they walk in with SO much candy."- Debby Holiday Singer/Songwriter

"I love the spirit of Halloween! Dressing up, eating candies and having a great time with your family and friends" - Grace Valerie Singer/Songwriter

"My favorite thing about Halloween is probably Elvira’s boobs. I mean, they are life giving. A close second is making sure to watch Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller”, from start to finish - and dancing that amazing choreography full out because you know, it’s “thriller, thriller night, and no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike.” Matthew Duffy Singer/Dancer/Perfomer 
We Know It's You Michael
"My favorite thing about Halloween is that my birthday is a few days after." - Monique Parent Actress/Scream Queen
"I'm not Wednesday Addams, but I've always been a night owl with a flair for the macabre. Halloween is the one time I can feel truly at home. Add in some chocolate...perfection!" - M.E. Franco Author, The Dion Series
"Dancing to Necroditty! And remember boys and girls...Lloyd is still out there!" - The Drews, Americana With Twisted Roots Band
"I'll be at Comikaze the whole day on Halloween at our booth 161 Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum" - Huston Huddleston Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum Head Honcho
Get your spook on at:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pentatonix Have Risen, Again...Don't Be Afraid

PTX: Zombie Party Of Five
Pentatonix Scores Their Second Top 10 Debut In A Month On Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart with That’s Christmas To Me
Album Debuts #1 on Billboard’s Seasonal Album Chart
Set To Perform on The Today Show November 26
PTX Have risen, yet again this October, just in time for Halloween!
Pentatonix, have scored their 2nd top 10 debut in a month on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart with their latest release That’s Christmas To Me.  The album lands at #9 on the Top 200 and #1 on Billboard’s Seasonal Album Chart with over 32,000 units sold, propelled by the video for the quintets arrangement of Fleet Foxes’ “White Winter Hymnal,” which was viewed more than 1 million times in its first four days (now with over 1.4 million views).  The group’s first holiday effort, PTXMas also re-enters the Seasonal Album Chart at #12, causing for 2 albums simultaneously in the Top 15 on the Seasonal Chart. 
The album follows their highly successful 4th EP, PTX Vol. III which debuted in September at #5 on Billboard’s Top 200.  The group released 4 music videos in support of the EP, “Problem”“La La Latch”“Papaoutai” ft. Lindsey Stirling and “Rather Be”  which have been viewed over 25 million times.

That’s Christmas To Me features the title track, a Pentatonix original, as well as a host of seasonal favorites, a one-of-a-kind holiday mash up, featuring Tori Kelly, and a bonus track arrangement of the modern classic, “Let It Go”, from Disney’s blockbuster Frozen. To help kick off the holiday festivities, PTX is set to perform on The Today Show on November 26.

In support of PTX Vol. III, PTX performed “Problem” on Good Morning America ( and their original song, “On My Way Home” on Conan (;eyJ0eXBlIjoicG9wdWxhciIsImlkIjpudWxsfQ).

Purchase PTX Vol. III
Listen to PTX Vol. III on Spotify:
That’s Christmas To Me iTunes:
That’s Christmas To Me Amazon:
Listen to That’s Christmas To Me on Spotify:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A "Stalker" Romance

Maggie Q & Dylan McDermott
Sometimes life and art bleed together and it's hard to tell the difference, apparently such is the case with Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q who co-star on the new hit series Stalker on CBS.

Neither of them have confirmed it, but the stalkerazzi have caught them with their all seeing lenses out and about together looking thisclose.

Hey they have great chemistry on the show so this really should not surprise those who have seen it.

I have met Mr. McDermott he attended a play I was in once because one of my co-stars was his waiter at a restaurant where he was a regular. What a cool guy he is and if you think he looks good on TV you ought to see him in person.

Fact: Stalking cases have gone up 400 percent since the Internet boom, only two more days until Halloween!

"Stalk" Dylan & Maggie at:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kelly Clarkson/Stewie/Kelly Clarkson/Taylor Swift

Kelly Clarkson As Stewie: "I'm So Hot I'm The Leading Cause Of Global Warming"

Are you confused? Well don't be. The one and only original American Idol Ms. Kelly Clarkson did a bomb ass cover of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, gospel style.

Pretty amazing stuff, I must say...what does Stewie from The Family Guy have to do with this? Kelly dressed as him in the image above for Halloween one year!

So have a groovy ghoulie day and sing it peeps with Ms. C!

"Shake It Off" Kelly Clarkson style after the jump:

Groove with Kelly at:

Monday, October 27, 2014

Re-Animator The Musical - Extended !

Watch Your Back! Re-Animator The Musical

Extended by Popular Demand!
Stuart Gordon Directs
Re-Animator™ The Musical
At Steve Allen Theater
• Now Running in LA Through Sunday, November 23, 2014
• New Las Vegas Run Starts Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Having a hit musical can cause scheduling conflicts, especially when it's extended! My congrats go out to Stuart Gordon and his stage version of the hit cult film, Re-Animator! 

Yes, the ubiquitous Mr. Gordon was supposed to give a full length interview to Entertain Me, but due to both of our conflicting schedules it was unable to be made into a reality. That being said Stuart will appear in my special Halloween piece, and trust me you will not want to miss the devilish comment he gave for All Hallows Eve.

Re-Animator is a great horror comedy film and I hear the musical version does not disappoint. I am one happy vampire that it was extended, thus making it possible for me to attend on November 8th!!!

Re-Animator™ The Musical. Revival of the award-winning musical hit is now extended until Sunday, November 23, 2014 in Los Angeles at the Steve Allen Theater.

PLUS, the show will run from Tuesday, January 6 through Sunday, January 18, 2015 at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas, NV.

Book by Dennis PaoliStuart Gordon, and William J. Norris. Music and lyrics by Mark Nutter. Adapted from the story by H.P. Lovecraft. Based on the film H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator produced by Brian Yuzna. Musical Director: Peter Adams. Choreography by Cynthia Carle. Directed by Stuart Gordon. Produced by Dean Schramm and Stuart Gordon. Presented by The Schramm Group LLC and Red Hen Productions in association with Trepany House under the Artistic Direction of Amit Itelman.

• LOS ANGELES: The Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027. Parking lot behind building.

• LAS VEGAS: Troesh Studio Theater, Smith Center for the Performing Arts, 361 Symphony Park Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89106.

• LOS ANGELES: Now Playing through Sunday, November 23, 2014. Fridays through Sundays at 8:00pm. (Due to robust ticket sales, Re-Animator™ The Musical has added nine additional performances.)

• LAS VEGAS: The show will run from Tuesday, January 6 through Sunday, January 18, 2015 for 16 performances. Tuesdays through Fridays at 8:00pm; Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30pm and 8:00pm.

• LAS VEGAS: $44

• LOS ANGELES: 800-595-4849
• LAS VEGAS: 702-749-2000


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Clea Cutthroat's Top 5 Halloween Tricks

Photo: Daria A Marchik
No Halloween would be complete at Entertain Me without a visit from it's resident Burlesque Biotch, so without further adieu here she is all the way from Berlin, Germany with her Top 5 Tricks for the season, the girl who will tickle your pickle Ms. Clea Cutthroat...!!!

Halloween is when a ho can be a ho. A slut can be a slut.
Every nurse gets 8-inch stilettos, mice get lingerie, firemen come in daisy dukes, and a bloody tampon costume looks more like a cream dream.
I ain’t too proud.
I am one of those ladies who celebrate my inner slut, and wear my lip gloss, heavy eyeliner, 12-inch stilettos and black lace thong with pride...every damn day.
Throw on some animal ears, fake blood, and glitter and…boom!
I’m ready to trick, and to be treated.
However, since my daily work does involve rolls of duct tape, nudity, platform boots, blood and knives…Halloween is really something different (kind of). Well, at the very least, it’s a chance for me to give the performance artist a night off, strap on a fake chainsaw and let the dollar dolla’ bills rain down on me.
Michael asked me for my list of my “Top 5 Halloween Tricks”. Well, luckily Michael and I have bonded over a bloody margarita or five…so, as I’m perched here with my extra dirty martini, lounging in my favorite bloody couture and fluffy fur stripper heels, I’m feeling loose lipped just thinking about my favorite tricks over this ghoulish holiday season.
So many ghouls, too little time.
All Hail Queen Clea!
5. The first trick that comes to mind is “Candy Corn Nipple Guy”. This trick always asks me to suck on his nipples for hours! I swear, with him I always charge for overtime. He begs me to tell him that they taste like candy, but they taste like I’m sucking on a metal lollipop.
I charge per candy corn.
4. The next trick would have to be Candle Man. This trick is just freakin’ creeeeeeeepy. He’s obsessed with me dressing up like Elvira (THAT is not the weird part). The weird part, is that he gets dressed up like a pirate with a rhinestone eye patch, sits down on his vinyl brown couch, and just holds a plates of candles while I strip for him. When he’s really in a mood, he likes holding the plate of candles over me as they drip. Takes hours, and one time I feel asleep, but hey…pirates always have gold, and this fine boo-tay never leaves without anything short of a treasure chest.
3. My third favorite Halloween trick is Mr. Ding-Dong-Ditch. This freaky ass trick doesn’t even want me to come into his house! He pays me to ring his bell and run away. Every Halloween!
Easiest job I ever had.
2. Now let me tell ya about this next trick. Little Miss Redrum. She is insanely hot, but girl is craaaaaazy! She pays me to reenact The Shining with her. The twist here is that she lives is southern Texas, so since it’s always hot, she fills the pool with fake blood, so we hold hands and wear identical twins bikinis while chillin’ in the pool. I don’t get paid much, but she’s fine and she has a frozen margarita machine…good enough for me!
1. Last, but certainly not least, my favorite trick on All Hallows Eve would have to be Satan. Hands down! Dude is slick! Always rolls up in his silver Porsche, perfectly tailored burgundy suit, and a wickedly sexy smile. We drink dirty martinis together in the penthouse Jacuzzi. He asks me what I want, and I get it. Dude is nothing but class all the way! That other guy always makes me eat stale ass bread and drink table wine. I mean, every girl has the right to be glossy and flossy. Mmmmm, hold up…I gotta go move my Porsche.
Have some Halloween libations with Clea at:

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Wanna See A "Good Girl Freak Out?"

Two Duchess' In One: Double Duchess
I hope to be there when you're freaking the fuck out - "Good Girl Freak Out" Double Duchess 

Here is free treat from Entertain Me & Double Duchess -
The queer electro-hop duo Double Duchess Is giving away FREE downloads of the club remixes to their latest single, Good Girl Freak Out!
This is the same single that has the music video starring one of my favorite individuals Kelly Osbourne and featuring Future People!

Double Duchess has been heating up the national queer scene since 2012, delivering a raw and campy electronic sound.  

They’ve become known for their big beats and playful narratives, as well as Krylon Superstar’s mesmerizing voice and performance art and davO’s emceeing and production deftness. Their musical influences include Baltimore club, booty breaks, and ballroom house, all wrapped in a world of couture fashion.

Through their music, Double Duchess encourages fans to be and tell their truth regardless of sexuality, gender, or race. “We don’t want any beautiful faces hidden from the world,” says Krylon Superstar.
Double Duchess’ next full-length release is tentatively scheduled for March/April 2015. The album will cover a wide range of sounds and include collaborations with fellow queer artists Nicky da B and TT the Artist.  
Get your free download here:

Go "Double Duchess" at:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Heidi Klum Is "In" For Halloween

Model/Personality & Resident Dominatrix of Project Runway, Heidi Klum not only knows what works in the world of fashion but also knows how to "make it work" when it comes to Halloween.

Thus in honor of it being Project Runway Thursday, I thought I would give you three Spook-tacular looks by the style icon and let you decide if she is in, or out...

Enjoy the catwalk tonight and Auf Widersehen!                                                

Say Goodbye to Colors Being Sad at: 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hark The Herald Pentatonix Sings

I caught the PTX gang at an exclusive intimate show at The Roxy in Los Angeles, CA last night where they closed with their rendition of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" off of their just dropped Christmas CD. 

They mixed the song up with an old fashioned revival style gospel arrangement that is da bomb!

Even though Halloween hasn't happened yet, treat yourself to an early  present and get ready for the PTXmas holiday!



Click Here To See “White Winter Hymnal”
Fresh off their performance on Conan, Pentatonix releases their new holiday album, That’s Christmas To Me today via RCA Records. The 10 track album plus a bonus track features the title track, a Pentatonix original, as well as a host of seasonal favorites, a one-of-a-kind holiday mash up, featuring Tori Kelly, and an arrangement of the modern classic, “Let It Go”, from Disney’s blockbuster Frozen.  In conjunction with their album release, Pentatonix has released a music video for their arrangement of Fleet Foxes’ “White Winter Hymnal” via YouTube.  

Last month, PTX released their 3rd EP, PTX Vol. III which debuted at #5 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart and #3 on Billboard’s Digital Albums Chart.  The EP marks the group’s highest debut and chart position selling over 46,000 units in its first week.  PTX Vol. III.  features a mix of global pop and indie hits with original songs. The group released 4 music videos in support of the EP, “Problem”“La La Latch”“Papaoutai” ft. Lindsey Stirling and “Rather Be”  which have been viewed over 21 million times

In support of their release of PTX Vol. III, the group performed on Good Morning America click here: .  The group has been featured in Billboard,,, Glamour and much more.  On the release of PTX Vol III,  Popdust raved, “ Pentatonix have transformed into something completely cataclysmic and are poised for superstardom. The new disc supplies (their own original “On My Way Home” the highest, most sparkling skyscraper moment)  a new-found sense of poise and confidence;  while Entertainment Weekly raved, “there’s nothing Pentatonix can’t tackle—including the pop-rap hybrid “Problem.”

Pentatonix consists of lead vocalists Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado,  and Mitch Grassi, vocal bass Avi Kaplan and beatboxer Kevin “K.O.” Olusola. Since their debut in 2011, the quintet has released 4 EP’s (PTX Vol. I, PTXmas and PTX Vol. II, PTX Vol. III) selling over 550,000 copies combined.  Having recently eclipsed 6.4 million subscribers and over 605 million cumulative views, the PTXOfficial YouTube page is currently the 13th most subscribed-to music channel, having surpassed the subscriber totals of both Avicii and Beyoncé.

That’s Christmas To Me Track List

1.       Hark The Herald Angels Sing
2.       White Winter Hymnal
3.       Sleigh Ride
4.       Winter Wonderland / Don’t Worry Be Happy ft. Tori Kelly
5.       That’s Christmas To Me
6.       Mary, Did You Know?
7.       Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
8.       It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year
9.       Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
10.     Silent Night
11.     Let It Go (Bonus)

Purchase PTX Vol. III
Listen to PTX Vol. III on Spotify:
That’s Christmas To Me iTunes:
That’s Christmas To Me Amazon:
Listen to That’s Christmas To Me on Spotify: 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Lolley" Bop

Electronic music's best-kept secret, Sophia Lolley, set the international dance floor ablaze two years ago with the release of "Da Bop”, her English language interpretation of WTF!’s  cover of Irena Santor's 1968 novelty hit "Piosenka O Sąsiedzie". EDM fans from all around the world began clamoring for more from the spirited British singer and this month, the wait is finally over!  Sophia Lolley's self-titled EP, featuring “Da Bop” 

Sophia describes her sound as theatrical disco pop, however the album is sprinkled with colorful music of varying styles including an undeniable cabaret influence born out of her love for 1940's artists like Doris Day and Glenn Miller
 She admits to having multiple personalities, running the gamut from serious to loving, reserved to gregarious, feral to gracious, and fun loving to drama queen.  "I’m a falconer. I go fly-fishing. It took me nine times to pass my driving test. I hate vegetables. I have lots of animals including a pet magpie, sparrow hawks, tortoises, hens, cattle and the occasional badger. I also smoke big cigars." 
All of her personas are reflected in the EP that was born from a series of collaborations over the last five years between Peace Bisquit and Count De Money, the production team that produced and mixed "Da Bop”. 
The EP begins with "Live That Day”, a song Sophia wrote as a tribute to her grandmother who died four years ago. "Grandmama was a huge inspiration to me,” she says. “Her motto was ‘everything will always be ok' and she was right. The song is about looking on the bright side of life because it is there."Sophia’s magical musings are also captured in “Everybody Loves It”, a song that encourages all to appreciate the lovely gloriousness of life. 
“The idea for the EP was to create a collection of Sophia Lolley songs that fans could dance to at a bar or pop on during a cocktail party or at fashion runway show,” says Bill  Coleman of Peace Biscuit. 
Sophia Lolley is thrilled the EP and future projects will take her out of England.  Though she loves her hometown of rural Devon – she calls it the best county in Britain – there are no musical influences or excitement there.  She’s anxious to come to the states, particularly Texas.  “I’ve always wanted to go to Texas to see if there are still cowboys," she says.
Get a "Lolley" Bop this Halloween:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Scream! Ryan Murphy Is At It Again!!!

Time To Scream Again, It's Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan the team behind American Horror Story is going straight to FOX with a 15 episode order of Scream Queens, no not Screaming Queens, Scream Queens,  a new comedy-horror anthology series.
The first season, which takes place on a college campus rocked by a series of murders, will premiere in the fall of 2015.
"I knew I wanted to work with Brad and Ian again on something comedic, and we are having a blast writing Scream Queens," Murphy said in a statement. "We hope to create a whole new genre—comedy-horror—and the idea is for every season to revolve around two female leads. We've already begun a nationwide search for those women, as well as 10 other supporting roles, and we're very grateful to Dana Walden and Gary Newman for their enthusiastic support."
No casting has been announced. Hey guys I have some great suggestions, contact me.
Scream Queens will be breaking the sound barrier in the fall of 2015. Eeeeeeeeeek! 
Scream and Tweet with Ryan at:

They're All Going To Laugh At You, Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne: Have A Bloody Good Halloween!
Happy Monday and only 11 more days until Halloween! Yes!

I thought I would kick off the week with one of my favorite celebrity Halloween costumes, worn by one of my favorite celebrities.

Let's celebrate the season with one of the coolest people on the planet, Ms. Kelly Osbourne paying homage to one of my favorite movies with actors in their mid to late twenties  playing teenagers, Carrie.

That's right KO is dressed for the prom as the one and only Carrie White, with the must have accessory of the season, pig blood doused all over her beautiful dress.

Only she could have come up with such a great costume, and pull it off.

I love Kelly she is a tough woman with a mouth like a trucker and a heart of gold. Currently on Fashion Police, Kelly has come a long way since her The Osbournes days.

Kudos Kelly! Have a great week everyone!

Laugh With Kelly, Not At Kelly:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's Apocalyptic & Psychological, Oh My: Forever's End

Field Of Dreams, Or Forever's End?
Devolver Digital Films to Release
Forever’s End
A Compelling Feature-Length
Apocalyptic Psychological Drama
Written & Directed By J.C. Schroder
• Digital VOD/DVD/Blu-ray Releases: November 25, 2014

Check this out, quite compelling, I must say, and I just did.

 Devolver Digital Films is proud to announce the cable and digital VOD releases of the compelling award-winning psychological drama, Forever’s End. Written and directed byJ.C. Schroder, the atmospheric feature-length film follows a young woman, living in seclusion years after an apocalyptic event that killed her family and seemingly everyone else on Earth. Her world is turned upside down when unexpected visitors show up. A cable VOD (Video on Demand) release date is set for October 14, 2014 (check local listings). The digital VOD release is scheduled for November 25, 2014. The film will be available via iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, PlayStation, Xbox, VUDU, Vimeo on Demand, VHX, Gumroad, Google Play, and others. Forever's End: Limited Edition Blu-ray and DVD are also both scheduled to release on Novem ber 25th, exclusively on via Star Com Entertainment. Blu-ray edition will include behind the scenes featurette, outtakes, and conversation with the cast. For additional information, please visit

Forever’s End follows Sarah White, played by Charity Farrell, who has spent six years in solitude after an apocalyptic event that killed her family and seemingly everyone else on Earth. She lives alone on a bucolic rural homestead, filling her days with chores, playing the piano, and writing in her journal. Until visitors start to show up. First, her hostile sister Lily, played by Lili Reinhart (Law & Order: SVU, Surviving Jack, Kings of Summer), returns without an explanation. Next on her doorstep is the handsome Ryan, played by Warren Bryson (Finale). He claims that he met Sarah, years prior, but she has no recollection of him. Not sure who to believe and on the verge of insanity, Sarah starts to question everything she knows to be true. 

One of the film’s producers is industry veteran Michael Katchman, the former MGM, LionsGate, and Orion executive who was responsible, in part , for the releases of legendary films Dances With Wolves and Silence of the Lambs.
Awards –

• Special Jury Award – International Film Awards, Berlin 2013
• Best Actress (Charity Farrell) – Fancine Film Festival 2013 
• Score: Jury Choice Award – Park City Film Music Festival 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

"Kiss Me, Kill Me"

"While confronting his unfaithful boyfriend Dusty blacks-out. When he comes to, his boyfriend was murdered and he's the prime suspect."

If the title didn't get your attention I knew the above tidbit would. Sounds intriguing! Want to know more about this movie and how you can be a part of it? Read on, if you dare...

"Kiss Me, Kill Me” stars Van Hansis (“As the World Turns,” “Eastsiders”) and Gale Harold, who is playing a gay character for the first time since his legendary role as Brian Kinney on Showtime’s groundbreaking “Queer as Folk.”
Gay Again, Gale Harold

Directed by Casper Andreas (“Going Down In LA-LA Land,” “The Big Gay
Musical,”), from a screenplay by David Michael Barrett (“Such Good People,”
“Bad Actress”), picture boasts some powerhouse indie talent: Willam Belli
(“RuPaul’s Drag Race”), Kit Williamson (“Eastsiders,” “Mad Men”), Independent
Spirit nominee, Yolonda Ross (“Treme”), Tom Lenk (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”),
Brianna Brown (“Devious Maids”), Jonathan Lisecki (“Gayby”), Michael Maize
(“True Blood”), Craig Robert Young (“NCIS: Los Angeles”), Jackie Monahan
(“Foxy Merkins,” “Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same”), as well as
Matthew Ludwinski and Allison Lane (“Going Down in LALA Land”).

It's Van Hansis
“I’m beyond thrilled about the fantastic cast we have assembled,” says director
Andreas. “That we managed to attach such great talent is a testament to David’s
sensational screenplay." He adds, "I can’t wait to get started on the production
and get to work with these wonderful actors, including my two “Going Down in
LA-LA Land” stars, Matthew and Allison.”

“Casper is a world-class filmmaker,” says screenwriter Barrett, “It’s going to be a
really fun ride seeing him, and this spectacular group of talent, bring my script to life.”

“Kiss Me, Kill Me” is a contemporary Alfred Hitchcock/Agatha Christie-style “whodone-it,” with the mystery centered on Dusty who confronts his unfaithful
boyfriend and blacks-out, only to wake up to find the boyfriend murdered and
he’s the prime suspect.

Director Andreas and screenwriter Barrett are producing. Their 30-day campaign
is looking for $100,000 and offering perks that range from digital downloads, to
being an extra, a speaking part, and different producing levels. 

Grab a weapon & make out at: