Friday, May 31, 2019

BBMAK Reveal -

  BBMAK, Mark Barry, Christian Burns and Stephen McNally who recently reunited after a 15-year hiatus have revealed the official album artwork and full track listing for their brand new album Powerstation.
Billboard Magazine announced the news earlier today here:
“When we got back together last year, we never dreamed we would end up where we are today. We had such good times with BBMak, from touring with *NSYNC to performing on The Tonight Show to being a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and we thought  maybe that was enough. But when we got together again, the magic was still there, so much so that we started writing music again like not a moment had passed. The result is Powerstation, which is coming out in August and we literally can’t wait for you all to hear it. We’ve been absolutely blown away by the love, support and excitement from everyone who has come to see us at our shows or written to us online to tell us how much it means to you that we’re together again.” Christian, Mark & Ste
The BBMAK is Back!
Miranda Hird
 Powerstation which is set to be released in August and was produced by BBMAK, Jonathan Radford, Steve Chrisanthou (Corinne Bailey Rae) & Firebox and features the current single, “Bullet Train. Click here to listen: and watch the lyric video:
The band are confirmed to perform on Good Morning America August 20.         
To coincide with the release of Powerstation, the group has one of kind unique items up for grabs.  The BBMAK Vintage Merch Bundle includes; 1 vintage signed postcard, 2 vintage stickers, set of four pins, and three guitar picks, in addition, fans can choose one of BBMAK’s songs and they will record an acoustic performance of that song just for you!, Or receive one short video message from the band or send one to a friend!, Receive one disposable camera from the band, filled with images taken in the studio, on tour, or around town. 
Other exclusive items include; handwritten & signed lyric sheet for one BBMAK song of your choosing, signed polaroid photo (no two are alike) of the band and, of course, the new album signed by the band. Click here to view all items & order
“Powerstation” Album Track Listing
1.       Bullet Train
2.      So Far Away
3.      No One Like You
4.      Uncivil War
5.      You Don’t See Me
6.      We Can Be Lovers
7.      Wolves
8.      Falling Up
9.      Out Of Time
10.  Powerstation
BBMAK just wrapped the first leg of their North America tour last week. The tour, dubbed “Back Here” after their massive 1999 worldwide hit, travelled through such cities as Boston (SOLD OUT), New York, Nashville & Austin, TX.  The band will announce Fall 2019 dates in the coming weeks.
 “We are very busy in the studio putting the finishing touches to our third studio album. We are so thrilled to be hitting the road for a full tour in May since we absolutely loved our first few shows last November, and were blown away seeing all the fans come out after all those years away. We’re excited to get back on stage and play, as we have a special set of shows planned, which will include brand new BBMAK music. Our fans have really stood with us and we can’t wait for them to hear it!” said Ste, Mark & Christian
The multi-platinum selling English pop group has sold more than three million albums, and had hit singles worldwide between 1999 and 2003, when they disbanded.
Best known for their self-penned infectious guitar driven hits “Back Here,” “Out of My Heart“ and “The Ghost of You and Me,” BBMAK was one of the few bands from that genre to play their own instruments.  Billboard Magazine named “Back Here” the 9th Greatest Boy Band Song of All Time. 
“Back Here” – official video –

“Out of My Heart” (Live at 8 Track Tapes) 2019:

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Michael's Musings

Giving You Pearl Necklace Reality
Michael Shinafelt

Guess what's happening now? I said guess. If you don't have a clue go rent some lips. "Yes" rent them, then we can talk. When do you wanna cum?

Now it's time to say F#ck it, and enjoy what's going on, simpatico?

Dirty deeds, are they ever done dirt cheap???

Were you made for dancing? Honestly I wasn't.

Courtney Love is talking about a Hole reunion...Go on take everything, F#ck to the "Yes!"

I wanna give you my personal pearl necklace

Waking Up is the second hardest thing to do in the morning

Once upon a time I was called a legendary fool by a barefoot strung out man

Rocketman opens Friday - do  you care?

I said Yoo Hoo

Check out Cherie Currie & Brie Darling covering T-Rex's "Motivator." It's the bomb!

Hello artificial peeps, time for a pool party!!!

I see dead living people

Moist 😈

Release your molecules of freedom!

And then there's meme -

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hump Day & Chill

Heart & Soul
Christopher La Fleur
Just sit right back and you'll hear a Hump Day & Chill tale about artist and model Christopher La Fleur. This particular yarn is brought to you by the ever so talented Tye Briggs via his Favorite Hunks & Other Things blog.

I love this profile! Tye addresses the artist who is also his own work of art. This is something that has always fascinated me as I am cut from like cloth.

Blurred Lines indeed, or not. Christopher is an interesting read and of course he gets naked. "Yes" I went there. However it's all about the piece that accompanies it. 

"Yes" that's what kept me feeling fascination.

Kudos to Tye for an excellent job in hitting the heart of an individual's creativity and soul.

Oh, yeah of course you are now ready, steady, go for a Hump Day & Chill, correct?

This is one that pushes all my buttons and then some. I'm sure they will push yours to infinity and beyond!

Hit it at the NSFW link below...

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

There's Got To Be A Morning After...

"There's got to be a morning after, If we can hold on through the night, We have a chance to find the sunshine, Let's keep on looking for the light" Theme from The Poseidon Adventure, Maureen McGovern

There does have to be a morning after and I'm not talking the pill...

That's correct minions it's the end of another three day weekend and boy do I feel it. How you may ask? Kind of like the S.S. Poseidon in The Poseidon Adventure, " Hell, Upside Down!"

While I won't go into specifics it isn't what you are surely thinking, I'm way too interesting for that pile. 

Thus today I am leaving you with a photo of myself and one of the stars of  The Poseidon Adventure Pamela Sue Martin, taken at the 40th anniversary screening of it at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Right here, right now.

Enjoy your morning after kiddies!

Yours Truly & Pamela Sue Martin

The Poseidon Adventure on IMDb:

Monday, May 27, 2019

Monday Motivation

Let Me Motivate You
Miley Cyrus

While surfing images in The Big Picture section of E!Online this photo of Miley Cyrus popped! I hit me like a jolt of caffeine. Thus today Miley is Monday Motivation enough for us all I say.

Rather then give you a specific context as to why, I am going to throw all the various adjectives it brings to my mind at you. "Yes" you can decided for yourself which one gets you cranking on this Memorial Day

Here we go, time to get thyself motivated!

Energized, Excited, Determined, Motivated, Electric, Goals, Happy, Work Out, Trip, Run, Fun, Achieve, Believe, Love, Kindness, Wild, Sexy, Confident, Comfortable, Gregarious, Friendly, Acceptance, Self Esteem, Attitude, Self Love, Dominant, Beautiful, Successful...

And the list could go to infinity and beyond.

Miley on IG -

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Another Broken Heart

Billy Winn Returns in Dreamland II, The Final EP of His Two-Part Series
Featuring Debut Single, “Another Broken Heart”

Billy Winn’s Dreamland II picks up where Dreamland I left off.  Thematically, at least.  Sonically, its debut single, “Another Broken Heart,” releasing May 24, turns up the drama with a heavy-octane dance number.  “I love going back to EDM, where it all started for me,” Winn explains.  “High energy dance is always a great place to get things started.”  

Both EPs tell stories from the perspective of a queer kid of color who has had his heart broken.  “It’s the only position that I can write from and it’s one that I can’t recall ever hearing in pop music,” Winn continues.  “My hope is that regardless of where you come from, who you are now, or who you are becoming; you’re able to find something in these songs that resonates and makes you want to play them over and over again.”

“Another Broken Heart” was inspired by a series of circumstances in Winn’s life, including the death of his father.  “He and I weren’t close but at the end of his life, I was asked to return home to take care of him and my family.  It was an extremely emotional situation, and definitely something that I’m still healing from.” 
Billy Winn
He didn’t intend on making “Another Broken Heart” a dance record.  Its original chorus was midtempo.   The idea to speed up the melody and make it a dance record came from his production team, Johnie & Elliot.  “Johnie turned the song into something rare,” Winn reflects.  “It’s a dance track with a strong, relatable message about something we’ve all been through at least once.  I think it’s the perfect summer song.”

Billy Winn is a Billboard-charting singer, songwriter, recording artist, and performer who regularly thrills audiences with his shows and music releases, ranging from high energy dance records to emotionally charged EDM.  With Dreamland II, Winn notes his inspirations as being a mix of 90s R&B and the EDM of the last decade.

“I was listening to a lot of TLC and Janet Jackson while I was working on Dreamland II; specifically, Crazy, Sexy, CoolFanmail, and Janet’s Velvet Rope album.  At the same time, I was listening to artists like Flume, Owl City, Robyn, and Tove Lo; trying to find a place musically where all those influences could exist or become something completely different altogether.”

Last year, Billy Winn released Dreamland I, an album that explored life as a perception of fantasy and guilty pleasures.   Singles “Seal It with a Kiss”, “If You Really Cared”, and “Crash” were all presented as chapters in a larger story.    “Another Broken Heart” is the next chapter in Winn’s Dreamland saga. 

“In ‘Another Broken Heart’ and all of the songs in Dreamland II, the idea is that it’s all fun and games until someone catches feelings,” Winn says.  

Dreamland II is a bit angrier than the first EP with a little more underlying pain because the perspective has changed.   “I’m not only talking from one individual’s thoughts or feelings anymore. In Dreamland II, I consider multiple angles.”

It’s been a year since Winn released Dreamland I and the acclaim from the album has allowed him to tour and expand his fan base.  It has also taught him to not doubt or second guess himself.    “I’m trusting my instincts a lot more these days and I have to admit I’m pretty confident in the road ahead.” 

“Things will happen that are outside of my control, but I’m not letting those forces control me.” 

Billy Winn’s Dreamland II is being distributed by Ferocious Music and OneRPM and is available on iTunes, Spotify and all digital platforms.  For more information, visit or follow him on Facebook.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Release The "Vagina"

Alaska Thunder#ck

Alaska Thunderfuck  Surprises Fans with Her New “Vagina” Release
“This new album-- "Vagina" -- is a return to form for classic Alaska Thunderfuck music:  Hard electronic beats, songs about taboo body parts and lewd sexual acts, some total nonsense, and of course lots and lots of swear words.  But within all of this filth and frivolity, I hope some real meaning is able to seep through.  The album is called "Vagina" because it continues a movement through the chakras of the body.  My first album was "Anus," and the next chakra above that one is the genitals.  Naturally, the Vagina, the portal of all life, and the passage through which every human being comes into being was the only choice for the album title.  In the wake of the current political climate, where women's bodies are being regulated and controlled by men, I think the title grabs people's attention and it's a little dangerous.  I like that.”  – Alaska Thunderfuck  
"Vagina" is available thru all digital retailers:  
1.  Vagina

This song is a feminist anthem inspired by the Me Too and Time's Up Movements.  (It should also come with the caveat that not all women have Vaginas, and this song is for all women.)  I am not a female impersonator, and when I perform in Drag I am not dressing up "like a woman,"-- In fact I am worshipping at the altar the Divine Feminine and of all Womankind.  This song reflects that sentiment and I think it's the most important song on the album.  

2.  Leopard Print

Leopard print is my current obsession.  Since I've become obsessed with leopard print clothing, I've started to notice it in every facet of culture currently and even in the past.  Everything must be leopard print.  

3.  Everybody Wants To Fuck Me

I believe the message of this song is the underlying subtext behind most social media.  I spend all day looking at pictures of myself, and then I post pictures and videos of myself.  Because everyone wants to look at me.  Everyone wants to fuck me.  But what would happen if the switch got shut off one day and everyone's Instagram followers went back to zero?  

4.  Walk Into the Club

All of our favorite pop songs have a line about walking into the club.  So I wrote a song that is just about walking into the club.  I stole this idea from either Bob the Drag Queen or Trixie Mattel during a dressing room chat.  

5.  Getting Kicked Out (of Micky's on a Monday Night)

This song is based on a time that I didn't eat dinner and proceeded to have a few too many whiskeys and wines and ended up getting kicked out of West Hollywood Drag club Micky's on a Monday night.  The next day I woke up and I was ashamed and embarrassed beyond belief.  But I thought, if I can make something out of this terrible experience, maybe it won't be for nothing.  So I took my shame and vomited it into this song.  

6.  Cellulite (feat.  Big Dipper)

This is a song about fetishizing fat guys.  I like them.  

7.  Drip (Jodie Harsh Mix)

I think waterspouts are underrated.  There are so many songs about fucking, which can be a risky and dangerous behavior.  But piss is sterile and fun, and I think more people should be into it.  So this is a Piss anthem.  

8.  Snaked (Ellis Miah Mix) -

When All Stars 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race aired, I became known as the queen of snakes.  As a result, many designers made me clothes that were snake themed.  I had all of these clothes saved up and I wanted to feature them in a beautiful way.  So Ellis and I wrote this song, and then I teamed up with Brad Hammer to feature all of the snake clothes in a music video.  

9.  Frances

This is a song about a young business woman named Fran Fine, who follows her heart of gold and in turn finds the family she's always wanted and the man of her dreams.  

10.  Pride

This is the little sister to "Hieeee."  It's a song about how to do Pride properly, complete with cracking fans and throwing shade.

11.  Twisted

A feel-good bop about getting wasted on various substances-- but none of them seem to compare to the feeling of love.  

12.  Land of the Midnight Sun

Sometimes I find it hard to say my feelings, and instead I run away from conflict and confrontation.  This song is about that, and is an apology to anyone I may have hurt by doing that.  It's also named after the state of Alaska, which is called "The Land of the Midnight Sun" because in the summer the sun stays out all night.  

Friday, May 24, 2019

Countdown To Crawfish

Aaron Neville
New Orleans Returns to New Jersey as the Best of the Big Easy’s Music and Food Arrives for Milestone Weekend Celebration at Sussex Fairgrounds in Augusta

 Tickets on Sale NOW!

 A New Jersey tradition will be marking its milestone 30th anniversary celebrating two of New Orleans’ greatest traditions – music and food – with Big Easy backyard authenticity, when the likes of Aaron Neville, the Marcus King Band and over 20 other great Crescent City acts go “head to tail” with 10,000 pounds of specially imported crawfish and more at MICHAEL ARNONE’S 30TH ANNUAL CRAWFISH FEST, May 31-June 2 here at the Sussex County Fairgrounds.

Tickets are on sale NOW for the three-day festival, which annually draws close to 20,000 people for a unique weekend experience featuring the best music and food that New Orleans and all of Louisiana has to offer. The music spans Bayou-based Cajun, Zydeco, Delta Blues, New Orleans R&B, Brass, Gospel and Jazz across three stages, while the food highlights assorted other south Louisiana delicacies such as fresh Boiled Louisiana Crawfish trucked in alive, with Jambalaya, Crawfish Etouffee, Alligator Sausage, Po-boys (oyster, shrimp and catfish), Char Grilled Oysters, Southern Fried Chicken, along with the Louisiana chefs who prepare it all. 
Marcus King Band
Also scheduled to appear are Neville Jacobs, Rebirth Brass Band, Terrance Simien and the Zydeco Experience, Cowboy Mouth, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Walter “Wolfman” Washington and the Roadmasters, Geno Delafose & French Rockin’ Boogie, Bishop Gunn, Cory Henry and the Treme Funktet, John Papa Gros Band, Jonathon Long, Flow Tribe, Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Chas, Darcy Malone and the Tangle, Amanda Fish, The Iceman Special, Jesse Lege and Bayou Brew, Tony Smith and the You Know How We Do Crew, and Big Mamou.

Festival goers can purchase 2019 Crawfish Fest Single Day, 2 Day Combo, Group, onsite 4 day/3 nights Camping/ Admission, and King Crawfish Krewe Tickets (main stage pit passes). Advance tickets start at $35 for adults (free for children under 14 with parent), and are available through the official website,

“The great thing about this festival is its incredible authenticity,” says festival creator-producer and Louisiana import Michael Arnone. “It’s so real that for everybody who’s moved up North from Louisiana, everyone who’s homesick, this is like going home for a few days. The Louisiana atmosphere, the crawfish, the jambalaya, it’s all there. I tell people the music brings them, but the food keeps them.”  

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Michael's Musings

The Twins
Michael Shinafelt
With all the BS going on in the world, Georgia and it's almost complete abolishment of abortion rights is currently public enemy number one. After all what does number two do? So I thought it was time to break out my twins and throw my support behind a woman's right to choose.

OK, I am breaking them out metaphorically, because if I broke them out literally, well then the censors who run my forum on the WWW would certainly gun for me too. "Yes" it's a mad, mad, mad world and we are living in it. 

FYI: I'm Pro-Choice, I'm also Pro people choosing their own pizza toppings

Unicorns come from a magical place, the land of a thousand horns

Incels, discuss...

I'm just mashing your taters

May I introduce you to Grumpy Bear? He was recently kicked to the curb by Angry Pup

Last night's season finale of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists was off the hook!

"Even a hooker deserves to have Thanksgiving dinner" - Denise Richards RHOBH

The Pounder is real, not to be confused with The Seether 

Preach Traci Lords

Satan says wipe your nose. Satan is your friend.

Caught Margaret Cho @ Largo this past Monday. Good times!

Things I will call you a whore for - eating my food

Crispy Calamari 

Immersed myself in the I Like Scary Movies experience - thus the photo op of  "The Twins" and myself via The Shining portion of it. A total blast!

Hit me with your best shot at:  

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Hump Day & Chill

No Clothes Rquired
Nate Beck
This Hump Day & Chill should carry the subtitle: Writer Gone Wild! "Yes" this weeks object of Hump Day & Chill affection is a writer named Nate Beck who likes to take it all off for the camera. Can we say exhibitionist? Of course we can!

Mr. Beck totally cops to a love of removing his clothes on camera in a piece complete with photo illustrations for Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things.

Thus we celebrate Hump Day by entering the mind of a show off as he details his first time going bare for the camera to how now it is one of the most natural and chill thing he does with his time.

Nate is a pretty manly specimen I must say, oh, I just did say it. A butch Daddy type. So if you ever find yourself wondering "Who's Your Daddy?" then this may help you answer that burning, yearning question.

If not, there will be another time and another place for you to have a Hump & a Chill.

Daddy Lovers unite and just do it at the link below!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Seeing Red

The Woman in Red
Emma Thompson
I love when celebrities of the female variety hit the red carpet in, well red. "Yes" you know the old adage when the carpet matches the drapes? Well in this case it's the carpet matching the draping.

One of the key reasons for this is most women look smashing in red. Case in point, one Emma Thompson having some fun at the London gala screening of her latest Late Night, by doing what else? Striking a pose!

Late Night for the record is directed by a friend of mine, Nisha Ganatra - congrats Nisha on scoring, not one, but two great actresses for the project. Thompson, of course and Mindy Kaling who also wrote the screenplay. This is one I want to see based on the pedigree of the talent on and off camera alone.

So today I am Seeing Red and it is not a bad thing. In fact it is having quite the opposite effect and I am feeling groovy 😎

Late Night on IMDb -  

Monday, May 20, 2019

Monday Motivation

Hello Gorgeous
Christopher Meloni
Thanks to someone I follow on Instagram and of course the obligatory Law & Order: SVU marathon on the USA Network yesterday, I have the sexiest man alive IMHO, Christopher Meloni on my mind. "Yeah" he is sex on a stick and then some.

How is this Monday Motivation you might ask? Well Chris, motivates me to do many things, nothing I can really speak of here. He also just makes you want to go balls to the wall sexy. "Yes" all of us have an inner Christopher Meloni within us, just waiting to be released like the Kraken. That's correct a big bad sexual beast just waiting to be turned loose.

Who could not get turned on by a man who can do the splits like this and drink red wine at the same time? Seriously flexibility is the key to _______ come on my dirty minded minions insert something into THAT blank 😉

BTW did you know Meloni finally drank the Kool Aid and joined Instagram? Oh Yeah! Thus I follow him with relish and hold the pickle.

Speaking of which, my Monday has now been sufficiently Motivated, time to get Kraken!

Meloni on IG -  

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Trouble in the 90210

Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling & Jason Priestley
So in case some of you nostalgia nerds haven't heard there is a six episode reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 coming your way. This being fact, there is also trouble in the fanciest zip code around. "Yes" trouble in the 90210.

On May 16th Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith and several senior writers quit the show. Well May 16th also happens to be Tori Spelling's Birthday. So what's a Spelling to do in such a situation? Let them eat cupcakes!

"Yep" Tori shook it off and celebrated her special day by indulging in cupcakes with co-stars Jennie Garth and Jason Priestley and posted it to her Instagram page, naturally.

Hey what else should a Birthday Girl do in this type circumstance? I ask you? I said I ask you, now answer me damn it! Whatever, moving on...

While I'm not sure what to make of a reboot that is only shooting six episodes and has behind the scenes people quitting in mass quantities, I will at for sure view the premiere episode. At the very least this sounds like a divine train wreck, you know you like to watch.

BH 90210 on IMDb -