Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday Motivation

Your Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile
Michael Shinafelt
"Make a difference today just by smiling. Wake up with a smile, make someone else smile, and smile before you lay down tonight! Have a happy and positive day!"
In case you haven't put the pieces together today's Monday Motivation is to smile. Honestly it's been a rough go for me of late recovering from surgery with three more weeks left to go. This being stated one of the things that has kept me buoyant is my ability to smile at random people I see out and about.
This makes them and yourself feel good 😃
So let's kick off this week with a goal to smile at everyone you make eye contact with this week. Trust me it isn't that difficult and it's a gift that keeps on giving and it doesn't cost a thing except use of your jaw muscles.
Are you ready mouth? Start smiling....
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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Walkin' After Midnight...

MVD Entertainment Group and Rue Morgue Magazine To Launch


A New Horror-centric Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) Service

Hey horror fans, like me, check it...!!!

MVD ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and RUE MORGUE have teamed up to launch the MIDNIGHT MOVIE SOCIETY, a curated Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) service specializing in Extreme Underground, Taboo and Cult Horror movies. Now genre fans can gain access to a film library of shocking underground, outrageous gore, creature features, cult classics and much more. Those with a taste for the weirdest and wildest reaches of genre cinema will not be disappointed!
"The bigger platforms are catering to the masses and have gone puritanical in many cases, making it very difficult for filmmakers to reach their audience," says Ed Seaman, C.O.O. of MVD ENTERTAINMENT GROUP. "MVD has a great deal of this type of content and when it is live on major platforms, it performs really well. Maybe too well for some of the mainstream platforms."
MIDNIGHT MOVIE SOCIETY will also cater to more traditional horror fare as well, pulling from the thousands of film hours from in MVD's vast catalog. In addition, RUE MORGUE will also be finding and curating fresh and unusual content for the service.
"As larger streaming platforms continue to crack down on content, there's an urgent need to create a space for boundary-pushing films unencumbered by strangling content restrictions," said Adrianna Gober, Director of Programming. "As a lifelong horror fan, I'm proud and excited to be working with MVD Entertainment Group and genre champions Rue Morgue Magazine to bring Midnight Movie Society to the masses."
"We're thrilled to be partnering with MVD to give fans access to films that are becoming increasingly harder to come by,commented Rodrigo Gudino, President of RUE MORGUE.
Rob Hyman, MVD's Digital Director says, "Working with Rue Morgue is a dream so far. They are a household name amongst horror fans, and we anticipate our SVOD service and selection will be embraced by their fans."
MIDNIGHT MOVIE SOCIETY will be available for $4.99 per month, or $47.88 per year subscription, and will launch on iOS, Roku and web on Friday the 13th, September 2019.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

"So Far Away"

Miranda Hird

BBMAK, Mark Barry, Christian Burns and Stephen McNally who recently reunited after a 15-year hiatus have released the second single, “So Far Away”  from their forthcoming album  Powerstation.  “So Far Away” is available at all digital retailers today and you can view the video here:

"So Far Away” is a song ultimately about longing. 
The soaring guitars and huge drums on this song definitelymatch the epic scenery in the video” Christian, Mark & Ste
Powerstation was produced by BBMAK, Jonathan Radford Mead, Steve Chrisanthou (Corinne Bailey Rae) & Firebox and is set for release on October 11th via Topanga Creek Records and The Orchard. Pre-order/pre-save is available now:
 “When we got back together last year, we never dreamed we would end up where we are today. We had such good times with BBMAK, from touring with *NSYNC to performing on The Tonight Show to being a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and we thought  maybe that was enough. But when we got together again, the magic was still there, so much so that we started writing music again like not a moment had passed. The result is Powerstation, which is coming out in October  and we literally can’t wait for you to hear it. We’ve been absolutely blown away by the love, support and excitement from everyone who has come to see us at our shows or written to us online to tell us how much it means to you that we’re together again.” Christian, Mark & Ste
The band are confirmed to perform their current single, “Bullet Train” on Good Morning America Tuesday, August 20th.   Click here to listen to “Bullet Train” and watch the lyric video:
To coincide with the release of Powerstation, the group has one of a kind, unique items up for grabs on their website ( Items on the store include the BBMAK Vintage Merch Bundle (1 vintage signed postcard, 2 vintage stickers, set of four pins, and three guitar picks), an acoustic video performance of each buyer’s chosen song, a short video message from the band and disposable cameras filled with images taken in the studio, on tour, or around town. 
Other exclusive items include a handwritten & signed lyric sheet for one BBMAK song of your choosing, a signed polaroid photo (no two are alike) of the band and, of course, the new album signed by the band. Click here to view all items & order:
BBMAK will also announce more North American fall tour dates in the coming weeks.  The tour, dubbed “Back Here” after their massive 1999 worldwide hit, travelled through such cities as Boston (SOLD OUT), New York, Nashville & Austin, TX this past May. 
The multi-platinum selling English pop group has sold more than three million albums to date and had hit singles worldwide between 1999 and 2003, when they disbanded.
Best known for their self-penned infectious guitar driven hits “Back Here,” “Out of My Heart“ and “The Ghost of You and Me,” BBMAK was one of the few bands from that genre to play their own instruments.  Billboard Magazine named “Back Here” the 9th Greatest Boy Band Song of All Time. 
“Back Here” – official video –

“Out of My Heart” (Live at 8 Track Tapes) 2019:
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Friday, August 16, 2019

Freaky Friday

Angelina Jolie
"When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire" - Angelina Jolie

You know those times when you are surfing the WWW and you come across something unexpected? Well today is one of those times for me, thus I hereby decree it to be a Freaky Friday state of mind.

For some reason know only to an algorithm a photo of Angelina Jolie as a Vampire came up in one of my searches. It was so striking that I saved it and foisted it upon my minions today, right here, right now.

Not to mention it fits perfectly with a quote from Ms. Jolie herself about her childhood aspiration to become a blood sucking freak. To be honest her and I had the same lofty goal as kids. "Yes" I to wanted to be a creature of the night.

Combined with the fact that the Maleficent sequel is opening soon, October 18, 2019 to be exact. It's a Freaky Friday concoction too delicious not to imbibe...!!!

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary... say it three times and see what happens.

Angelina on Wikipedia -  

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Michael's Musings

Here's Looking @ You, Minions
Michael Shinafelt
Heading into week number five of being laid up post surgery has been a challenge. Keeping my mind occupied has been my main priority. Thus writing this column right here right now is filling it...for this moment in time and space...

Wanna know what else has been filling it? Read on minions, read on!!!

Congratulations to Super Model Ashley Graham she has a "Baby On Board"

Chickens for McNuggets

Binge watched season one of The Good Fight, meaning I really liked it, because if you knew how hard it is for me to sit and binge watch anything...

Trash Bag Mermaid wants to sing you a song

Renaming the part of Fifth Avenue which includes Trump Tower after Barack Obama is twisted genius at it's finest 😈

My manifestations are at an all time high at present, yours?

Being a submissive for a supernatural force can make you kill, the more you know 

Man Crush Of The Week - This one is retro, young Marlon Brando

“In the future, everything the public believes will be a lie.”~Andy Warhol

None of these so called experts have the stones to engage with them

I know where Muffin lives 

Well your no Julia Roberts so how I am supposed to trust you?

Standing up for what you believe in isn't a virtue if what you believe in is awful

Give it a name

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hump Day & Chill

Summer Oasis
Gerard Butler
"Vacation, all I ever wanted, Vacation, had to get away, Vacation, meant to be spent alone..." The Go-Go's 

With just a little over a month left of Summer (Fall begins September 23rd) my mind has turned to thoughts on the subject of Summer Vacation. Everybody does it, all the popular people do it, give in to the peer pressure.

Since I have spent my Summer having Bunion Surgery and recovering from it, I got a vacation sort of. It's one where I have been sitting around binge watching things without guilt. Oh and of course writing this blog and other such things.

It's times like this I wonder "What would Gerard Butler do?" or more to the point "What would I do to Gerard Butler" - here's Gerard in a swimsuit aboard a boat. Your Welcome.

Since I was not able to reach the beach this fine Summer, I brought some of the eye candy that it offers to me. "Yes" the WWW is a wonderful thing. 

Well Gerard I wished I could have been there and done that with you but alas, here I sit elevated in front of my computer writing about the Summer I didn't have. Yet somehow the one I did was it's own gift, this vacation was meant to be spent mostly alone and that is sometimes exactly what one needs.

Check out the link below and Hump Day & Chill to the "Butler Booty" appearing in his flick Law Abiding Citizen via the OMG Blog, it's so tight you could bounce various denominations of change off of it...😈

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Just Because...Brad Pitt

Once Upon A Time...
Brad Pitt
Just Because he's at the premiere in Mexico City. Just Because I loved Once Upon A Time In...Hollywood & Just Because It's Brad, bitch. Here he is the man of the moment Brad Pitt!

While Brad has never had that Schwing factor for me, there is no denying he is one good looking man. Not to mention one good actor as well...

In fact if I were a betting man, which I am not (seriously I'm not) I would venture to place my money on Mr. Pitt finally nabbing an Oscar for his role of stuntman and possible felon Cliff Booth in Once Upon A Time In...Hollywood

Brad is perfection in the film. It's showcases his acting chops and is a good old fashioned Movie Star type turn to boot.

If you have yet to catch Once Upon A Time In...Hollywood, what are you waiting for?! Seriously, what???

Brad on IMDb: