Monday, October 14, 2019

Monday Motivation

I'm Elegantly Satan!
Michael Shinafelt
With only seventeen days left until Halloween, we are in the final countdown, fer sure. Thus today I thought I would give you Monday Motivation in the form of something Devilish, that one time I dressed up as Satan for Halloween!

"Yes" this is me as "Hot Satan" down on Santa Monica Blvd. during the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, I believe this was in 2010, Yeah nine friggin years ago.

I'm not one to plan some elaborate time consuming sort of costume, so I basically used things I had, bought a set of horns, put on some dark eye make-up and abracadabra, "Hot Satan." What's that? No I did not have to go out and purchase the riding crop, it was a gift I received one year for my Birthday from...fluff up your pillow and fantasize minions.

So today's Monday Motivation exists solely to get you in the spirit (pun intended) for Halloween since it looms nigh.

Have a Groovy Goolies Day

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and "Trouble"

Here's "Trouble"

"Thank you for your support could not have done it without you.

I'm so grateful!!!
Now,  Lets get into some Trouble!! 😉" - Luv Always


In case you didn't guess the artist known as Vassy has a new single out, Trouble. This is what I bequeath to you on Spooky Sunday with a mere 18 days left until Halloween! Thus, doesn't a song called Trouble seem more fitting than perhaps one titled Treble?

Yeah, I thought get Sassy with Vassy by hitting the video to her latest below.

To quote Miranda Priestly "That's All" 

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

It's Time For Some "Witchcraft"

Witchy Diva
Sandy Zacky
"Yes" minions it's that time of year again, when Ghosts, Goblins, assorted characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Witches appear.

Here at Entertain Me, we prefer the Witches and every year I trot out our favorite Witchy Diva Sandy with a "Y" not "E" Zacky to put a spell on all of you with her rendition of the classic tune "Witchcraft."

Let her smooth, soothing vocals take you over until you are completely powerless against the magic of Sandy with a "Y" not "E" is guaranteed to keep away evil spirits and promises to shield you from getting a rock instead of a treat.

Now that's entertainment.

Get under Sandy's spell and listen below, it's a Halloween treat, not a rock!

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Film Buff Friday: Man Of A Thousand Faces

A thousand faces?! Wow! Most people only have two...

One screen legend pays homage to another in Man of a Thousand Faces, an enthralling biopic which sees Oscar-winning tough guy James Cagney give a multifaceted portrayal of silent cinema legend Lon Chaney. In early horror classics such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of The Opera, Lon Chaney captivated audiences with his vivid personifications of grotesque and afflicted characters. His extraordinary make-up skills, and miraculous ability to completely transform into grisly yet sympathetic and tragic monsters, garnered him international acclaim and the famous moniker of this film's title. Yet, despite his talent and success, Chaney led a life plagued by hardship and heartache. This insightful film-portrait traces the trajectory of the actor's career: from impoverished vaudeville clown to Hollywood stardom, whilst also capturing the drama that surrounded his private life. The film is presented here for the first time in dazzling High Definition, with a selection of revealing extras.

Bonus Materials

  • Brand new restoration from the original negative by Arrow Films
  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
  • Uncompressed Mono 1.0 PCM audio soundtrack
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • New audio commentary by film scholar Tim Lucas
  • The Man Behind a Thousand Faces, a newly filmed look at Lon Chaney and his legacy by the critic Kim Newman
  • Image gallery
  • Original trailer
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys
  • FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Fully Illustrated booklet with a newly commissioned essay by Vic Pratt of the BFI

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Michael's Musings

I Wanna Be A Vampire...
Michael Shinafelt
"The bats have left the bell tower, The victims have been bled, Red velvet lines the black box, Bela Lugosi's dead" - Bela Lugosi's Dead, Bauhaus
I suck, you suck, we all suck...take this however you choose, literally, figuratively or horizontally. The choice is yours to make, are you up for it?

This week I am letting loose my inner Vampire. Hey, it's the season to be, scary and sexy. Did you know one of the things Angelina Jolie and I had in common when we were children? We both wanted to be Vampires when we grew up, suck on that, go ahead don't be afraid...

I have a research file, I have questions

The truth is somewhere in the heat of the day, the cold of the night, the gray in your brain

Redrum by numbers 1,2,3... (Police fans will get this one)

I'm elegantly Satan

By the pricking of my thumb, look, there's an evil f#cking Nun

Me and Linus still believe in the Great Pumpkin. Eff you Charlie Brown

And then there's Cardi B and her AIDS comment, out damned c#nt (apologies to William Shakespeare)

Truth or Dare? Really which one do you choose? Call me.

Did you know there is a horror movie based on The Banana Splits on the SyFy Network this Saturday? "Yes" it's totally legit, DVR set.

Woman Crush of the Week - Catherine Deneuve in "The Hunger" forever, and ever...

These bats were made for flying, and that's just what they'll do

Number please, Transylvania 6500

Soap drop & bend over, is the new bend & snap

When you feel dirty, roll in it, just add mud

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hump Day & Chill

Clowning Around
Dusti Cunningham 
With IT: Chapter II still burnt in our collective recent memories for this week's Hump Day & Chill shall we clown around? I say "Yes" let's go there!

Pennywise aside, clowns in general as we know can be a scary lot. But did you know they can also be mysterious & sexy? Well now if you didn't here is a series of clowns baring it all, except for their faces, shot by one of the most talented and creative photographers I have ever seen Dusti Cunningham.

Dusti shoots an ongoing series of images bearing the title "Pervy Clowns" and oh boy are they ever!

So What would "Pervy Clowns" be without an expert commentary and of course NSFW images via Tye Briggs Favorite Hunks & Other Things? I ask you? Seriously I asked you, I know you aren't going to answer, but just one time I'd like...

Anyway, moving on "Pervy Clowns" need love too, so click on the link below and get into the spirit of the season by going "Full Clown" for Halloween...get your freak on, indeed!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Got Milk?

Angelina Jolie
I have always had a fascination with the "Got Milk?" ads. As a non milk drinker (ugh!) this hard sell campaign featured celebrities at their most silly.

Can you imagine how over the moon I was that I came across this doozy with Angelina Jolie promoting Tomb Raider?! I love surfing the WWW because of the random things that I find while researching something else, it's awesome!

Thus with Maleficent: Mistress of Evil coming at ya October 18th I couldn't resist running this gem that is downright, well, goofy AF

Honestly though it does not look like Jolie posed for an actual "Got Milk?" ad. It does look like the studio took a still of her as Lara Croft and submitted it to the campaign to give the movie a PR boost.

Hmmmmmmm....I wonder if Disney will follow suit and we will see Jolie as Maleficent with a milk moustache? Now that's entertainment!

Angelina on IMDb: