Monday, July 13, 2015

Troubadour: Dudley Saunders

Troubadour: Dudley Saunders
Here is the 8th video from In These Boxes, from my favorite troubadour Mr. Dudley Saunders "Love in Crystal." Let's hear what the master has to say about this...
"Two men are set to be remembered, if only in part: they grow up the way their families like, they come to New York, start careers. But they can’t be anything but what they were expected to be. They can’t imagine something different. They want to, they feel so empty and trapped, and life feels so literal.
And then one night when the feeling is particularly bad, they both take a drug and it brings them to life. Together.
They give up everything to feel this way.
Later, when the Ukrainian super is clearing out the apartment, he sees this tie and thinks one of them must have had a job, once."
Hit the video below...

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