Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cast Your Vote For: "A History of Radness"

The Banner Says It All: Radness! 
I got this message from one of my favorite people last night, Juliet Green, about her brother, Andrew Green and his Amazon show "A History of Radness."

This show is really entertaining and will not disappoint! So watch and vote - give it five stars while you're at it.

Read Ms. Green's heartfelt message below:

I hope you are having a great summer!
My brilliant brother, Andrew Green has written and produced a comedy pilot for Amazon. It’s a really terrific kids show called "A History of Radness.” It’s fresh, original, has a fabulous cast and some great music.
It's available to watch for free on Amazon (you don't need Amazon Prime) RIGHT NOW. The more people who watch, the better chance it has of being picked up for series. If you like it (and, as I said it's terrific so of course you’ll like it), give it a whole bunch of stars (really important to do) and please spread the word. This week is critical for voting!
Don’t worry if you don’t have Amazon on your TV - simply click on this link you can watch it right now: and you can watch it on your computer.
You have to keep it on til the end for it to have a credit. If you only watch part of it and turn it off, they will think you didn't like it!

Give it a look peeps, I promise it's fun!

Get "Rad" on IMDB:

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