Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spider-Man Has To Pee

Spider, No Fly
Andrew Garfield
Think playing a superhero in a big budget movie is all shits & giggles? Well you thought wrong! 

Andrew Garfield for example when asked how they could improve his Spider-Man costume stated: "We're going to make it easier for me to piss" 

Yes, the plight of peeing in a superhero costume is real. Apparently the one thing that never crosses anyone's mind who designs them is how the actor wearing one is going to relieve themselves.

Nope, the only thought that goes into the outfit is how tight they can make it and how good it looks on the thespian wearing it. 

Sort of makes one want to "Just Say No" to playing one of these dynamic beings, doesn't it?

Can you imagine if for some reason you contracted food poisoning while on set and...I'll leave you with that image, because of the giver I am.

Happy Saturday and may the piss be with you! 

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