Friday, March 17, 2017

The Hunk Of The Irish

Not An Irish Hunk
Happy St. Patrick's Day! You'd better wear your green or live in fear of getting pinched, or don't wear green and love the masochism of it all. 

Today is the day we wish people the luck of the Irish and that they find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whatever...Here at Entertain Me I am taking a different approach and wishing all of you The Hunk Of The Irish. What's that you say, you've never heard of such a thing, well guess what? Now you have.

Hence for your viewing pleasure I have got four, yes count em' four Hollywood Hunks who are, drum roll please, Irish for your St. Patty's Day viewing pleasure. A special shout out to author M.E. Franco as her personal fave and mine, Gerard Butler is present and accounted for.

Feast your eyes on these pots of gold

Gerard Butler

Colin  Farrell

Jamie Dornan 

Jonathan Rhys Myers

Now that you are all hot & bothered cool off Irish Style, translation: drink mass quantities of beer. Have Fun and be safe! 

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