Thursday, March 16, 2017

Michael's Musings

Want Some Candy?
Michael Shinafelt
This week I became acutely aware that my microwave was quietly judging others. Damn! That is pretty motherfucking impressive for something that cost me a mere sixty dollars when I bought it over ten years ago!

Now if only I could get it to print money, hey if it can judge others I bet I can coax it into doing that, riiiiiiiiight?!?!

Hereeeeeeeeeeee's Michael!

Kyle Richards blocked Eden Sassoon on Twitter. I would too, she's so creepy, not to mention she will one day die of a one night stand.

"Fingers are for Lesbians" - The More You Know

Am I the only one who does not get the appeal of This Is Us???

A certain sexy boy who met Bette Davis told me that Susan Sarandon's portrayal of her on Feud is awful, that Susan is playing a character, not Bette at all. As if we all need another reason to think Susan Sarandon is lame. 

Trump supporters are like a white trash Braveheart

Scarlett! Ivanka! Scarlett! Ivanka!
Some idiot blasted me for posting the SNL skit with Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump on my Facebook page. She stated I was a bully. I deleted the comment. Overreact much?

Why does anyone give a rat's ass about The Bachelor? On the plus side it  does make a case for legalized prostitution, which I am for.

Things that make you go shhhhhhh......

I use my small snowblower, it gets the work done - weirdest post I saw on Facebook this week

According to an online quiz I took, I am "Wild Sexy" - Duh!

Sweet Baby Elephant! That one's for you Shani Bayne!

"I wish I was like you, Easily amused" - All Apologies, Nirvana - because you can never have enough Nirvana in your life

My ideas for this column were so much sharper earlier in the day, but I was nowhere near a computer to write. Guess I have to record them on my phone and let people think I am conversing with myself in that's Entertain Me!

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