Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tom Connan's "Beautiful Day"

Boy Toy
Tom Connan 
Hello Minions, we exchange energy once again! Here is the latest from the world of Entertain Me...

My buddy Tom Connan recently released his latest single Beautiful Day. I thought to myself, I bet readers would like me to pry a little and get some insight into Tom's personal life by revealing what five things would constitute a Beautiful Day for him.

Yep, the giver in me is present and accounted for, I did just that. Let me tell you Tom is quite the randy one, here is his idea of a perfect Beautiful Day!

1) Make love,
2) Drink a glass of Malbec,
3) Write a melody,
4) Have a walk alone at night,
5) Come back home and make love again

So juicy! Check out the video for Beautiful Day after the leap!

Have a "Beautiful Day" with Tom at:

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