Friday, June 7, 2013

Cocktails With Clea

Ever wonder what it would be like to have cocktails with Berlin-Burlesque-Biotch Clea Cutthroat?

Well thanks to the Internet and Burlesque Bitch online you can now get up close and viral with Clea as she mixes you one of her fabulous libations and let's you into the world according to Cutthroat.

Recently I broke out my riding crop and ordered Clea to give me five. Five good reasons that people should want to have cocktails with her.

She of course complied and is a smart Burlesque Biotch - Please take note of reason number five, not only does Clea know of what she speaks, it is a mantra you should all adhere to.

OK, Clea - I'm ready...give me five, now!

Give Me My Wine!

Clea Cutthroat:

1. It's free! Cheaper than any cocktail in the WORLD!!! So much fun, color, and laughs at a bargain price of $Free.00! 
2. In Drag Race language, I would describe it as: the "C" is for charisma, "L" is for libations, "E" is for extravaganza, and "A" is for adventure.
3. In times of uncertainty, I always ask myself, "What would Madonna Do?". I'm just sure she would read it! Or, at the very least, have a cute pool boy read it to her 
4. You get the latest news on showgirls, drag queens, circus freaks & geeks, as well as free cocktail recipes from around the world! Perfect for showing off at your next date or dinner party.
5. Because Michael Shinafelt said so! And after asking Madonna, my next question to myself is ALWAYS..."What would Michael do?"

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