Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebrate Marriage Equality !

Love is Love
"Sometimes, there's so much beauty in the world - I feel like I can't take it, like my heart is just going to cave in" - Ricky Fitts "American Beauty"

June 26, 2013 - will go down in history as the day the most beautiful thing in the world conquered all...LOVE!

Yes, The Supreme Court of The United States of America ruled that DOMA, The Defense Of Marriage Act, which bans same sex marriages is unconstitutional. Way to go Supreme Court, High Five!

This overturns Proposition 8 which passed by a very narrow margin and banned same sex marriages in the state of California.

Civil Rights are for everyone, not just who someone chooses to dole them out to. Gay people pay taxes like everyone else, yet they were being treated second class. 

So being a supporter of Civil Rights for all, I attended the celebration rally in honor of this historic day held in West Hollywood, CA. 

There was an amazing energy and feeling of victory in the air, and most important, I was surrounded by LOVE!

In pride and celebration I took photos, of the event and people at it. A special thanks to the Female couple featured above who allowed me to take their photo and use it.

 Scattered among my amateur photography I asked friends and favorites of "Entertain Me" to chime in with their thoughts...Experience the LOVE!
White Wedding

"Kind of spectacularly awesome! But there are going to be so many more crock pots to buy! Time to buy stock in Bed Bath N Beyond"! #loveislove - Actress/Writer/Singer Traci Lords

"I didn't get married to get state or federal benefits. I got married because Michael Briggs has healed, loved and nurtured me in ways that are beyond words. That said, knowing that our marriage is federally recognized is amazing, something we never would have imagined 10/2/10. I am humbled by everyone's hard work to accomplish. Simply amazing". - Singer/Songwriter Tom Goss

"History is on our side and Equality is within our reach! A monumental day for Gay Rights"! 
- Singer/Sogwriter Aiden Leslie
We Made National News!

"I'm so proud to live in America-now more than ever- and to celebrate equality for all. Thanks to Edie Windsor for showing us that even one person can make a profound difference in the lives of many to come. LOVE is EVERYTHING"!  - Pop Princess Shara Strand

"Fuck yeah, its about time" - Punk Princess Ariel Beez

"Yeehoo that is just the way it should be...We must progress even more"! - Actress/Singer/Songwriter EG Daily

"Truly, truly thrilled for so many of my close friends today & all gay couples across our nation. HUGE step in the right direction. Equality for ALL Period"! - Singer/Songwriter Debby Holiday

"Progress always wins!"#LoveIsLove - Singer/Songwriter/Owner Sea to Sun Records Sylvia Tosun

"It's an historic day! Congrats to all my friends who can finally marry the one they love! Equality, finally!" - Actress/ Lead Singer "The Runaways" Cherie Currie

The Roar of the Crowd
"After nineteen years..NINETEEN YEARS..JoeDietl and I finally have the same rights as everyone else. So many friends I wish were still alive to see this. What an amazing day! Thanks to all who have fought so hard to make this happen" - "Where The Bears Are" Ben Zook

"Goodbye and good riddance, DOMA and DUMMER!  Thanks for the memories"... Americana With Twisted Roots Group "The Drews"

"It's an historic day for all Americans who regardless of their sexual orientation, value equal rights and opportunities for all." - Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin "Win The Diet War With Dr. Nina"

Speech! Speech! Speech!

"We've been so inspired with marriage equality passing earlier in our home state of Rhode Island and now with the overturning of the marriage ban in our current state, California. We have a new song we're working on about everyone being equal on the dance floor and just launched a Kickstarter for it. There's still a lot of work to be done in this world for equality but we're feeling very optimistic today" DJ/Songwriter/Performers "The Perry Twins"

"I'm crying tears of joy for this moment - we are closer to marriage equality than we have ever been. I'm proud of my community and proud of this country. I'm also getting excited about being able to perform ceremonies again"Actress/Comedian Margaret Cho

Find out more about Marriage Equality at The Human Rights Campaign:

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