Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Stupid Questions: Marv Blauvelt

Former competition bodybuilder, Marv Blauvelt did what most "formers" do re-invent himself. Marv took his love of the horror genre and made it his reality.

With fright films such as "Beef...You Are What You Eat" and "Sculpture"under his belt, Marv is back to make you scream with "Psycho Street" - the founder of his own production company "Muscle Wolf" has agreed to go from scary to "stupid" - OK Marv, let's go..!

MS: Can you tell me how to get to “Psycho Street”?

MB: Take a multitude of hallucinogenic drugs....then watch David Cronenberg's early work ('Shivers", "Rabid" "The Brood" etc.) along with Stuart Gordon's "From Beyond" and a couple of episodes of "Desperate Housewives",..after viewing, proceed to take all of your clothes off, cover yourself in goat blood, grab an ax, and begin to walk down any street...doesn't really matter where you are,after all of that, you will really be on "PSYCHO STREET"!!!

MS: Is it “Seame Street” adjacent?

MB: Only if you are a murderous, mentally deranged, incestuous, Satanic pedophile...

MS: Have you ever seen a “Green Monster”?

MB: I have never SEEN a "Green Monster" but I am told I become a huge, raging one when I am angry....don't make me angry...you wouldn't like me when I am angry....

MS: What about a plaid one?

MB: I think if something presents itself in all "Plaid", it probably is not a "Monster" , but something possessed by the" Demon of "BAD FASHION SENSE"....unfortunately, this "Demon" is VERY powerful...particularly here in the Mid-west!!

MS: Machete or knife?

MB: Depends, Machete if I am in the woods, wearing my casual Hockey mask and "crashing" a camp full of teenagers... Knife when I am wearing my White William Shatner mask "crashing" a house full of babysitters.....AHHH there is a weapon and mask for every occasion!!

Marv & His Trusty Chainsaw

MS: What’s a “Muscle Wolf”?

MB: A "Muscle Wolf" is a close cousin to the "LYCAN'....but much more developed in their bodies muscularity....and way more vicious and unpredictable in there temperament...even though they are in the same species...MUSCLE WOLVES can come from different backgrounds, like the adult entertainment industry, the Indie horror genre, or even from a top reality show....and they can also look very different...they can appear massive, with flowing dark mane....or more of a "Compact muscularity" , with a "Blondish coat".....there is even reports of HUGE "Identical twin" Muscle Wolves being spotted at conventions and festivals...so as you see, the species is quite diverse, but every indication shows that it is growing in number, power and popularity...and some say, will rise very quickly in popularity and success!!! 

MS: How often do you have to feed one?

MB: The main part of the MUSCLE WOLF's diet is protein...lots and lots of protein....the MUSCLE WOLF must consume MASSIVE amounts of protein daily (every 2-3 ours in fact) to maintain the "tight" appearance in it's clothing, especially in the chest, arms, upper legs and ass area...with-out this "appearance" the MUSCLE WOLF would just be your average, everyday run-of-the-mill wolf...and that would cut it's "Uniqueness" and "recognition" way down considerably!!

MS: If you were a “Sculpture“, what kind of sculpture would you be?

MB: Well....I would NOT be a Sculpture who uses the flesh of my Gym rat friends to create my "Masterpiece"!! (Like in the movie!!)!...I actually think I would Sculpt in Play-do...I LOVED that stuff as a kid...and the neon colors are AWESOME...a fun day of Play-do sculpting...it would be just like being 8 again...YES!!! 

MS: Do you eat “Beef”?

MB: Yes, I do eat "BEEF" on occasion...some days I prefer Beef, some days I prefer chicken or seafood....just depends on my particular "taste" at the time!

MS: Naked or clothed?

MB: Definitely Naked!! 

Get Naked With Marv At: http://www.facebook.com/bodyblauvelt

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