Saturday, March 2, 2013

10 Stupid Questions: Ralph Cole, Jr. "K-11"

Ralph Cole, Jr.

Ralph Cole, Jr. is a versatile and amazing actor. From the New York stage to the Hollywood screen, Ralph has done it all, including winning a NAACP Theater Award for Best Supporting Actor in Larry Hart's "Sisterella" produced by Michael Jackson and Robert DeNiro. 

Ralph's latest? Well it's none other than Jules Stewart's (Yes, mother of Kristen "Bella" Stewart) directorial debut "K-11". In which he plays a pre-op transsexual named Kay-Kay in  the prision drama whose synopsis is: A record producer comes around after binging on drink and drugs. He finds himself in a section of the Los Angeles County Jail reserved for homosexuals, which is ruled by a transsexual named Mousey...Oh My!

Hey Ralph, it's time to answer my stupid questions, let's go....!!!

1) If Jules Stewart were an actual jewel what would she be?

RCJ:  Diamond

2) Would you rather stay at "K-11" or the K Club Luxury Hotel in Ireland? 

RCJ: The latter.

3) Do you prefer Male or Female drag? 

RCJ: Female drag

4) Have the "Photographs of Your Junk" ever been publicized?

RCJ:  If "Junk" refers to my face, then Yes!

5) Which one of the "Desperate Housewives" is your favorite? 

RCJ: Edie Britt played by Nicollette Sheridan

6) Applying mascara, or applying lipstick which would you rather do?

RCJ: I would rather apply lipstick.
7) What would your dream role be?

RCJ: Series regular on a network multi-camera sitcom.

8) Name the character from "Dreamgirls"you identify with most?

RCJ: Lorrell Robinson

9) Are you rated G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17? 

 RCJ: NC-17

10) If you could pick anyone fictional or real, dead or alive as a cell mate in "K-11" who would it be?  

RCJ: Maxwell Caulfield

"K-11" opens March 15th...!

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