Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TV Watch: Booooo! "Pretty Little Liars" Season Finale Next Week...!!!

There are always a handful of TV shows I can never get enough of and, yeah I think you have guessed one of them already.

I just love, love and, yes, love "Pretty Little Liars"...!! So well written, plotted and acted, with clever references, verbally and visually to the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. The people behind this show know their stuff!

So, as a fan, I thought I would bring you my 10 favorite quotes from this season of "PLL" ....

Here is my number 1 favorite and the rest follow in no particular order, let's rock this!

1) Hanna - "There's a downside to being too smart"

2) Spencer: Why do you even bother coming to church?

Ali: I like to cover my bets.

3) Mona: And who's looking cray-cray now, Spencer?

4) Spencer: Is she "Saint Ali" now? Are her bones holy relics or something?

Aria & Spencer, Chillin' 
5) Aria: I wake up every morning with the intention of telling him, and then I go to sleep every night feeling guilty that I didn't. 

Hanna: At least you have your afternoons free.

Aria: "Unable are the loved to die for love is immortality."

Hanna: That's creepy.

Aria: It's Emily Dickinson.

Hanna: I don't care if it's Santa Claus, considered me creeped.

7) Mona: Fear cuts deeper than a sword.

8) Hanna: I always hated biology. I mean who cares how a cell divides, it just does.

Look it's Mona aka Satan in Disguise

9) Andrew Campbell: Put on your Hastings face and spank her tomorrow night like I know you can.

10) Aria: Playing dress up for your man on Halloween is one thing. You do it any other night, you end up on an afternoon talk show.

Can't wait for the Season 4 premiere on June 11th!

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