Friday, July 12, 2013

Coming Soon: The Canyons

It's been a while since Lindsay Lohan looked like a bona fide movie star, seeing the trailer for her latest "The Canyons" is the first time that has happened on film in a while (she looked like one a few times at her numerous court appearances, but those do not count).

Ms. Lohan seems to have found the perfect role to match the public perception of her. In the film she plays the way over everything, translation beyond jaded,"Tara" whose opening dialogue in the trailer nails the character: "When's the last time you went to see a movie in the theater?" Tara says of movies at the trailer's outset. "I don't know. You know, I guess maybe it's just not my thing anymore." 

She co-stars with Porn Star James Deen as "Christian" - the actual storyline is not revealed in the teaser (tease being the operative word) but what one can gather is it involves a love triangle, drugs, homemade porn and is an ode to a world where nobody has a private life anymore.

This being stated it is also from the mind of Bret Easton Ellis, who is responsible for two of my favorite books/movies "American Psycho" & "Less Than Zero". So you know what you are going to be in for something sordid and dark.

Also along for the ride is renowned master of the underbelly of society Paul Schrader who is responsible for "Taxi Driver" and "Hardcore" and a personal favorite the remake of the 1942 horror film "Cat People" with Malcolm McDowell & Nastassja Kinski - which re-imagined the legend of the Cat People as an erotic fantasy. 

Of course people are now pronouncing Lohan's career one step away from porn, uh this is utter hogwash. "Yes" she is starring in an extremely edgy indie project and yes it will be fairly explicit, but so were the films I mentioned above and you did not hear anyone saying that about the actors involved in those projects. I would rather see her in something looking like her own movie star and connecting with a character that she understands than doing a poor imitation of one, who she obviously understands, but can't hold a candle to, "Liz & Dick" anyone? Yeah, I thought not.

Also, yes I have seen the latest release of the publicity generating NSFW photos showing Deen's penis (no one's ever seen that before) and Lohan's breasts, again what would you expect from the combining of this writer/director team? This is their area of expertise and the type of film they know how to deliver.

I for one can't wait to take a trip to "The Canyons"!

                                                           "The Canyons" Trailer

Take a trip into "The Canyons" 

Video On Demand: August 2nd

Select Theatres: August 9th

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