Monday, November 11, 2013

Marcus Goldhaber Veterans Day Charity Release

Marcus Goldhaber
New Patriotic Standard COME HOME AMERICA
Aims to Ignite Movement to Serve Military
as They Serve Our Nation

Acclaimed New York Singer-Songwriter MARCUS GOLDHABER Launches ‘Home for the Holidays’ Season for the Troops with Veterans Day Charity Release

Proceeds from Song, Concert Tour and Upcoming Album
to Benefit Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

With thousands of American combat troops about to spend another holiday season far from their families, COME HOME AMERICA has been crafted by acclaimed New York singer-songwriter MARCUS GOLDHABER as a new patriotic standard aimed at launching a movement to repair our increasingly damaged connections with those who’ve sacrificed during our decade at war.

Available Veterans Day to jump-start the “home for the holidays” season, COME HOME AMERICA (Fallen Apple Records) is Goldhaber’s stirring ode to our nation’s two million service members across the globe, as well as the 24 million veterans back home, both embraced and discarded. The mission is simple: to benefit the needs of this new generation of returning veterans, while improving and strengthening the dialogue between civilians and military families for years to come.

Proceeds from COME HOME AMERICA benefit Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (, which strives to build the “New Greatest Generation” as the first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Goldhaber will be participating with IAVA in New York City’s Veterans Day Parade.

                                                            "Come Home America" Video

Remembering the troops at the holidays is just the beginning for COME HOME AMERICA. Produced and arranged in Nashville by Cliff Goldmacher (Ke$ha) with the stylish accessibility that has earned Goldhaber high praise from People Magazine to Jazz Times as a recording artist and fixture on Manhattan’s jazz-cabaret circuit, COME HOME AMERICA is being released for the holidays as a precursor to the 2014 COME HOME AMERICA Concert Tour and a like-minded album of Goldhaber originals due Memorial Day 2014. The album, the followup to last year’s highly praised Almost Love, will be arriving as the yearlong COME HOME AMERICA Tour, starring Goldhaber and the COME HOME AMERICA Band, will be hitting stride in concert halls, stadiums, military bases, and parades around the world – all while continuing to benefit IAVA.

“Much of this comes down to education and the absence of a continuing dialogue between civilians and military families,” says Goldhaber. “I have a strong wish to bridge this gap so that we can all feel more connected to each other.”
Goldhaber was careful to construct a broad, sweeping melody and rousing chorus that “you want to wrap people in like a blanket,” to help transmit his message in an inclusive and accessible way. By countering his vocals with restrained nuance, Goldhaber was able to marry the intimate approach more natural to his style with the expansive message of COME HOME AMERICA.

“I needed to connect people who don’t know a lot about this subject and help bridge that gap,” he says. “If it’s something that’s accessible and memorable, it’s something that people can get closer to.”

Come Home America is out today Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, 2013, through iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon.

Come Home America on the web at:

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