Saturday, February 22, 2014

Have You Heard? "White Noise Owl" Rocks!

So the next time you see a white owl, get it to make some noise, and rock on with your bad self! Ha! kidding!

"White Noise Owl" is a band that's been there, done that, collectively toured the world, and individually snagged many awards along the way...blah-blah-blah.  Let's get serious,'ve heard it all before.  

You know the players involved and nothing they can say will possibly prepare you for the impact that their labor of love will have on you this time.  The long distance connection that fused together the talents of Lo-Pro vocalist Pete Murray, newcomer Chris Shy, Snot bassist John Fahnestock, and drummer extraordinaire Will Hunt (who has played with everyone from Grammy winning superstars Evanescence to living legends like Zakk Wylde and Tommy Lee) is one that no P/R spin could ever capture.  The guys met for the first time in LA with mega-producer Ben Grosse (Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Fuel, Filter, and a myriad of others) at The Mix Room and famed East West studios for a few weeks to put their impression on their dream project.  

The result?  "Until We Meet Again", a collection of unbridled energy from four guys who met for the first time while they recorded together.  After meeting every challenge thrown in front of them,  they are now poised to be the shiniest of dark horses the music world has seen in quite some time."

Let's Make Some Noise!!!
Indeed, if you like to rock, and rock hard - check out "White Noise Owl" and check them out now!

The single and title track "Until We Meet Again" is so money it is everything you could ever want in a rock power ballad.

And it's always classic metal time at the edge of the stage with my personal favorite track "Bomber."

Some come on everyone get loud and get yourself some "White Noise Owl" - and please try not to make the other color owls feel excluded just because they don't rock while you are at it.

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