Monday, March 24, 2014

It's The "End Of The Line" & Ponyboy Could Give A "Dick, Dick, Dick"

I am not a baby bird, I am a Ponyboy, Damn It!
Without a whinny or a neigh for a chunk of time, Ponyboy has finally put out! OK, Yes, I know I am stating the obvious since I am speaking of boys, I know, I know, Daddy knows they're Man Whores and he is quite pleased about that!

The Boys have just released an evocative video for their song "End Of The Line" from their awesomely titled CD: "Dick, Dick, Dick."

Well Charles and David, My Little Ponyboys, Daddy is quite proud,,,

PS please remember to take out the garbage this week

                                                                "End of the Line"

Why get a horse, when you can get a Ponyboy:

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