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Raine Brown "Hearts U" Yes, Really...!

"Raine Brown's love of performing was evident before her hands ever held a script and before her feet ever touched a stage. Growing up, her love for the dramatic was well documented by her parents' aptly coined nickname for her, "Sarah Bernhardt" (after the acclaimed French actress from the turn of the century)"

In her High School years Raine took that flair to the stage and has been acting ever since. Best known as a "Scream Queen" Raine also has many stage and indie film credits. 

With her latest "I Heart U" Raine also was on board as producer of this devious black comedy that draws a definite line between homicidal and suicidal...Heeerrrrrrrre's Raine!

MS: Hey Raine it's been a long time!

RB: A really loooong time!

MS; So, what have you been up to beside the movie?

RB: I've been working with a theater company and editing on another movie called "Timing" that I actually directed. Another movie that I did just came out in January "Torture Chamber" by Dante Tomaselli. Things are good, they keep rolling...

MS: Well you produced your latest "I Heart U."

RB: People kept calling the movie "I Love You" for the longest time, I'm like no it's "I Heart U" - the logo was like the "I Love New York" one except the heart was a bloody version of the actual organ to highlight the horror underneath the comedy. Now it's been changed.
Hey  Raine

MS: Is it safe to say it's like "Eating Raoul?"

RB: I don't know that movie. It's a lot like "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" it's about a couple living together each of them have their own separate lives that the other one does not know about. They live this quiet suburban perfect life. She's a caterer, very Type-A personality, she needs everything perfect and organized. He's more of a slob, whose dirty who has a job, you think "Why are these two people even together?" 

It turns out he has a little side hobby where he goes nuts and murders prostitutes. She has this other life too, even though she's like June Cleaver. They only find happiness when their true passions are intermingled. 

MS: Killing is our passion! (laughs)

RB: It is! But they are happy together! (laughs) Don't you want them to be happy? Come on! (laughs)

MS: As long as you can get away with it!

RB: They do narrow it down to once a year on date night. But now that they are their true selves together, they have a lot more in common than they knew. 

                                                 I Heart U                                  
MS: I was surprised that the trailer featured as much gore as it did.

RB: To me it's a Dark/Romantic/Horror/Comedy, the gore is in there, everyone's gotta love that, but it's not the main center of the film. It's a really strong character story that we wanted to create and build upon and then throw in the gore with it.

MS: Independent film is a tough road, how long have you been working on this.

RB: Three, well no, it has been four years since inception, when Billy Garberina (Raine's co-producer and co-star) and I came up with this idea. We tossed around all these ideas, like: She's a chef, he's a dirty guy and we added all these little ideas to it. 

Billy has done many other movies and he has a crew in Mexico who does them a lot. Inexpensive locations, inexpensive everything so we were able to get the project together as quickly as possible.

I was really proud because we started off: I want a script with minimal characters, minimal the time the writer gave it back to us with our ideas, with his additions and creative input, there were over 40 characters, and 40 locations (laughs) - I was like, OK...we have sixteen days to shoot this. (laughs) You know what? I could only do so much from New Jersey. (laughs) But his crew in Mexico, who I love, hugs and kisses, they pulled that off! 

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  1. Love the dish washing serial killers! LOL Looks like a good one!