Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jamie Lee Curtis Goes "Psycho"

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Jamie Lee Curtis & Janet Leigh

OK, everyone knows I am a HUGE horror fan! So it stands to reason I am quite excited about the premiere of Scream Queens (not Screaming Queens) September 22nd on FOX

A main attraction for this horror junkie being Scream Queen Supreme Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie was in one of my all time favorite slasher/suspense flicks John Carpenter's Halloween, and as you recall followed that up with a bunch of others in the 1980's such as Prom Night and Terror Train.

It was most likely her destiny to fill the role since her Mother, Janet Leigh was one of the original Scream Queens when she appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho. Another of my favorite things!

You know the movie where the female lead gets killed off in the first fifteen minutes of footage, yeah that one.

Well Jamie Lee recently Tweeted this image with the caption: "Recreated Mom's PSYCHO shower scene 4 a special ep of @ScreamQueens,"

Yes!!! I know where I will be this coming Tuesday the 22nd at 9 pm!

Scream Queen, Scream at:

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