Monday, October 10, 2016

January Is The New October

Pretty In Black
January Jones
After last night's episode of  The Twilight Zone aka The Presidential Debate in which we got to witness Donald Trump again show what a piece of sh!t he is I thought it would be nice to enter another alternate reality. One where January takes over October, Actress January Jones that is.

This pic of her at the Hammer Museum Gala in Los Angeles is hotter than Georgia Asphalt!

It also gives me some Mad Men yearning. Honestly it's the only TV show I have ever really missed once it went off the air. 

So I am satiating myself with this image of the former Betty Draper today in an attempt to cleanse my, and your mind of last night's debacle and start your week off on a high note.

Have a terrific day, and watch out for falling poll numbers Trump!

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