Friday, October 28, 2016

The Horror: M.E. Franco

Serving Jack Skellington's Head On A Plate
Author M.E. Franco
It's that time of the year peeps when I do my annual Halloween chat with my fellow vampire, author & horror fan M.E. Franco.

M.E. is best known as the writer behind the series of popular supernatural novels called the Dion Series, consisting of the titles: Where Will You Run?, Where Will You Hide? and Where Will You Turn?
Time to take a journey into the twisted mind of M.E. You have been warned...!

MS: What's your favorite horror related erotic fantasy?
ME: Definitely The Hunger. I'm also a fan of the Dracula movie with Frank Langella...very hot!
MS: There is currently a clown scare going on across the United States care to weigh in?
ME: That's just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

MS: Freddy Kruger offers you a helping hand Pinhead offers you needlepoint, which do you choose?
ME: Pinhead is much more fun.

MS: Is "Release the Kraken" a euphemism? ME: It is for me. Heehee

MS: You want to hide "Where Will You Run?"
ME: Well, not the closet, or the basement, or the abandoned house, or the hospital, or the remote cabin, or the cemetery, or the parking garage, or the barn, or the cornfield, or the summer camp, or the farm house...

MS: What monster would you put in the corner with "Baby" from Dirty Dancing?
ME: A succubus...that girl could feed a whole colony of them.

MS: Pick a succubus, the Larmia from Drag Me To Hell or Donald Trump.
ME: The succubus isn't as creepy and the Larmia has better social skills
MS: Someone's knocking at your door at 10 pm with a hockey mask on, what do you do?

ME: Tell him the teenagers are next door.
MS: Have you ever seen anything that alarmed you on the wing of a plane during a flight?
ME: HA! Every time I fly, I use my best Shatner voice and say "Theeeeere's somethingontheplane." I won't ever look though. I don't want to know.
MS: You could have dinner with any five horrific figures, living, dead, fictional or non- fictional who would they be?
ME: Dracula of course (preferably Gerard Butler from Dracula 2000, yum); Pinhead (because he knows how to party), Leatherface (to carve the meat); Jigsaw (for party games); and Hannibal Lecter for his impeccable cooking and knowledge of fine wine.

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