Monday, November 6, 2017

Are You Worthy?

Mary J. Blige & Viola Davis

Let's get this week off to a roaring start with a too good to be true photo of, well music and acting royalty. Do you think you are worthy? Of course you do.

It's Mary J. Blige and Viola Davis at the Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills, CA

Once in a while there is an rare opportunity to get two greats in one terrific photo, this is one of those times.

By the way how about this season of How To Get Away With Murder? While I have always enjoyed the show I never felt it had reached it's full potential until the current season.

Breaking up Annalise Keating and her pet students was the masterstroke the series needed. It is much more fascinating to see everyone fending for themselves to some degree than as a unified front IMHOP

Bow Down Minions and Happy Monday

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